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Thursday, January 2, 2014

THE HEIRS [2013]

Study? Don't bother that.
English? Don't learn it if you don't want to.
Just have fun.
Don't worry about anything, or think.
That's what you do when you're born into a wealthy family, instead of having a dream.
And if you can... don't come back.
~Kim Won to Kim Tan

Chan Young: You should get a boyfriend.
Eun Sang: That's a luxury.
Every hour I spend without getting paid is a luxury I can't afford.

Jae Hoo: In order to keep your farm, 
you must impress the tenant farmers instead of the landowner.
That's the chairman's message.
Kim Won: From the executive director all the way down to the branch manager,
how far down the corporate echelon should I impress?
Jae Hoo: What does the landowner think?

Kim Tan: What is this?
Eun Sang: Dreamcatcher.
It's supposed to catch bad dreams.
Only pretty dreams come through the hole.

Kim Tan: If I'm going to trust you, I need to know who you are.
However, yesterday I met a woman.
Her name was Cha Eun Sang.
I'm curious about her.
Probably, I like you?
Eun Sang: Probably not.
Kim Tan: Why not?
Eun Sang: You're engaged.
Kim Tan: Nevertheless.

It's all a dream anyway... One summer nightdream.
~Cha Eun Sang

It was like a summer nightdream.
It's time for me to disappear now, like the last night dream.
~Cha Eun Sang

Hyo Shin: Isn't our family annoying?
Hyun Joo: It is.
Hyo Shin: Then why don't you quit?
Hyun Joo: Your mother pays me a lot, and I need that money.
Hyo Shin: I like everything...
Hyun Joo: Everything what?
Hyo Shin: Everything that my mom told you not to do... everything.
Hyun Joo: I like them all too, but I'm not going to do it.
The person who gives money always correct.
So listen, you personal taste doesn't help my earning.
Do you understand?

Hyun Joo: What is this?
Kim Won: A wishbone.
It's something that Americans fond of.
Two people hold one side each and pull.
The one who gets the longer part, their wishes will come true.

[on phone]
Kim Tan: Look up at the second floor.
Eun Sang, looks around: What second floor? Where?
[and then she see the dreamcatcher hung at one of the window upstair]
Kim Tan: Turn around.
[Eun Sang turns around and see Kim Tan, she was in shock.
Kim Tan walks toward Eun Sang]
Eun Sang: How come... are you here?
Kim Tan: Think about it.
[Eun Sang look at the dreamcatcher once again, still not believe it]
Eun Sang: Are you, by any chance.. the second son of this house?
Kim Tan: Yes.
Eun Sang, trembling: Are you Jeguk's Group second son?
Kim Tan: Yes.
Eun Sang: Then, that time we met in front of the house, 
did you know that I lived in this house?
Kim Tan: Yes.
Eun Sang: Do you know that I live in this house's maid room?
Did you know?
Kim Tan: Yes.
[Eun Sang walks away with teary eyes]
Kim Tan: Cha Eun Sang... did I perhaps miss you?

Chan Young: Listen carefully, there's a strict hierarchy here.
Eun Sang: Hierarchy?
Chan Young: The highest class, 'Management Succesion Group'.
In other words, sons and daughters of the conglomerate families.
Second class, "Stock-Shares Inheritance Group'.
They will not participate in management, but they are already major shareholders.
The third class, 'Honor Inheritance Group'.
Ministers, politicians, the chief justice, presidents of law firms.
Children of honorable occupations.
And the fourth class, 'The Social Care Group', like you and me.
It refers to the kids who got into this school through social care.
Eun Sang: I guess that makes sense for me. But what about you?
Chan Young: Do you know the caste system?
A son of the chief secretary? That's sudra here, the untouchable peasants.
Eun Sang: If you're an untouchable, then what does that make me?
Will I be able to survive here?
Chan Young: At least you have someone on your side.
All the other kids were alone, like me.

Kim Tan: I wanted to make your school life ordinary.
Eun Sang: New Money is ordinary? If they find out...
Kim Tan: Just stay by me.
As long as you're close to me, nothing will happen.
And don't run into Choi Young Do.
Eun Sang: The reason Young Do talks to me, and the reason the girls are glaring at me,
is because of you.
It's not Choi Young Do that I shouldn't run into, it's you.

Why do you always sleep here?
It makes me want to protect you.
~Choi Young Do

Eun Sang: How does it feel to be born as The Jeguk Group's son?
Kim Tan: I can't call my mother 'mom',
I can't call my brother 'hyung'
... that kind of feeling.

