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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Now, I am fully accustomed to the life on this planet, Earth.
My instincts and eye sight are 7 times better than people on this earth.
Because of that ability, I can see things I don't want to see 
and I can even hear things that I don't want to hear.
~Do Min Joon

Trying to keep her pride after ripping off money of her daughter all the time.
Who does she thinks she is, trying to show off?!
~Se Mi's mom, about Song Yi's mom

What kind of fate is this?
I move, you're my neighbor.
I come to school, you're my teacher.
You never know about fate.
~Cheon Song Yi, to Do Min Joon

If a reason for me to meet her comes, then don't you think I will?
If I go without meeting her, then it will be because there was no reason to.
~Do Min Joon

Hui Kyeong, furious about Song Yi drunk and get into Do Min Joon's apartment:
You know Cheon Song Yi. The hottest actress in Korea.
She came here drunk.
Who knows what kind of pictures you took?
Why should I believe you and leave obediently?
Do Min Joon: That's right.
According to your word, if that woman is famous and great,
why should I believe you and give her to you obediently?
Eventhough she's hottest star in Korea,
who knows what you are going to do to a woman who got drunk?

If you want to, and even if you don't, things are bound to happen.
Earthlings call it as FATE.
~Do Min Joon

My first love? [giggles] Ommo, the question is so tacky.
I've been on a couple of dates but I didn't have anyone to call a 'first love'.
When I was young, there could've been a big accident, but some ahjussi saved me.
I don't remember if he's good looking.
He was quite tall and the gentle and warm type.
It was the best.
Even if it was a short moment, it was very mysterious,
but very warm at the same time.
I still remember.
I don't know if that ahjussi will remember me.
But I think I will recognize him right away.
Like FATE.
~Cheon Song Yi, referring Do Min Joon

A style I like in a girl, I have none. But I have a style that I don't like.
Drunk women, I hate it.
Women who don't know their place, I hate them more.
Women who act like they know everything,
women who act ignorantly or boast around, I dislike them a lot.
~Do Min Joon, referring Cheon Song Yi

Since you said you won't concern yourself with matters regarding Cheon Song Yi,
then just don't.
So why are you always talking about her?
~Lawyer Jang Young Mok

People live really dilligently eventhough they know they're going to die.
Eventhough they know they will break up at some point,
when they love, they love like there's no tomorrow.
These childish beings are exactly what people are.
Things will get better as time passes.
It could even become as if it never happened.
But, although the future is important, isn't the present just as important?
~Lawyer Jang Young Mok

Do you know why life is interesting?
It's interesting because you don't know what's ahead of you.
~Se Mi's mom

Do Min Joon: First, don't touch anything in this house.
Cheon Song Yi: I won't touch anything, I won't.
Do Min Joon: Second, don't ask me any questions.
Cheon Song Yi: I won't ask any, I won't.
Then in meaning of thank's... shake hands? 
Do Min Joon, ignoring her: Third, keep your distance from me, 1 meter at least.

[at Do Min Joon's terrace, look at Cheon Song Yi's billboard]
Cheon Song Yi: Do you know why I moved here?
I can see that well.
That's the most expensive place in this country.
To put an advertisement up there, it costs as much as $100,000 per month.
That's why the face of the hottest star at the time gets put up there.
So now, that's me.
Do Min Joon: I didn't know there was such a thing until today.
Cheon Song Yi: It's probably because you're so out of it that you didn't recognize me.
It took 12 years for me to get to that place.
Before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning too,
when I'm depressed, when I'm hungry but can't eat anything because I'm on a diet,
if I look at that, it makes me feel better.
It also makes me kind of full too.
When I'm hurt by others too, if I see myself smiling prettily like that,
it comforts me a little.
That's how I am.
Do Min Joon: Do you want to know the method to not be hurt by people?
Don't give or take anything.
Don't expect anything either.
Then, you won't be disappointed or hurt.
Cheon Song Yi: Where is the fun of living then?
You've never had a guest at home, right?
Just by looking at you, you don't seem have friends either.
Do you have a family?
Living like an island like this, aren't you lonely?
Do Min Joon: There are over than 10 reporters who are waiting for you in front of my door.
Out of people who live down there, more than half of them would know you well.
Your manager, coordinator, fans...
There are always a lot of people around you, but you are here alone.
Cheon Song Yi: Why am I alone?
We are here together.

