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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Boys Over Flowers

[on rooftop]
Jan Di: You go to such a great school
Lee Min Ha: No, this isn't a school. It's hell!
Jan Di: Excuse me, real hell is outside of this building.
Have you heard of admissions hell?

The moment you get a red card from them, you became a prey for the entire school.
Remember it!
~Lee Min Ha

Song Yo Bin...
He is the successor to the Il Shin Construction.
This company is a huge construction conglomerate and has 50 years history of Il Shin gangs family.
They also hold a fair amount of luxury nightclubs,
and have a large control over the real estate values.

Soo Yi Jung...
He is the youngest artist to debut at the Biennale,
and a gifted ceramist that appear like a shooting star.
UNESCO select him as one of the best young artist.
Well at least there is one member of F4 who actually does something.
Don't think that all geniuses are poor.
National treasures that appear in our textbooks and the country's biggest art museum,
is Yi Jung's grandfather's

Yoon Ji Hoo...
A grandson of former President Yoon Suk Yong.
They own the Su Am Cultural Foundation,
an European soccer team and a major league team.

You already know who this is, right?
If you are Korean citizen, even a 3 years old knows of the Shinhwa Group.
He is their sucessor, Gu Jun Pyo, the leader of F4.

Gu Jung Pyo, you're like Gu Jung Mool (dirty water)!!!
F4, you guys are like flies!!!
If you are born that blessed, you should shut up and live your lives gratefully!
And someone like you who has no common sense is the successor of the Shinhwa Group 
is a public nuisance to the nation!
You, I warn you... don't show your face in front of me.
The day I have to call you my senior, is the day I'm driving off the rooftop, I swear I will!!!
~Jan Di, yelling from the exit stairs

[after fell and spill an ice cream on Jun Pyo's shoe]
Min Ji: I apologize, Jun Pyo-sunbae
Jun Pyo: You're sorry?
If everything works out by saying sorry,
then why would there laws in the world and why would there be police?
Min Ji: I'll buy the same exact shoes for you right away.
Jun Pyo: Do you have more money than me?
Even if you did, you wouldn't be able to.
These shoes were made by a craftsman in Firenze.
So how would you buy me the same exact ones right away?
Min Ji: I apologize. Then I'll do whatever I can.
Jun Pyo: Whatever you can? Then lick it!
Min Ji: Excuse me?
Jun Pyo: I told you to lick it!
Min Ji: Sunbae...
Jun Pyo: Didn't you say that you'd do everything you can?
Jan Di: Won't you stop?!
Hey, did she fall because she wanted to?
If she apologized, then that's enough!
Jun Pyo, smirking: What is this? 
Hey second year, I don't think it's been long since you've been here, 
but American style is restricted here.
Your words are a little short.
[Yo Bin whispering something]
Ahh... is that so?
So you're the wonder crap that they've been talking about?
I was hoping for an S-line D-cup sized girl when I heard Wonder Woman.
That's a total disappointment.
Jan Di: What a relief I disappointed you.
Jun Pyo: Is it your concept to not know your place and mind other's business?
Why do you step into other people's affairs?
Jan Di: She's not a stranger, she's a friend.
In a wealthy person's dictionary, 
I'm assuming they don't carry words like FRIEND or FRIENDSHIP, do you?
Jun Pyo: Friendship?
Let's watch some of that powerful friendship.
Lick it!
Jan Di: What?
Jun Pyo: If you lick it instead, I'll forget it ever happened.
[instead of lick Jun Pyo's shoe, Jan Di throw her ice cream on Jun Pyo's face]
Jan Di: Do I have more money than you?
Did you earn all that money?
What? Is minding other people's business my concept?
My concept is not leaving people leech off of their parent's back alone, got it?!
[throw 3000 won to Jun Pyo]
At our place it's 2500 won, but I calculated it according to Gang Nam's rates.
But if the stain doesn't gone, then send it to us.
[stick Jan Di laundry's card name on Jun Pyo's forehead]
[Ji Hoo smiles]