Our transfer student, why do you have so many knights who look after you?
It makes me want to compete them.
~Choi Young Do

Young Do: Who said I was joking?
Eun Sang: Then, are you really going to drop the lawsuit?
Young Do: Yes.
Eun Sang: Why?
Young Do: Because you came.
Eun Sang: How does my presence make things change?
Young Do: Because my feelings change.
Eun Sang: Why do they change?
Young Do: Your presence made my feelings change into flowers... something like that.
Eun Sang: I'm not in the mood for jokes.
Young Do: Does everything I said sounds like a joke to you?

[hugging Eun Sang]
Don't cry.
Don't say you don't like me.
Say that you will think about it, I'm begging you.
~Kim Tan

Do you know how glad I am because you live at my place?
~Kim Tan

Eun Sang, about the note: It's so cool. How did you see this?
Kim Tan: You never called back when I ask to, and you left a message like that?
Eun Sang: I didn't think that you would really see it.
Why did you wait for my call?
Kim Tan: It took you long enough to ask.
Because I had something to ask you.
Eun Sang: About what?
Kim Tan: Where are you...
Who are you with...
When are you leaving...
Do you have to go...
Don't go...
Stay with me...
I miss you...

I didn't come to Korea because of you, but you're one of the reasons.
~Kim Tan

Yoon Jae Ho: Why did you send her to Jeguk High?
Chairman Kim: She will hear from at least 100 people why she shouldn't be with Tan.

Yoon Jae Ho: I just found out why we broke up.
Esther Lee: What are you talking about?
Yoon Jae Ho: I heard from 100 people why you and I can't be together.
Why do people like you speak through 100 people instead of saying it directly?
Isn't that cheap?
Esther Lee: I don't know, maybe because we always have a butler at home?

Eun Sang: How did you know I was here?
Young Do: You underestimated me.
What surprised me the most is that you got rich because you worked so hard.
Eun Sang: What are you trying to say?
Young Do: Nothing...
I'm here because I'm lonely.

Myung So: What are you thinking about?
Young Do: Cha Eung Sang...
Myung So: That New Money? Why?
Young Do: That's it, I was thinking why am I thinking about her too.

Kim Tan: I really don't have any desire to take everything from you.
Kim Won: Must I explain it again?
You don't decide what you want.
If Jeguk Group makes the decisions for you, then you do what they want.
That's why, to me, your existance itself is a misunderstanding,
a dangerous opportunity, and trouble.
That's what an illegitimate child is.

You can't protect me.
Just protect yourself.
~Cha Eun Sang

Young Do: Number one, you lived in that ragged house.
Number two, now you live in Pyeongchangdong.
That's why we met in front of the convenience store.
Number three, the way I look at it, you are a welfare scholar for sure.
That's why number four...
Eun Sang: You're right, I'm not New Money, I'm on welfare scholarship.
Young Do: Right, that's what I'm saying.
Eun Sang: So, what are you going to do?
Are you going to chase me out of Jeguk High?
Young Do: No, because I started to like you.

Kim Tan: I'm crazy.
I like when you're angry and when you're smiling.
I'm crazy.
Eun Sang: You're too spoiled to know what's going on.
Kim Tan: What?
Eun Sang: Okay, let's dating.
You break up the engagement and get kicked out.
Let's see if you will still like me then.
We will eventually break up and I will be the one who's hurt.
Still, let's give it a try.
Kim Tan: And now you're sure we're going to break up?
Eun Sang: Didn't you know?
If your mother found out about this, my mom and I will have to live on the street.
So will you please vut the crap, Master Tan?
Kim Tan: Do you really take my heart for granted?
Is my feeling means nothing to you?
Eun Sang: Is my life means nothing to you?
Do you fit me? Do I fit you?
Kim Tan: Okay, you're right, you don't fit me, I'm too much for you.
Do you know why?
It's not because you hurt my pride.
It's not because you mentioned about my family problems and hurts me.
It's because I took the courage for you and you didn't do anything for me.
Alright then if that's what you want, I will just leave you alone.
I thought you were a good dream but you were just a bad one.

Hyo Shin: I'm here because my tutor quit right before my test.
So unprofessional.
Since you quit, I'm not your student anymore.
Hyun Joo: What?
[Hyo Shin kiss her forehead]

Chaiman Kim: Why did Rachel want to break up the engagement?
You know why, why did she say that?
Kim Tan: I don't like Rachel.
Chairman Kim: Is that your reason?
Now I think your brother was right.
I think it was better off when you were in America.
Between you and Rachel, between you and me,
between your brother and me, and between you and your brother.
You're different from Won.
Kim Tan: Yea, because I'm an illegitimate child.
Chairman Kim: That's why you need Rachel! This is for you!
You need an insurance to have power, and she's the best insurance you've got!