When there's no love, how can a story have a happy ending?

Only hide when you've done something wrong.
Don't just hide.
~Do Min Joon

I kind of like your life being difficult.
I honestly like what happened to you.
Because I can finally do something for you. There's room for me.
I'm selfish, huh?
But can't you call it love?
I've been telling you about my feelings like a joke for 15 years.
I joked about it because I was afraid you'd shut me out if I said it seriously.
But can't you also called it love?
You said it doesn't hurt your pride to cry in front of me.
You said you feel most comfortable with me because I've seen all sides of you.
Can't you call that our love?
Just call it love and come to me.
I will take care of you and your family until death.
You can live doing whatever you want, I will make that happen.
~Lee Hui Kyeong

Do you know why people fear death? Because they will be forgotten.
It's because the world will not change after they are gone,
and they eventually be forgotten.
I was not afraid.
Even if I left this world and went to a different world,
even if no one remembered me, I did not care.
But right now, I'm a little bit afraid.
There is someone whom I don't want to be forgotten by.
Right when I have to leave for another world.
~Do Min Joon

[Do Min Joon stares at her inconveniently]
Cheon Song Yi: What?
Do Min Joon: I'm about to enter my passcode.
Cheon Song Yi: Go ahead, I can't remember it anyway.
I don't even remember mine.

Once there was a princess who was very beautiful.
She shined as bright as the stars on a moonless night. 
For a strange reason, Edward found these words comforting.  
And he muttered these words: as the stars on a moonless night.
He found himself seeing the dawn after repeating these words.

Cheon Song Yi: We have to eat together.
I'm not someone who is frugal about food.
Do Min Joon: I told you, I don't like eating with others.
Cheon Song Yi: But I hate eating alone.

Do Min Joon, trying to catch Lawyer Jang: Why are you walking so fast?
Are you angry at me?
Lawyer Jang: Why would I be angry?
Do Min Joon: You've been telling me to get a cell phone.
I gave you my number.
Why are you angry?
Lawyer Jang: I've been telling you for more than 10 years, you never listened to me!
Why get a cellphone now that you're leaving in 2 months?
Do Min Joon, feeling guilty: I thought that I'd need it...
Lawyer Jang: Let me see it for a second.
[grab the phone, press number 1 and Cheon Song Yi's name appear.
Lawyer Jang glares at him and give back the phone]
Do Min Joon: I thought I'd call her often...
Look, you're my number 2.
[press number 2 at his phone]
Lawyer Jang: Like I care! Number 1 or 2... you think I care?
Do Min Joon: Do you want me to switch you as number 1?
Lawyer Jang: Aigooo... you think that matters to me?
So childish! Forget it!
[walk away]

A meal is mysterious.
After eating with someone, eating alone is now a bit lonely.
~Do Min Joon

Strangely, whenever I'm having a hard time, you are always next to me.
~Cheon Song Yi

No matter how beautiful this ceramic is, you don't get butterflies by looking at it.
Similarly, just because a puppy is cute, 
doesn't mean your heart flutters when you see them.
And graceful pine trees don't cause the heart flutter either.
Right now, the Cheon Song Yi standing in front of me is like a ceramic, a puppy, or a pine tree.
Therefore, you don't have to be sorry or worry about my heart fluttering because of you.
~Do Min Joon

Open your heart.
Someone will come, someone will come for you.
But first, you have to open your heart.

Now there's only 2 months left.
You asstes are almost settled, but I can't settle your heart for you.
~Lawyer Jang Young Mok

Can you stay here by chance?
If you leave, after you've come to care deeply for someone,
then wouldn't the heartache suffered by the person who's left behind
be commensurate to the depth of the feeling, not to mention the one who's leaving?
~Lawyer Jang Young Mok

Cheon Song Yi: What is your ideal type?
Do Min Joon: I don't have anything like that.
Cheon Song Yi: But I do.
As for me, someone who will stay by my side for a very very long time.
Unlike my dad who disappeared suddenly,
seriously forever who will stay by my side for a very very long time.