Surrender? Surrender, my ass!
Since I'm Jan Di, you think it's okay to step all over me like that?
You touch the wrong person!
Have you guys ever eaten dumplings boiled from your own tears?
Have you ever mastered how to freestyle in a tub?
Korea's common people can't survive without the spirit of rivalry and patience.
~Jan Di, after have been bullying for the first time

She's really pretty, right?
She's just like a goddess who descended to earth.
Not only her pretty face, she's very smart too.
She donates almost all money she earned as a model.
Not long ago, she passed the French International Lawyer exam.
She's my idol.
Although everyone thought that she would take over her parent's company after she graduated, I didn't think so.
I've always thought that she would do something even greater.
On every school holiday, she would go to Africa, Afghanistan.
Oh, she went to Tibet not long ago.
Though this is just my imagination, 
I hope she marries someone of royalty status or someone who may become president.
Like Diana or Audrey Hephburne to be princess who contributes to world peace.
~Jan Di, about Seo Hyun

Yi Joo: Making her life difficult is ridiculous and childish.
Jun Pyo: Does she look like a girl to you?

Did you see me sleeping around with a man?!
Did you even see me holding hands with a guy?!
How dare you spread all those rumors about a chaste and pure girl 
who even hadn't her first kiss yet?
~Jan Di, after spinning back kicking Jun Pyo

To us, she's just our childhood playmate, our noona and our friend.
But to Ji Hoo, she's his first love, girlfriend and mother.
~Yi Jung, about Ji Hoo and Seo Hyun

Jun Pyo: Hey, why do you hate me so much?
I'm good looking, I'm tall, I'm smart, I'm rich.
How can you hate Go Jun Pyo?
Are you really stupid?
Jan Di: I dislike everything about you!
The way you look, the way you walk, and your stupid curly hair!
I hate everything!
And it's such an eyesore to see bunch of you wearing whatever you please to school
and picking on weak kids for fun with your red cards or whatever and your thoughlesness.
That's the worst!
All in all, Go Jun Pyo, I hate everything about you, hate everything!

[Jan Di fell, her robe tear and everybody can see her Wonder Woman outfit]
I know why you did this.
But it proves how low you are instead of her.
~Seo Hyun, to Sunny, Ginger and Miranda

[Seo Hyun, making over Jan Di]
Seo Hyun: It's the first time I see Ji Hoo stand out for someone.
Jan Di: Ji Hoo-sunbae has laways been so attentive.
Seo Hyun: Ji Hoo is attentive?
That's because Jan Di is a special person.
I heard you've suffered a lot because of Jun Pyo.
I heard that you swore you'll never bow down to him.
You know what, it's because he is lonely.
Jan Di: What?
Seo Hyun: He's wrapping his loneliness with violence.
Jan Di: Gu Jun Pyo is lonely?
How can that be?
Seo Hyun: He meet his parents only a month per year.
From the moment he was born, he wasn't a normal son or friend.
He was treated as their heir of the company.
Can you imagine how it feels?
Don't lose to him.

[after seeing Ji Hoo and Seo Hyun kissing]
Jun Pyo: After you saw Ji Hoo and Seo Hyun, didn't you feel your heart was breaking?
Jan Di: Oh, that's impossible.
No... a person like me could never be Min Seo Hyun-unnie's rival.
I'm not pretty, I'm not smart, my family is really poor too.
Jun Pyo: There's nothing great about your figure either.
Your temper is really bad.
Jan Di: Right!
So how could such a messed up person be jealous of Min Seo Hyun?
I didn't have the qualifications from the start.
Jun Pyo: Althought there's no comparison, you're not the messed up one.
You have the qualifications.
Jan Di: What?
Jun Pyo: That fool Ji Hoo... 
If he had met you first instead of Seo Hyun, he would like you for sure.
Jan Di: Are you sure?
Jun Pyo: Family... Your looks too... Your brains...
Though all of these are zero, you are the first woman recognized by Gu Jun Pyo.
Your qualifications get full marks.