Your house and my room are a world apart.
There are doors that I can't through in this world.
The door to your room is one of them.
~Cha Eun Sang

I will let you pass any door you like in the world.
~Kim Tan

Hyo Shin: Why didn't you go? It's your last camp.
Eun Sang went.
Kim Tan: I want her to miss me.

Why do you live at Kim Tan's place?
There are about 5 possible explanations.
One, you're their daughter.
Two, you're their daughter-in-law.
Three, family?
 Four, in-house housemaid?
Five, in-house tutor.
But none of them is possible for you.
Who exactly are you?
~Choi Young Do

I'm happy, I'm excited.
Don't let me leave cause I don't intend to.
I called because... I had a lot of reasons back then, but now that I think of it,
I think I've just miss you, a lot.
~Eun Sang, to Kim Tan 

Kim Tan: Why do you like horror movie so much?
Eun Sang: They are tragic.
When I watch tragic episodes, the bad things in my life seem easier.

Eun Sang: You seem close, but you're really far away.
But if I hold your hand, I might believe that you're really close.
You asked me whether you were one of the bad things in my life, no you're not,
you're one of the good things.
That's enough for me.
I'm awake from my dream now.
I need to live my life now, I'm sorry.
[release her arm from Kim Tan's, but he instantly grab hers back]
Kim Tan: How close do I have to be for you to believe me?
Don't just believe that I'm far away when you haven't even tried, Cha Eun Sang.

You're such a busy man.
You have someone you miss and someone else to sleep with.
Is that the American style?
~Choi Young Do, to Kim Tan

[after Eun Sang splashed at the pool]
What I just did is what Kim Tan is going to do to you.
He will pretend holding your hand, but eventually let you go.
So let him go before he does.
Let go and get away from him.
I'm telling you this for your sake.
~Choi Young Do

Do you want to make Eun Sang a mistress like someone we know?
~Young Do, to Kim Tan

[after saw Kim Tan comforting Rachel]
Young Do: Are you jealous? I can hug you...
Eun Sang, with pity look: Are you okay?
Young Do: About what?
Eun Sang: About the news, it's also about you...
I hope that you're okay.
Now that I think of it, you're only 18 too.

Kim Won: Why are you telling me this?
Chairwoman Jung: Let's call it motherly love for raising you for 10 years.
[as Yoon Jae Ho enters the room]
Kim Won: Get me the list of the people who own my father's shares under borrowed names.
As soon as possible.
Chairwoman Jung: You're asking to the wrong person!
He holds the largest share of it!
[Kim Won look at Yoon Je Hoo in shock]
Chairwoman Jung: Do you have anyone on your side here?

No one can choose what I should have or whom I should love.
Don't chose it for me, mom.
I will decide on that.
I'm going towards Eun Sang right now, so please cheer for me.
~Kim Tan, to Madame Han

Eun Sang: Why do you always eat here when you're rich?
Young Do: Because it never looks weird to eat alone here.
Eun Sang, make a pity look to him: Do you always...
Young Do: Don't make your eyes like that.
It's making me tremble.

Bo Na: Hey, Choi Young Do...
Myung So: Do you really like Cha Eun Sang?
Young Do: Do I?

[as he look at some of the photos at camp, always look toward Eun Sang]
So that's what I look like when I'm loking at her.
~Choi Young Do

He said that his brother was kind and honest.
He got tall, and his eyes are just like his.
And he was right.
~Hyun Joo, to Kim Tan, about Kim Won

[after found out who Eun Sang really is]
Number six, daughter of the housemaid.
Note, speech disorder.
~Choi Young Do

Eun Sang: What are you gonna do to me?
Young Do: Do what?
I don't know how to cope with the scars in my heart, how can I deal with yours?
I was lonely because you left, and I'm just glad because you're back.
Your secret is shocking, but that's all.