The reason why you are still alive, is because I'm letting you live.
So be grateful.
~Lee Jae Kyung

Do Min Joon: There is a reason for everything.
There must be a reason for people around you to loeave you, Miss Cheon Song Yi.
Cheon Song Yi: What?
So are you saying that me being like this is my fault?
Do Min Joon: Before holding grudge against the people around you for mot taking on your side, think about why you haven't been able to make them stand on your side.
Perhaps, it's you that made you lonely.
Cheon Song Yi: I'm not lonely.
Who said I'm lonely?
Do Min Joon: If not, why are you staying here?
If you can't go to your friends or family, why are you at a strange man's house?
What do you know about me?
Why did you come to me?
You are lonely, because no one or no plcae to go.

Cheon Song Yi: I have to go to my agency tomorrow. Let's go together.
Do Min Joon: Why would I?
Cheon Song Yi: Because I'm going there to make demands.
Do Min Joon: Isn't that your specialty? Making demands?
Cheon Song Yi: If I go alone, I feel like I might get caught.
Do Min Joon: What?
Cheon Song Yi: Then I'm not the Cheon Song Yi I used to be.
[show her polishing nail]
To make myself look strong, I painted leopard prints on my nails, 
but my mind is not strong.
I don't have confidence.
I think I might get found out, the current me, that is.
Not having money? It's fine.
Money is something that comes and goes.
One can always make more.
But if I get my shabby-self found out, I feel like I might really break down.
So, if it seem like I'm about to get caught, 
I'm asking my smart Do Min Joon to step up for me.

Do Min Joon: Cheon Song Yi, get your head screwed on straight as you live.
Whether you know the world or not, the world won't take it easy on you.
Even if you crash unceasingly, 
even if you say you feel like you could die from how unfair it is,
the world doesn't even care.
You're on a cliff's edge right now.
If you take a wrong step, you'll fall down into a bottomlessness wilderness below
and disappear without a trace.
Cheon Song Yi: So... I'm asking Manager Do to stay next to me.

You didn't change your password.
Don't change it.
I keep forgeting mine, but I never forget yours.
It's weird.
~Cheong Song Yi

I clearly tried to seduce you for 15 seconds.
Did I get seduced too?
~Cheon Song Yi

Yoon Jae: Did you like this man?
Cheon Song Yi: Jesus, ya!
The noona that you know, am I a person to like someone by myself, am I?
When he treats me like a pottery?
Am I a woman who would do that on my own?
Yoon Jae: Is it a one-sided love?
Cheon Song Yi: I said it's not!
Go! Get out!

He took care of me well.
While grumbling, he still bought me ramen when I wanted it,
and he bought me medicine to put on my foot when it got hurt.
And when I received my appendix surgery, he stayed with me overnight.
When I was locked in my car because of the reporters,
he defended me saying that I should only hide when I've done something wrong.
As time passed like that perhaps I've come to rely on that person,
and started to like him, so I confessed.
But the person changed 180 degrees.
It's like cold wind is blowing right at me.
When I say something, he doesn't even talk back!
He's now completely indifferent to me.
Why do you think he's like that to me?
Does that person have feelings towards me or not?
~Cheon Song Yi

Do Min Joon: Because you really wanted to hear my answer, did you come all the way here?
Cheon Song Yi: No, I wanted to be with you.
But, I want to hear your answer too.
Do Min Joon: Alright. Then I guess I'll have to tell you.
I thought I already said it.
It seems like you didn't understand, so I'll tell you straight.
I don't like you.
Because you're acting like this, I dislike you even more.
Cheon Song Yi: Then why did you help me?
Why were you by my side when I was going through tough times?
Do Min Joon: Because you were somewhat pitiful.
And also, because you're a celebrity, honestly I was sort of fascinated.
I did it out of curiousity,
but you thought I did it because I liked you, didn't you?
Making me feel sorry.
But since you're a woman with a lot of pride, I didn't think you would go this far.
If I had known, I wouldn't have done those things.
Cheon Song Yi: So, what do you want me to do?
Do Min Joon: I wish you would get out of my sight.
Cheon Song Yi: But, why do I feel like you are lying to me right now?