Yi Jung: What's your definiton of a real man?
Jun Pyo: The real man is taking responsibility from the beginning to the end.

[Jan Di in Jun Pyo's arm, after being bully]
Jan Di, crying: It wasn't me. It really wasn't me.
Jun Pyo: I don't care. Don't talk right now.
Jan Di: You still don't believe me, do you?
Jun Pyo: I do... I believe you.

[to Sunny] Your eyes, [to Ginger] your nose, [to Miranda] your cheekbones.
You paid money for all of that too, didn't you?
If there's something you want, don't you just buy it with your money?
Can't you do the same for beauty?
Hey, haven't you all got plastic surgery?
Then why are you still picking on Min Ji?
If it's okay for people who already beautiful to be more beautiful,
why is it not okay for ugly people?
She didn't do it for no reason.
She paid tremendously painful price, so what?
~Jan Di

[Jun Pyo hits Ji Hoo after see him kissing Jan Di]
Jun Pyo: What is it? Is this something you don't know too?
You fell into a trap again?
I want to believe you. I didn't want to misunderstood again.
I tried my best!
Jan Di: I'm sorry... That...
Jun Pyo: I show you my sincerity, but is it your answer?
Jan Di: It's not like that...
[Jun Pyo throws ankle bracelet that he gave to Jan Di
but accidentally missing and found by Ji Hoo]
Jun Pyo: It's really over now.
Geum Jan Di, don't act like you know me anymore.

Yi Jung: No matter what you do, I try to understand.
Honestly, there were times I couldn't stand Jun Pyo either.
I never expected saying this to you, why did you do that?
Ji Hoo: I just felt like it.
Yi Jung: Jun Pyo likes Jan Di.
Ji Hoo: And I knew it.
Yi Jung: Yoon Ji Hoo!
Even if you hooked up with my sister and dumped her after 3 days,
I wouldn't be this mad.
Ji Hoo: But you don't have sister.
Yi Jung: I'm not kidding!
I can't tolerate you messing with a friend's girl!
Ji Hoo: I feel sorry toward Jun Pyo, but...
I can't let Geum Jan Di be kicked out of school.

Jun Hee: The type of guy I hate the most?
Jun Pyo: A disgraceful guy, a stingy guy, a guy that can't let go of the past.
Jun Hee: A guy that brags about himself?
Jun Pyo: A disgraceful guy.
Jun Hee: A guy that never forgives his friends?
Jun Pyo: A stingy guy.
Jun Hee: A guy that can't accept his defeat?
Jun Pyo: A guy that can't let go of the past.

Jun Pyo: Why does it have to be Ji Hoo of all people?
If it wasn't Ji Hoo... [grab Jan Di into his arms]
It's not too late even now.
Just one word... One word, that you like me.
Jan Di, releasing herself from Jun Pyo's arm: I'm sorry...
Jun Pyo: Do you know what you're doing right now?
The almighty Gu Jun Pyo is hanging on to you.

They say that there are ties in this world which no matter how many times you broke up,
somehow you're gonna meet again.
You'll be able to meet her again.
Because both of you... because... because...
[Ji Hoo fell asleep on Jan Di's shoulder]
Because... thank's to Seo Hyun-unni, I think I'll be able to let him go...
my first love.
~Geum Jan Di

Jun Pyo, after hit Ji Hoo to bleed: If you hurt Geum Jan Di, 
I'll kill you regardless that you're my friend, got it?!
Ji Hoo: You should've said it from the start.
See? You still can't let her go, right?
See how good it would've been if you came out honestly.
I wouldn't need to do something like this.
Jun Pyo: You crazy son of a bitch!

Jan Di: Honestly, I don't like being in Jun Pyo's world.
Ji Hoo: Jun Pyo's world... Jan Di's world... There are no such things.
Just like us, we are in the same world right now.
If you don't like his world, then you can bring him to yours.
Isn't that Geum Jan Di's speciality?

