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Thursday, November 5, 2015


Once Upon A Time

Will: We are The Brothers Grimm.
Old Man: What's your business?
Will: We're here to save your land from evil enchantments.
Old Lady: Haha, too late. The old ways have returned.
Jake: We're from Kassel, near Frankfurt.
We've heard about your missing children.
Old Lady: Food for trolls.
Old Man: Hold your tongue, you old witch, or you'll get another duckling.
Sasha, to George: Papa, Papa, they can help us.
It's all right, they're The Brothers Grimm.
People talk about them in Malsburg. They're famous.
Will: Right you are, son. The famous Brothers Grimm. 
George: "He' is my daughter. 
Will: And a fine wife he'll make some lucky man. 
Sasha: They kill trolls and giants, Papa.
Will: That's right. Of course we do, darling.
Jake, me... the team.
Team Grimm at your service.

 Jake: You understand, this really is exciting for us.
Our folk tales sprang from places just like this.
  I mean, it's funny, everywhere you look you can feel the forest's ancient power.
 I mean, to our ancestors, this place was sacred.
 Angelika: Till the Christians invaded. Now it's just territory.

 Will, to Angelika: You're not afraid, are you? Not like the villagers.
Jake: What happened here?
 Angelika: The Christian king destroyed the forest people.
 Burnt them to death in the caves.
 Many centuries ago, that's where the queen lived.
 She was treasured by all of Europe. 
Famed for her incredible beauty. But also vain and selfish. 
Her world was her own reflection. 
It was on the queen's wedding day that the plague arrived. 
The king was the first to die. 
His bride built a tower. 
She locked herself away. Safe from the horrors below. 
But what she forgot was that plague is carried on the winds. 
When she first fell sick and her gorgeous flesh began to rot away,
they say you could hear her screams across the oceans. 
~Angelika's father

 Jake: What do you mean rational explanation?
The bugs were bwrrrllll... and the forest was sweeping down on us.
It was like everything was under a spell.
Angelika: Or curse. 
My whole family's cursed.

 Jake: I remember the rest of the story.
It's an ancient folklore, passed down... 
The tower, the queen, her story, it's... 
Before the plague, the queen killed all the villagers' ancestors to get her hands on their spells.
 And one was a spell for eternal life.
Will: Give me that stupid book!
 Jake: She's still in the tower. She's there now.
Will: Jake, you've got to understand something.
This is not about the story. 
It's about you and her. You want to rescue her. 
Jake: That's right, Will. Because she's part of the story. 

 Will: Ignore him.
He wishes his whole life was something out of a book. 
Now he thinks he's in love.
Jake: Shut up, Will! 
Will: Angelika, do what your father wanted, leave now. 
Angelika: No. I'm going to find my sisters.
Jake: Will doesn't care about them. Will doesn't care about anything but himself.
 Will: This isn't a fairy tale. They are not coming back.
Jake: This is not your world, Will!
 [to Angelika] Angelika, you know, don't you?
The story, it's happening to us now. 
We're living it.
It's alive, it's real, it's breathing. And we can give it a happy ending.
 Angelika, we'll find your sisters, all right? We'll bring them back.
Will: Bring back her sister? Bring them back? Bring them back with what? Magic beans?
 Jake: Why do you say that?
Will: Magic beans don't work! 
They don't bring people back to life.
They did not then and they did will not now.  

 All my life I've studied these folk tales, Will, and now I find one that's for real.
 It's not beans. It's real.
Don't you understand? I have to do this.
~Jacob Grimm

 Will: What do you want me to do?
Jake: Honestly?
You're my brother.
You suppose to believe in me. 
I need you to help me. 

 Look at me, Jacob, am I still the fairest of them all?
Tell me I am the fairest of them all, Jacob.
And I will make your dreams come true. 
What do you desire, Jacob?
~Mirror Queen 

Jake: She's still there, Will, she's still alive, she's up in the tower.
Will: For 500 years?
Jake: Yeah, but they haven't been kind.
They tricked her, Will, they tricked her. 
Because she has the spell for eternal life, but not for youth, not youth. 
So she'll rot for eternity, waiting for someone to come and rescue her. 

 Jake: It has to do with the eclipse.
[to the village folks] Listen to me.
We know why your forest is enchanted.
It's under the power of the Thuringian Queen. 
She's stolen your girls for their youth, for their beauty. 
Will: She needs 12. Sasha was meant to be the twelfth. 
The queen needs one more to make her spell work. 

 What a beautiful bedtime story this will be.
Did you not know, Jacob? 
Truth is much more terrible than fiction. 
~Mirror Queen

Wait, I know this story, from my childhood.
 The spell can be broken with a kiss of true love.
Make sure, in your heart, true love. 
Or the kiss will be the kiss of death.


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