What's so good about him?
Something that wouldn't work eventhough I kept trying for 15 years,
why does it work for him?
You haven't known him for that long.
~Lee Hui Kyeong

They say a person's mentally is like that.
When one sees someone who's in a better place than oneself,
one doesn't think "I need to be in that place", 
but rather one says "You should come down to the trenches I'm stuck in".
I'm sorry, but I'm not going down there, into those trenches you live in,
that hellish place where you live hating and being jealous of someone.
I won't do it.
So don't wave to me asking me to come down.
~Cheon Song yi, to Yoo Se Mi

[after breaking one of glass box at the museum]
Do Min Joon: I can hurt you right now if I want to.
So leave while I let you go.
Cheon Song Yi, instead of run away, she holds Do Min Joon with her trembling hand:
Let me hold you for a second, I can't feel my feet.
Let's say you were right.
Let's say if you could hurt me whenever you wanted to, 
then why did you do it?
Why did you save me so many times?
You went along with everything I wanted to do, you listened to me.
Why did you protect me? Why?

I have to leave soon.
I can't take her with me or stay here.
The only thing I can do is to disappear.
There is nothing I can do here.
I can't eat with her, go for a walk, celebrate together, or anything else.
I want her to eat nice food, go for a walk, celebrate the good days,
and live a good life without me.
~Do Min Joon

You felt nothing?
You never liked me even for a moment?
Your heart never fluttered because of me?
You never worried about me?
You never like me even for a second for who I am, instead of someone like her?
You never pictured your furute with me?
~Cheon Song Yi

Do Min Joon: Is it more important than I'm an alien and that I lived longer than 400 years?
That I like you or not?
Cheon Son Yi: Yeah.
To me that's much more, a thousand times more important.
To me, it's more important than which star you're from,
whenther you're an alien, vampire, a monster, or whatever your past life was like.
What the man I like, I mean, once liked,
thought about me is more important to me.
Whether you like me with your heart even foe a second or if you were interested in me because of a girl you couldn't get over,
is much more important to me.
Isn't that obvious?
You're the man I liked.
Whether you saved me 12 years ago, whether you were that man or not,
didn't matter to me.
I just like you as Do Min Joon, my nextdoor neighbor.
I like you with my heart.
But if I were just a replacement for someone else, then you're the worst.
If I still like you knowing that, then I'm even worse.
I will give up.

I don't know if Hui Kyeong to you is a good friend who you feel comfortable with if he is next to you.
But to me, he is the one I want to have, even if I have to throw away everything I have.
~Yoo Se Mi

What's the point of having super powers?
He always passes out after a kiss.
~Cheon Song Yi

Really, which star are you from?
~Cheon Song Yi

Do you know what the worst kind of love triangle is?
The triangle with the girl in the man's memory.
If she existed in real life, I could find out who she is.
I could go fight her face-to-face.
But if she locked away in your memory, how could I beat her?
~Cheon Song Yi

Do Min Joon: Which scene are you shooting today?
Cheon Song Yi: An action scene and a kiss scene.
Do Min Joon: Use a double.
Cheon Song Yi: For the action?
Do Min Joon: No, for the kiss.
Cheon Song Yi: That's impossible.
Who uses a double for a kiss scene?

Cheon Song Yi, in her room: Help me so that I could forget.
Help me so that I won't have any regrets.
Help me so that I could be good to you.
Help me...
Do Min Joon, in his room: Okay.
But, how could I ever forget you?

Although countless time has come and gone,
the actual time I had left for myself wasn't very much.
Now I know it all too well, that the length of time isn't important.
What important is with whom you spend that time.
~Do Min Joon

Lawyer Jang: He has already changed so much.
He could never feel cold or hot before.
Lately, he keeps feeling cold.
His abilities are fading.
Cheon Song Yi: So if he really doesn't go, he will die?
Then he said that he is going to stay with me knowing that he could die?
Lawyer Jang: He like you that much.
Long before you started like him, he like you a lot.
He like you more than you know.
He didn't want to hurt your feelings.
He tried so hard so that it didn't have to end up like this.
I tried to stop him many times, but it was no use.
He wants to stay with you at the cost of his life.

