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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ZATHURA [2005]

Adventure Is Waiting
Dad: Danny, you and Walter are different people.
He's good at some things, you're good at other things.
That's how people are.
Danny: He's beat me at everything.
Dad: Listen to me, this is important.
You're a very special kid.
Danny: That's what people say when they can't think of anything.
Dad: You know how you always make up games and pretend to be characters?
You have an incredible imagination.
Amazing imagination.
A whole universe of an imagination.
And I use my imagination for a living, so I know what I'm talking about.

There are some days, boys, when you gotta grow up all at once.
I need today to be one of those days.

Danny: You're gonna leave us alone in this creepy old house?
Dad: It's not creepy, it's old.
Walter: I like Mom's better.
Dad: So did she, and now it's hers.
Look, this is a very special house.
The reason I'm working to fix it up is I wanna make a home for us here.
I know it's not Mom's house, and I know it's a little creaky,
but give it some time, it's gonna grow on you.

Meteor Shower.
Take evasive action.

Danny: What's evasive action?
Walter: It's when you get out of the way.
Danny: What exactly am I supposed to get out of the way of, exactly?

You're Promoted to a Starship Captain.
Move Ahead 2 Spaces.

Shipmate Enters Cryonic Sleep Chamber for 5 Turns.

Walter: "Zathura.
Attention, space adventurers. Zathura awaits.
Do you have what it takes to navigate the galaxy?
It's not for the faint of heart.
For once you embark upon your journey, there's no turning back until Zathura's reached.
Pieces reset at the end of each game.
Play again and again for different adventures."
That's it, we gotta keep playing.
Danny: I'm not playing that thing.
Walter: Yes, we are. It says we go home if we win.
Danny: It didn't say that.
Walter: Yes, it did. "Pieces reset at the end of each game."
That means we go home when we're finished.
Danny: All I know is that when we play this game, bad things happen.
Walter: All I know is when I played that game, I got promoted.
So I'm gonna win this and get us home.

Your Robot is Defective.

You Pass Too Close To Tsouris-3.
Enter Gravity Field.

You're Promoted to Fleet Admiral.
Move Ahead 4 Spaces.

Walter: Danny, I just wanna go home, and I can't unless you play.
Don't you wanna get home?
 Danny: What's so great about home, anyway?
Walter: What do you mean?
Everything was great until you came along.
 Danny: See? You treat me like everything's my fault.
Walter: You're the one who pushed the button in the first place. 
Danny: I just wanted to play a game with you, Walter. 
Walter: Fine, what do you want?
 Danny: I want you not to be mean to me, not ignore me, 
and I want you to treat me like your brother. 
Walter: Fine.
Danny: Do we have an understanding? 
Walter: Yeah.
Danny: Wasn't that easy?

 You Are Visited by Zorgons


 Rescue Stranded Astronaut.

 Astronaut: Zorgons. They're big, gnarly lizards. Cold-blooded heatseekers.
 And the tiniest spark of warmth will bring them in like moths.
 Flying all around galaxy, looking for anything to burn up.
Walter: Why don't they just burn up their own planet? 
Astronaut: Oh, they already did. 
That's not even the worst of it. 
The real problem is their ravenous appetite. They never stop eating.
 Walter: What do they eat?
 Astronaut: Meat.
Danny: That's good. 
Astronaut, to Danny: Dude, you're meat. 

 Caught Cheating.
Automatic Ejection.

 Lose Map of Galaxy.
Move Back 2 Spaces. 

 Shooting Star.
Make a Wish as It Passes.

 Walter: I'm almost to the end, look. A few more and I win.
 Danny: I hope you win. I don't care who wins.
Walter: Because you never win at anything.
That's why he cheats all the time, he can never win.
Danny: No, I don't.
Walter: Yeah, you do. And you almost got me killed.
Danny: It wasn't my fault.
Walter: It's not your fault? How is it not your fault? This is all your fault.
 Everything's your fault. It's your fault Mom and Dad got divorced.
Astronaut, to Walter: Hey!
Danny, throw away the board game: You suck! 

 Astronaut: Don't do it.
Walter: Don't do what?
 Astronaut: Don't wish what you're thinking.
 Walter: You don't know what I'm thinking.
Astronaut: Yeah, well, I can tell it ain't good. 
Listen, no matter how good an idea seems like when you're angry, it never is.
You gotta trust me on this one, Walter.

 Astronaut: What did you wish for?
 Walter, hold the football: This.
 Astronaut: You wished for a football?
 Walter: Signed by Brett Favre.
Danny: Why'd you wish for a football?
 You could have just wished the game over.
You could have wished us out of here. 
Walter: I was under a lot of pressure.
 He was yelling at me.

  Walter: How you doing in there?
 Danny: Okay.
 Walter: Listen to me, it's gonna be real easy, okay?
 Just gonna lower you down there, grab the game, and we'll pull you up.
 Danny: Yeah.
Walter: Nothing's gonna happen to you, okay?
 Danny: Yeah.
Walter: Because I'm your brother. And that's what being a brother means.
 Means I'll never let anything happen to you, okay?
Danny: Yeah.

 Flunk Space Academy.
Go Back 1 Space.

Hit Time Warp.
Go Back 3 Spaces.
Repeat Last Turn.

 Shooting Star.
Make a Wish as It Passes.

 I wish the astronaut had his brother back.

Would You Like to Swing on a Star?
Move Ahead 9 Spaces.

 Game Over.
Thank You For Playing.

 Danny: I did it.
Walter: You won the game. 
Danny: I won the game.
Walter: We're home.
Danny: I beat Zathura. 
Walter: We're hooommeeee!
Danny: We did it. We're home.


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