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Monday, September 23, 2013


KangChi The Beginning aka Gu Family Book

Monk So Jung: Since when has a human's fate become your business?
Gu Wol Ryung: Since I gave my heart to that woman.

Mortality is more precious than immortality.
That's why human life is beautiful.
~Gu Wol Ryung

For the first time in a thousand years, I met a woman who made my heart flutter twice.
If I lose this woman, I may have to wait for another thousand years.
~Gu Wol Ryung

Head Gisaeng: Poor girl...
After all that you went through, you should learn to accept your fate.
Seo Hwa: What is my fate? 
Becoming a gisaeng?
Becoming the wife of a divine creature?
Becoming the mother of a devilish creature?
I won't accept it! I won't accept any of that as my fate!
Help me... before a monster is born, we have to kill this baby.
Head Gisaeng: You've eaten poisonous plants, 
and jumped off cliffs numerous times.
Still, that baby didn't die.
He's growing inside you.
Before you die, that baby won't die either.
Seo Hwa: Then kill me! Just kill me!

Since he was abandoned in the river, how about Kang Chi?
Kang meaning river and Chi meaning abandoned.
So, Kang Chi!
Take on his last name, and call him Choi Kang Chi.

Chung Jo: In life, there are things you have to do even if you don't want to.
This marriage is such a thing.
Kang Chi: You either like it or you don't.
Why do you have to do something you don't like?
Chung Jo: You have to be patient and make sacrifices to protect something dear.
Kang Chi: What is something are you trying to protect?
Chung Jo: My family.
I'm just a feeble lady of the house.
But if my marriage can guarantee the well-being of my father and family...
If I can help the inn grow, I'm happy with that.
Kang Chi: I can do all that.
I can protect the inn, the lord, you and all your family.
I'll protect everyone.
I'm strong, you know that.
Chung Jo, giggles: I know.
But sometimes strength is not enough.
Strategic partnership and politics are such.
Kang Chi: Without all that, what do you truly want?
Do you like me?
Chung Jo: Kang Chi...
Kang Chi: I don't need to know anything else.
Just tell me...
[Chung Jo didn't say anything]
Kang Chi: One... Two... Three...
[Chung Jo remain silent]
Kang Chi: One... Two...
[Chung Jo kiss Kang Chi's cheek]

Fortune Teller: No good...
Yeo Wool: What do you mean?
Fortune Teller: You don't have any dating luck.
Men need to have some fat on their face.
They should have broad shoulders.
Then, girls will fall for them.
You're so thin and weak looking.
Yeo Woll: Listen, I'm a girl...
Fortune Teller, taking Yeo Woll's hat off: It's even worse. Even worse!
What men will fall for you when you go around looking like this?
Girls need to be delicate and feminine to get guys.

Chief Guard: Kang Chi, don't get involved. It's treason!
Kang Chi: Threason?
Are you kidding?
He work hard and paid all his taxes.
He even helped the poor and hungry.
If he's guilty of treason... then you?
You live off of the state tax.
You act like some mighty being squandering all your time at gisaeng houses.
And in your boredom, you harass innocent people.
You're guilty of boredom and laziness?
Jo Gwan Woong: Take him!
[One of his man draw his sword at Kang Chi, but he grab that man neck tightly]
Kang Chi: You can't win with words, so you put your sword?
I've already shown you that this doesn't work with me.

Lord Park: Kang Chi, why did you beat up your friends?
Little Kang Chi: They said I was an orphan abandoned in the river!
Lord Park: Do you feel ashamed that you were abandoned in the river?
Little Kang Chi: Yes...
Lord Park: But Kang Chi... I think it's a good thing.
If you hadn't drifted down that river then I would never have met you.
Little Kang Chi, sobbing: My lord...
Lord Park: Even if it's not blood-related, family can be formed through love.
In my heart, you're already my son.
Do you understand?

[The body of Lord Park has been loaded to the carriage, but the cow won't budge]
Lady Yoon, approaching and caress the body: I guess you don't want to leave.
You're still lingering?
It's all over now.
So... let's just go,dear.
Unload all of your lingering resentment, let's just go

Gon: Why? Why are you so concerned about him?
Yeo Wool: He saved my life... twice.