If I could stop the time so we can stay together forever, I would even sell my soul.
Because it's so hard for me to feel this way.
I had once wished that I had never met you.
But even if I could turn back the time, I would meet you again.
We would have the same arguments again.
You would have fallen in love with me again.
I would love you again.
~Cheon Song Yi

Do Min Joon: I've already made up my mind. I will stay by your side.
Cheon Song Yi: I have also made up my mind.
If you die while being by my side, I will die as well.

I think I can live knowing you are alive somewhere.
Instead of not being anywhere in the universe,
knowing you are alive somewhere is easier.
~Cheon Song Yi

I've witnessed so much of a person being born, growing and aging, then died.
So I thought that the end is death.
But, yet, why did they try so hard?
Except for the differing sequence of events, in the end, 
they were all people who would age, wrinkle and disappear.
Why would they struggle and live so tenaciously, as if they're experiencing a war?
An earthling's life, when observed from the sideline, is pathetic and futile.
But after thinking about dying, I've come to a realization.
There is no one who lives for death.
What important is living in that moment.
Thus, even if the end has been determined, 
we can still be happy and can continue to live.
It's simple.
Yet, it took me a long time to realize it.
~Do Min Joon

Mom, he is the only one in the universe that I love.
There was no one before him and there won't be anyone after him.
Though he may not be an ordinary person, to me he is just a person I love.
~Cheon Song Yi

Cheon Song Yi: You saw me earlier, right?
If you die while being next to me, I'm going to cry like earlier.
For many days and weeks, no, many months, no, many years.
Perhaps until I die.
I'm going to blame myself, that you died because of me.
I'm going to be in pain.
Do you want that for me?
Do Min Joon: Then what about me?
During all the long, long time, if I want to see you, what am I to do?
No matter how much time passes, if I can't forget you, than what should I do?

Sir, I don't want to send you away from my side.
You might say that it's ridiculous,
but I truly feel as if I'm a parent who is sending off a child.
~Lawyer Jang Young Mok

Since you don't seem to have the thoughts of saying that you love me,
I will even say your part.
I love you, Do Min Joon, 
as you live way longer than me, you will forget eventually,
but a perfect woman such as me really loved you a lot and liked you,
don't forget and feel proud about it.
~Cheon Song Yi

The greatest power that I possess is stopping time.
I stopped time uncountably during times that you aren't even aware of.
And I said this... I love you, Cheon Song Yi.
Because if I told you while time was flowing by,
I felt that everything would flow away and disappear.
So I told you while time was stopped.
I love you, Cheon Song Yi... I love you.
~Do Min Joon

Cheon Song Yi, my dear Cheon Song Yi.
Don't wear clothes that show off your skin when it's cold.
You're prettier when you cover up more.
Like I said, no kiss scenes or back-hug scenes.
No passionate melodramas.
Don't get sick. And don't read haters comments.
Don't sing and cry alone.
Don't eat alone.
Don't get drunk and go into random houses.
And don't look at the sky at night and wonder if it's this star or that star.
You can't see it from here.
But I'm going to see you from there.
I will watch this place every day, where you live.
And I will try to come back everyday.
I will find a way to stay with you for a long time no matter what, I will do that.
But if... if I... if I can't make it back... then forget everything.
~Do Min Joon

Cheon Song Yi: How long will it take?
Until it doesn't hurt to talk about him, how long will it take?
Will that day ever come?
Yoo Se Mi: You're only thinking about him, you can't stop thinking about him.
It's harder to not think about him.
But at some point, you will realize that you're thinking about him.
Then you think, "Oh, I was actually thinking about something else until I thoight of him."
That's when it doesn't hurt.
That means you can have other thoughts once in a while.

Cheon Song Yi's Dad: Are you okay?
Cheong Song Yi: Daddy...
Cheon Song Yi's Dad: Yes...
Cheon Song Yi: I miss him... I miss him...
I want to touch him.
I'm dying to be with him.

Is disappearing without a heads-up difficult to bear with?
Of course it is.
But it also makes me loves him more.
Because every moment that we're together could be our last.
And that makes every moment precious.



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