This is why I dislike innocence like you, Ga Eul.
Listen, acting is just acting.
If you take it seriously, then we have a problem.
[grab her chocolate bag]
I'll hang on to this until Ga Eul meet the one destined for you.
~Yi Jung

How can pride be more important than your money?
Of course your money is more important.
In a capitalist society, first is money, second is money and third is money as well.
Pride my ass.
That woman telling us to get lost with 300 millions won only?
Is she joking with someone?
Even a 3 years old in the Republic of Korea knows Shinhwa Group,
and they're just giving us 300 millions?
[to Jan Di] Imagine you end up marrying Young Master Jun Pyo.
No matter how much longer that woman lives, 
is she going to live 1000 years or 10,000 years?
The the whole fortune would go to her son and all of that becomes yours.
How dare she offer just 300 millions?
You get a grip of yourself.
Our goal is Shinhwa Distribution, Shinhwa Airlines, Shinhwa Electronics, 
Cements and Automobiles!
~Jan Di's mom

Ji Hoo: Why are you looking at me like that?
Jan Di: Because... I'm amazed.
Ji Hoo: At what?
Jan Di: Whenever an alarm rings in my heart, sunbae always appears in front of me.
Ji Hoo: An alarm? Like when there's a fire?
Jan Di: Yea...
Ji Hoo: Then let me do it.
Jan Di: Do what?
Ji Hoo: Geum Jan Di's famous firefighter.

[after Jun Pyo saw Jan Di's family selling rice cracker and coffee in highway]
Jun Pyo: Promise me. If something ever happens, you'd tell me.
Jan Di: Ok.
Jun Pyo: One more. No matter what, you won't run away from me.
Jan Di: I don't think I can promise you that.
I feel like I wanna run away several times not because of your mother,
but because of you.
Jun Pyo: Hey...
Jan Di: I promise...
I'll promise that I won't let your mother become the reason.

Please don't tell Gu Jun Pyo.
I want to carry my own responsibilty, then I'll be able to hold my head up high.
~Jan Di to Ji Hoo, at gas station

Je Ha: It's kinda funny.
You don't have any confidence to the girl you like?
And before getting jealous, shouldn't you first try to understand your girlfriend's situation?
Jun Pyo hits and kicks Je Ha till he's down and bleeding: Say it again!
What did you say?!
What do you know to talk like that?!
Je Ha: It's a shame.
I'm saying... Jan Di-sunbae is wasted on the likes of you.
Jun Pyo: This punk must be crazy!!! [hit and kick him again]
Jan Di: STOP! STOP IT! Please...
He help me outside of school.
And at school, he's the only friend I feel connected with.
Jun Pyo: The only one? [gripping her shirt's collar] Say that again!
What does that jerk mean to you?
Jan Di: I can't breath...
Jun Pyo: Say it!!!
Jan Di: It's hard for me.
I want... I want to stop it now.
Jun Pyo: Hey, Geum Jan Di...
Jan Di: F4 and Gu Jun Pyo...
I wish I could back to the time before I knew you.

Je Ha: You can't still believe in him, can you?
Even after everything you've gone through?
Jan Di: I do... I believe in him.
Because Gu Jun Pyo did too... He would have.

Thank's to you, now I realize what I've done wrong and what Gu Jun Pyo means to me.
~Jan Di, to Je Ha

Je Ha's world... Jun Pyo's world... There's no such things.
Being able to look at the same thing from the same place, that should be enough.
~Jan Di, to Je Ha