What would be more shocking,
you being an illegitimate child,
or Cha Eun Sang being the daughter of your housemaid?
Ahhh... the illegitimate child Tan, dating the daughter of the housemaid, Cha Eun Sang,
would be most shocking.
~Choi Young Do

Kim Tan: Was everything alright? [Eun Sang nodded]
Are you glad leaving home?
Are you glad not seeing me?
Are you glad letting my hand go?
It was nice seeing you in my dream last night.
Eun Sang: I'm late. I have to go.
You should go too. You're going to be late.
Kim Tan, kiss her: Do you think I will just listen to you?
You left me at the dangerous cross walk.
You didn't even call me or text me.
And now you're telling me to go.
You missed me too.
Eun Sang: I didn't miss you.
[Kim Tan kiss her again]
Eun Sang: Hey, Kim Tan!
Kim Tan: Lie to me again.

I told you, I will show you exactly where you stand!
~Chairwoman Jung, to Madame Han

It's been a long time since I saw you like this.
It's been 18 years.
It was when I first caught you.
I bet that you didn't know back then, that nothing was going to change 18 years later.
The only place you can be free is just this room, in this big mansion.
~Chairwoman Jung, to Madame Han

Kim Tan: You can't talk to her from now on. Come out and...
[Rachel slaps him and Eun Sang screams]
Alright, talk to me from now on.
Don't pick up on Eun Sang anymore.
Rachel: Shut up! You're just an illegitimate son!
[to Eun Sang] What were you screaming about?
Was it the secret or the slap?
Eun Sang: Your attitude! How could you say something like that?
Rachel: Because in this world, the bloodline is the crown.
New Money doesn't understand.
[to Kim Tan] This is how she and I were different.
And you broke your engagemnet with me?
It had to be me!
If that was your birth secret, then I should be the one!
You should begging for me!
Kim Tan: I'm sorry, but you're still not the one for me.

Bo Na: Hey, I'm Cha Eun Sang's savior!
She slept at my house 2 nights in a row!
Kim Tan: She slept at yours?
Bo Na: Yeah, what?
Kim Tan: Raise your hand...
Bo Na: My hand? [raise her hand]
Kim Tan: Good job! [make hi-five with her]

Madame Han: Is this your workplace?

Eun Sang: Yes...
Madame Han: You slept here?
Eun Sang: Yes... the staff room is not bad.
Madame Han: Staff room? You're so heartless.
How can you really leave just because I said so?
It's getting colder everyday and I know that you have no place to go.
Didn't you think that it'd be difficult for me to see your mom?
Would I stay warm at night after kicking you out?
Or would I comfortably eat the food your mom makes me?
Were you testing me for that or what?
Look how bad your skin got...
[Eun Sang touch her cheek in confuse]

Hyun Joo: I heard that you discriminate each other by money.
So I'm going to do the same to you by your grades.
There are 2 kinds of students for me.
Smart students and bad students.
Over there [to Young Do], with the raised eyebrows...
put your phone away and put your eyebrows down.
[the students giggle]
Who's the smartest student here?
Student, point at Chan Young: Him.
Hyun Joo: Your name?
Chan Young: Yoon Chan Young, ma'am.
Hyun Joo: There are 2 kinds of students in this classroom,
Yoon Chan Young and the rest of you.

Eun Sang: What do you want?
Young Do: I want you to answer my call.
Talk to me when I'm talking to you.
Say hi when you see me.
Eun Sang: Now I get it, I get that you like me, I get why you didn't reveal my secrets.
I'm sorry if I avoided you.
There's only one thing I can do then, is to reject you, I'm sorry.

Your enemies are not the ones who hold their sword against you.
They are the ones who stand by you with their daggers behind your back.
~Choi Young Do

Eun Sang: Let go!
Young Do: No.
I'm gonna let you go soon, so I'm not letting you go now.
I went through all that trouble for this one moment.
So bear with me.
Eun Sang, with a pity look through Young Do: Stop it, Choi Young Do...
Young Do: Don't call my name like that.

Young Do: What you're doing is not a bigger fight, it's just reckless.
Kim Tan: Have you even tried being reckless?
If I have to kneel, then I will!
I just need to get up then.
And one day, I won't have to fall again.

Kim Tan: Am I nothing to you? Am I nobody?
Can't you rely on me?
Can't you even depend on me?
Eun Sang: Because your life is already hard enough.
Kim Tan: My life has always been hard ever since I was born.
My mom had to be hidden.
My brother hates me.
My father's wife hates me.
My father made all this happen.
My ffriend was angry after finding out the truth.
I was abandoned in a foreign land for 3 years.
None of these were your fault, so...
Eun Sang: It wasn't your fault either... It wasn't your fault, Kim Tan.

