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Sunday, August 11, 2013

BEOWULF [2007]

Pride is the Curse
 Hrothgar: I've let it be known that I will give half the gold in my kingdom to any man who can rid us of Grendel.
Unferth: My King, for deliverance, our people sacrifice goats and sheep to Odin and Heimdall.
 With your permission, shall we also pray to the new Roman God, Christ Jesus?
 Perhaps He can lift our affliction.
 Hrothgar: No, Unferth, no.
The gods will do nothing for us that we will not do for ourselves.
 What we need is a hero.
Beowulf: I am Beowulf.
And I'm here to kill your monster.
Coast Guard: I thought there were no more heroes foolish enough
to come around here and die for our gold.
Beowulf: If we die, it'll be for glory, not for gold.
 There have been many brave men who have come to taste my Lord's mead,
and many who have sowrn to rid his hall of our nightmare.
 But in the morning, there was nothing left of any of them
but blood to be cleaned from the floor, and the benches, and the walls.
 I, Beowulf, killed atribe of giants on the Orkneys, crushed the skulls of sea-serpents,
and this troll of yours will trouble you no more.
 One needs glamour to become a king.
 A man like you could own the greatest tale ever sung.
Your story would live on when everything now alive is dust.
~Grendel's Mother

You think you're the first to try to kill me, or the hundredth?
The gods will not allow my death by your feeble blade.
 The gods will not allow me to die by a sword, or be taken by the sea.
 The gods will not let me pass in my sleep, ripe with age.
 When I was young,
I used to think being a king was about battling every morning 
and counting the gold and loot in the afternoon
and swiving beautiful women every evening.
But now, nothing is as good as it should have been.
 Unferth: You had an agreement.
You would not be harmed.
But now the golden horn has returned to you.
The agreement is ended.
Beowulf: Who? Who said that?
Unferth: "The sins of the fathers!"
 That's the last thing I heard.
The last thing before my family was burned alive.
The sins of the fathers.
 Wealthow: Why don't you take that poor girl and live out your remaining years in peace?
 Let some young hero save us.
 Beowulf: What? And let the nightmare start all over again?
 No. I visited this horror upon my kingdom.
I must be the one to finish her.
Wealthow: Her.
 Was she so beautiful, Beowulf?
A beauty so costly?
 Beowulf: Beautiful, and full of fine promises.
I was weak.
I am sorry.
So, so sorry.
I have always loved you, My Queen.
Wealthow: And I you.
 Keep a memory of me, not as a king or a hero,
 but as a man, fallible and flawed.

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