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Friday, June 10, 2016


This Fairytale Princess is About to Meet a Real Prince Charming

 I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss,
and a prince I'm hoping comes with this.
That's what brings ever afterings so happy.
And that's the reason we need lips so much,
for lips are the only things that touch,
so to spend a life of andless bliss.
Just find who you love, through true love's kiss.

Sam: After a whole day of that, you still want to get engaged?
Robert: Those people got married on a crazy romantic whim.
It's not like that with Nancy and I.
Sam: Right, none of that crazy romantic stuff for you, huh?
Robert: We're rational.
We understand each other's strenghts and weaknesses.
Sam: Sounds like building a bridge.

Robert: True love's kiss?
Giselle: It's the most powerful thing in the world.
Robert: Right.

Just because she has on a funny dress, doesn't mean she's a princess.
She is a seriously confused woman who's fallen into our laps.
~Robert Phillip

Robert: You're gonna marry somebody after a day because you fell in love with him?
Giselle: Yes.

Robert: Most normal people get to know each other before they get married.
They date.
Giselle: Date?
Robert: Yeah, you know, date.
You go some place special, like a restaurant, or a movie, a museum.
Or you just hang out and you talk. 
Giselle: What do you talk about?
Robert: About each other. About yourself. About your interests. Your likes, your dislikes.
You talk. 
Giselle: You have such strange ideas about love. 
Robert: Maybe we should do what you would do.
You meet, have lunch, and get married. 
Giselle: Oh, you forgot about happily ever after. 
Robert: Forget 'happily ever after'. It doesn't exist. 
Giselle: Of course it does.
Robert: I hate to disagree, but marriage are a success if they manage not to end.
Forget about happiness.
Giselle: What about you and Nancy? 
You know that you will live happily ever after. 
Robert: I don't know if I'll make it through today, let alone a lifetime. 
That's what I'm trying to tell you. It's complicated.
 Giselle: But it doesn't have to be. Not if she knows.
Robert: Knows what? 
Giselle: How much you really love her.
Robert: Of course she does. 
We just don't talk about it every minute of the day, but she knows. 

 Giselle: This is a very nice place.
Robert: Yeah.
Giselle: And we're eating dinner.
Robert: Yeah. 
Giselle: This is a date. 

 Giselle: You were in love.
Robert: Yeah. That was the problem.
Giselle: How could that be a problem? 
Robert: Because love... the lovey-dovey version that you talk about? It's fantasy.
And one day, you have to wake up and you're in the real world.
Giselle: What made you wake up? 
Robert: Well, she left.
Giselle: I'm so sorry for you both.

 Robert, about Morgan: That's why I don't encourage the fairy tales.
I don't want to set her up to believe in this 'dreams come true' nonsense.
 Giselle: But dreams do come true.
And maybe something wonderful will happen.
Robert: Yeah, well, I forgot who I was talking to.

 Giselle: Edward is coming for me.
Robert: But what if he doesn't?
 Giselle: Why do you keep saying that?
Robert: Because I deal with this every day. 
If a relationship has issues at the beginning, it doesn't get any better.
Giselle: He is coming! 

 What a terrible accident that brought you to this terrible place
with so much sadness and so much pain.
To never be with the one you love.
Doomed to be with another for eternity.
~Queen Narissa

  Oh, my. This is a twist on our story. It's the brave little princess coming to the rescue.
[to Robert] I guess that makes you the damsel in distress, huh, handsome?
~Queen Narissa 

Giselle: Is this a habit of yours? Falling off of stuff?
Robert: Only when you're around to catch me.



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