Extremely cool Kim Tan.
The one who walks over to me whenever he sees me, Kim Tan.
The one who keeps running into misfortune because of me, Kim Tan.
~Cha Eun Sang

Eun Sang: Thank's for being my black knight.
Young Do: Who's the black knight?
Hey, if I'm a black knight, then is Kim Tan a prince who rides on a white horse?

I don't need your advice.
From now on, don't interfere with my life.
Don't think about using me as your business either.
I'm not a product for sale this season.
~Rachel, to Esther Lee

Kim Tan: Thank's to you, Father, I lost my family.
Today I became hyung's enemy.
So even if hyung dies, he can't be my mom's family.
And mom wasn't your family from the beginning.
And Father, you aren't my family anymore.
Chairman Kim: That is exactly the weight of the crown you'll wear.
You need to endure it.

Chairman Kim: Where would that blood go?!
The hot blood of the mere lobby receptionist!
Who had the courage to come all the way to the top to the chairman's office.
Madame Han: How can you say that?
Chairman Kim: Why Not?
The mother and the son are not appreciating their luxuries!
You live the lifes that others can't even imagine.
Why can't you give up on one thing?
Madame Han: You asked me to come, you said that I could come.
You told me that your office was at the top floor.
Chairman Kim: That's why I have to go through this.
I was bewitched by the cheap sparkling jewels that has ruined my family.
Make sure to tell Tan when he's not sure which one to pick, pick the most expensive one.
Don't pick the cheap sparkling stuff like I did.
Tell him to wake up.

Kim Won: If I did what Tan's doing, you think this wouldn't have happened to us?
Hyun Joo: What's Tan doing?
Kim Won: He's running into everything.
He's falling down and breaking down.
He's a mess.
Hyun Joo: You can't do that.
Kim Won: Why not?
Hyun Joo: You dream of the highest place in the world.
But Tan dreams that Eun Sang is his world.
I won't get in your way.
Instead, I will cheer for you. You go up there.
Kim Won: I'm getting there. Hang in there for a sec.

Young Do: Bye, I won't see you again. I'm dumping you.
Eun Sang: Can't we be friends?
Young Do: I thought I told you, I don't do 'friends'.
You were always be my girl to me, you're still my girl to me.
And from this moment, my first crush.
Let's not say hi when we run into each other.
Let's not stay in touch.
Even if time passes by, let's not look back and talk about it as we're nostalgic about the past.

I'm trying to give you a bigger world!
I'm handing it to you on a silver plate!
~Chairman Kim, to Kim Tan

Yoon Jae Ho: Is Rachel okay?
Esther Lee: Because of the engagement?
She was crying... She really cries.
She must've liked Tan a lot.
She just didn't know how to love someone.
I couldn't teach her because I didn't know either.
Looking at Rachel, I had a chance to look at my life.
Yoon Jae Ho: And how was it?
Esther Lee: A life of making lots of money, a wealthy life, a life without Yoon Jae Ho.

I just saw Young Do's father on the news.
How does it feel to bear the weight of seeing your family members on the news?
In the world that everone dreams about; you, Young Do and the other kids, were hurt.
Every morning when I'm the first arrive at school,
sometimes I see someone drawing the outline of a dead body.
I was surprised.
Because it was not just one person.
On some days, it was Hyo Shin-sunbae.
Sometimes it was Ye Sol.
Sometimes it was Myung Soo who seemed to be always happy.
Sometimes it was Rachel.
And today, it was Young Do.
I couldn't envy or hate the kids anymore.
Tan... have you drawn the outline of a dead body too?
~Cha Eun Sang

Hyun Joo: I want to break up, that's my wish.
We always faced each other this close, but we were always very far from each other.
You don't have to be sorry, I had known it all along.
Kim Won: I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm really sorry.
Hyun Joo: I told you that I'd be cheering you in the crowd.
Bye, oppa.

Kim Tan: What's goin on?
Are you getting married? Why all of a sudden?
Kim Won: We can't defend the company on our own, that's why I need this marriage.
That's the weight of the crown I bear.

The owner of the study room has changed.
Hyung got what he wanted.
He became sturdier, and cried at nights.
One might argue that his ultimate prison is the very house he lived in his entire life.
~Kim Tan, about Kim Won

When we were 18, we fell in love, like each other, cried, ran away, knelt down,
and turned our backs at each other countless of times.
Nevertheless, when we were 18, we ran into each other's arms, 
held each other's hands,
and held tightly against each other.
We may fall again, and we may get on our knees.
However, one thing's certain, no matter what, go for it!
~Eun Sang & Kim Tan


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