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Friday, March 25, 2016

ERAGON [2006]

Riders Wanted 
Uncle Garrow: Your day will come too, Eragon.
 And you will decide for yourself the kind of life you wish to lead.
Eragon: Uncle, I like my life right here.
Uncle Garrow: What many men seek is often right under their nose.
But for some, the unknown is too hard to resist.
Eragon: Is that why my mother left?
Uncle Garrow: My sister was in a great hurry when she left you here.
Wahtever her reasons, we can only trust they were for your own good.
Besides, had she not, I wouldn't have gained another son.

Eragon: You mocked the king in front of his soldiers.
Brom: I always say, better ask forgiveness than permission.

Brom: She was protecting you against the Ra'zac.
Eragon: I could have killed them.
Brom: That's the spirit.
One part brave, 3 parts fool.
Eragon: What, do you think I could do it?
Brom: The Ra'zac kill mercilessly. That's what they do.
 But a boy of 15, 16...
Eragon: 17.
Brom: 17, forgive me.
Well, I think even a 17-year-old boy might probably last a minute against Durza's assassins.
Eragon: Then I'll find Durza and kill him.
Brom: Durza's a Shade.
A sorcerer possessed with demonic spirits.
Find Durza, you'll be no better off than your uncle.
You just pray to heaven he doesn't find you because the king won't rest until he does.
You are the Varden's only hope.
Eragon: Who are the Varden?
Brom: Rebels. Outcasts.
Men who are brave or mad enough to oppose Galbatorix.

Saphira: And who might this be?
Eragon: This is Brom. He knows about dragons.
Saphira: He knows about dragons?
I'll be the judge of that. [roar]

You were chosen nevertheless.
A dragon will only hatch if it feels the presence of its rider.
It'll wait forever if it has to.

Brom: Now it find you.
It will serve you and only you, and that's put your life in danger.
Eragon: Because it chose me?
Brom: No.
Because the easiest way for the king to destroy your dragon is to kill you.
A rider will live on if his dragon is killed.
But if the rider dies...
Saphira: So does his dragon.

Angela: A young life so tangled.
But you have been long awaited by many races.
Great battles rage around you.
Eragon: It can't be. I don't understand.
Eragon: You have powers you do not ackowledge, but there is a doom upon you.
Part of it lies in a death that rapidly approaches.
Eragon: It's already happened.
Angela: And a girl. She calls to you in your dreams.
She's part of your past and your future.

Magic comes from dragons.
It flows through the riders who command them.

Before you cast a spell, you must learn the ancient language of the elves.
Brisingr means 'fire'. Is fire.
 The thing is the word.
Know the word and you control the thing.
 Before you can cast a spell, you must have the physical strength to withstand its effect.
 Some spells may leave you weakened.
Other spells, as you found out on the bridge, can leave you unconscious.
  And yet other spells, if you use them before you're ready, will kill you.
I can teach you the words, but the limits of your strength you must learn for yourself.

And now, the days of the riders have come again.

Take care of Saphira.
Without her, you'll find life is hardly worth living.

Eragon: Why me?
Saphira: You choose a leader for his heart.
Eragon: But I'm not without fear.
 Saphira: Without fear there cannot be courage.
 But when we are together, it is our enemies who should be afraid.

 Into the sky, to win or die!

 You lost those who were dear to you.
 You've paid the great price for your courage.


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