Monk Su Jong: Just 10 days.
Spend 10 days here quietly then I'll tell you everything.
Who your parents were and why you were abandoned in the river...
Kang Chi: No thanks, I don't want to know.
Monk Su Jong: What?
Kang Chi: They abandoned me 20 years ago.
For people like that, 
you want me to abandon Lord Park and his family who raised me for 20 years?
Monk Su Jong: They didn't abandon you.
They had their reasons.
Kang Chi: I'm sure... I'm sure there was a reason.
But I don't care about that reason.
You understand?
Monk Su Jong: Even if your fate depends on it?
Kang Chi: I'm just an abandoned child in the river.
I never care about my fate!
So just leave me alone!
Stop bothering me!
Monk Su Jong: Kang Chi...
Kang Chi: I have a family to protect!

Kang Chi: You don't think I'm strange?
Yeo Wool: Of course you're strange, so what?
You were strange looking even before this.
Your eye color just changed, so what?
Is your life ended?
So you're going to shrivel up and die in the corner?

The heavens decide on people's fate.
Then people just try their best at what they believe to be right.
~Admiral Lee Soon Shin

I'm giving you a lesson on drinking.
If you're dressed like gisaeng, you must learn the gisaeng ways.
Acting all haughty and mighty.
Even if you act all noble, you're still gisaeng who sells liquor and her body.
~Wol San to gisaengs apprentice

Kang Chi: First, I want to prove Lord Park's innocence.
Second, I want to take back the inn and return it to Tae Seo and Chung Jo.
And lastly my third reason, if it's possible, I want to become human.
Admiral Lee: You want to become human?
Kang Chi: Yes, I want to become human.
Right now, I'm half man, half mythical being.
I don't know when I will turn into a mythical being and lose myself.
I can't call myself a human being.
Admiral Lee: I've seen numerous people born as human, but act less than animals.
What makes you human is not your birth, but what you hold dear in your heart.

Someone who doesn't hold his life dear, can't take anything else as precious.
~Admiral Lee Soon Shin

Let me tell you once again, you'll never be able to change anything by dying.
So stop thinking about a meaningless death.
Worry about how you will stay alive until the end.
Do you understand?
~Head Gisaeng to Chung Jo

Kang Chi: Someone I thought as my own brother betrayed me.
Someone I devoted myself to, threw a rock at me.
Those who I believed to be my only family members, rejected me.
Admiral Lee: Didn't you know?
The one you love the most are always the one that hurt you most.

Chung Jo: A gisaeng is offering you drinks, which part you don't understand?
Kang Chi: Don't talk like that.
Whatever you wear or wherever you live, to me... you'll always Park Chung Jo.
Don't act like you're someone else and don't ever talk like that, you hear that?
Chung Jo: Are you telling a gisaeng to live her life pretending she's not a gisaeng?
Like a monster who pretends he's not one and lives amongst others as human?
I wonder which one's harder.
Accepting your fate and living with it or living in denial the rest of your life?

Gon: You kept lingering around her, so Master Dam put down this order.
So from now on, don't even linger to her.
Kang Chi: Does locking up you body close your heart-down?
Does wrapping your feet mean your heart wrapped-up too?

Have you ever like someone with all your heart?
Your heart and mind are full of that person.
If he smiles, you smile.
And when he cries, you get teary.
Just being by his side makes your life complete, and you feel safe.
Have you ever had a person like that?
Kang Chi is that kind of person to me.
~Yeo Wool to her governess

Being strong means to know how to draw a line between mercy and mercilessness.
Being strong means to have both a burning heart for justice and a cool head for judgement.
That's why to be strong is to be lonely.
~Master Dam Pyung Joon

That is exactly the punishment for you.
Even after you have power, money, govern rights of the southern province, 
you won't be satisfied.
So you'll be more desperate, more thirsty, more hungry....
but you won't get what you really want to have.
And that is your punishment.
~Seo Hwa to Jo Gwan Woong

Kang Chi: What else can I do? You might die!
Yeo Wool: Everybody dies.
Some people enjoy a long life before a natural death,
others die early because of disease.
Like my mom, they can die while giving birth.
Like Lord Park Moo Sol, you can die protecting someone.
You might know the day you were born but no one in this world knows the exact date they die.
Kang Chi: But it's you! 
It's you of all people that might die because of me of all causes.
How can I stay beside you?

If someone asks me whether I would live 100 years alone
or would live 100 days with my loved one,
then I would choose to live 100 days with my loved one.
~Park Tae Seo

The first love helps one grow up and the last love completes the person.
~Park Chung Jo


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