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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


The Graceful Death  

Victoria: Oh, Hildegarde, what if Victor and I don't like each other?
Maudeline: As if that has anything to do with marriage. 
Do you suppose your father and I like each other? 
Victoria: Surely you must a little?
Maudeline & Finis: Of course not.

Marriage is a partnership, a little tit for tat.
~Maudeline Everglot

Since I was a child, I've dreamt of my wedding day.
I always hoped to find someone I was deeply in love with.
Someone to spend the rest of my life with.
~Victoria Everglot

With this hand, I will lift your sorrows.
 Your cup will never empty, for I will be your wine.
With this candle, I will light your way in darkness. 
With this ring, I ask you to be mine.

 Emily: We need to go up. Upstairs? To visit the land of the living.
 Elder Gutknecht: Land of the living?
 Oh dear, why go up there, when people are dying to get down here?

 Emily: You lied to me! Just to get back to that other woman.
Victor: Don't you understand? You're the other woman. 
Emily: No! You're married to me. She's the other woman.
  Elder Gutknecht: She's got a point.
Emily, sobbing: And I thought... I thought this was all going so well. 
Victor: Look, I'm sorry, but this just can't work. 

 Victor: We're just too different. I mean, you're dead.
 Emily: You should've thought about that before you asked me to marry you.
 Victor: Why can't you understand? It was a mistake. I would never marry you.

Elder Gutknecht: There is a complication with your marriage.
 The vows are binding only until death do you part.
 Death has already parted you.
Emily: If he finds out, he'll leave. 
There must be something you can do. 
 Elder Gutknecht: Well, there is one way.
 It requires the greatest sacrifice.
Worm: We have to kill him!
Emily: What?
  Elder Gutknecht: Victor would have to give up the life he had forever.
 He would need to repeat his vows in the land of the living and drink from the wine of ages.
 Emily: Poison!
Elder Gutknecht: This would stop his heart forever.
Only then would he be free to give it to you.
Emily: I could never ask him.
Victor, entering the room: You don't have to. I'll do it.
 Elder Gutknecht: My boy, if you choose this path, you may never return to the world above.
Do you understand?
Victor: I do.

Lord Barkis: That's it, we're going to take whatever money we can and get out of here.
Victoria: Money? What money?
Lord Barkis: Your dowry. It's my right!
Victoria: But my parents don't have any money.
It's my marriage to you that will save them from the poorhouse.
Lord Barkis: The poorhouse?!
You're lying! It isn't true! Tell me that you're lying!
Victoria: Did things not go according to your plan, Lord Barkis?
Well, perhaps in disappointment we are perfectly matched.

Emily: I can't.
Victor: What's wrong?
Emily: This is wrong.
I was a bride.
My dreams were taken from me.
Now I've stolen them from someone else.


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