Je Ha: I was wondering how I was going to bother Gu Jun Pyo,
but an offer came up where I was catching two birds with one stone.
Jan Di: Who put you up to this, and why?
Je Ha: Isn't it funny just imangining it?
Gu Jun Pyo got so furious after he got  his girl stolen by me,
but when he finds out that his mom paid me to do it.
Jan Di: Mom? You ordered by Gu Jun Pyo's mother?
Je Ha: If you had only agreed with me, I was going to give you half of the money.
You should have done better.
Jan Di: What's that supposed to mean?
Je Ha: The moment you rejected my proposal,
the goal of this game became only Gu Jun Pyo.
Jan Di: Why are you doing this to Gu Jun Pyo?
Je Ha: Why?
Everyone here probably have at least 3 to 4 reasons why they want to take revenge on him.
You want to hear all of them?
Jan Di: Just tell me, why are you doing this to Gu Jun Pyo?
And tell me what Gu Jun Pyo had did to you?
Je Ha: To be exact... he mistreated my brother.
Do you remember him?
My older brother who was more loving to his despised half brother than my own father.
Jan Di-sunbae, take a good look at me.
Don't I remind you of someone?

Jan Di's Dad: I'm sorry... I'm sorry for being a burden on my pretty daughter's love.
Jan Di: Who said anything about love, Dad?
Jan Di's Dad: It's love...
This is love, Jan Di, that makes him as dear a person to you as your dad.

Jun Pyo and I are so different, I'll admitt that.
But, you know what?
We're both standing at the same place and looking at the same thing.
I made a promise with Gu Jun Pyo that we wouldn't break up because of you.
~Jan Di to President Kang

I don't know if pride has price.
Then, how much is your pride?
I hope you can change your perception that you can buy a commoner's pride.
And you can't buy a person's heart either.
Madam President don't know that, do you?
But Gu Jun Pyo does now.
~Jan Di to President Kang

Jun Pyo: It's yours [about the necklace]
There's only one like that in the world, so if you lose it, you really dead this time.
Jan Di: Only one? Is there really only one?
Jun Pyo: Because I personally designed it.
Look carefully...
This is me [pointing to the star at the necklace]
And the one inside is you [pointing to the moon inside the star at the necklace]
Jan Di: Why are you the star and I'm the moon?
Jun Pyo: Because Geum Jan Di is the moon 
which can never be escape from the Gu Jun Pyo star.
Because whatever may happen, I'm not going to let go of this moon.

I'll be back soon. Stay put and wait for me.
I love you, Geum Jan Di.
~Jun Pyo's text message

Jan Di, you know that an end, signals a new beginning, right?
~Yi Jung

It's not a dream.
If it were, it wouldn't have been so painful.
~Ji Hoo

[in basketball court]
Jun Pyo: Girl like her don't mean anything to me now.
Yi Jung: Gu Jun Pyo, not calling Geum Jan Di even once all this time, 
you did that purposely?
Jun Pyo: Deliberately or not, I don't have time to think about stuff like that.
Ji Hoo: Stuff like that?
Yo Bin: Jun Pyo, do you really mean that?
Jun Pyo: We meet after all this time and all you have to talk about is silly stuff?
Yi Jung: You call yourself a man?
Jun Pyo: Why not?
You guys meet and break up with girls all the time.
What, I can't be like that a little?
Yi Jung: Even if I've dated and break up 20 times, I've never acted like you!
[try to hit Jun Pyo but Yo bin cut him off] Let me go!
When we tried to stop you before, what did you say?
You said that a real man takes responsibility from beginning to an end!
Jun Pyo: And you believe it?
You guys, surely... 
You didn't think that she and I would last, did you?
Yi Jung: This bastard!
Whose fault is it that Geum Jan Di can't swim anymore?
[punch Jun Pyo til he fell] Stand up!
Yo Bin: Yi Jung, calm down...
Yi Jung: Do I look like can calm down?!
Listen to him!
Didn't you know that it would be like this?
Didn't I warn you?!
I told you not to carelessly lead her on, you cowardly jerk!
Jun Pyo: What's with you guys?
Did you stop being my friend and all rush to be Geum Jan Di's black knights?
If you came as my friends then enjoy yourselves before going home.
But if you even think about mentioning her name, then leave immediately.
Yo Bin: Why you've changed so much?
Jun Pyo: 700,000...
Within Shinhwa name, the employees and their families for whom I am responsible
are short of 700,000.
Try carrying 700,000 lives on your shoulder, and see if it doesn't change you.

She's not just 'that kind of girl'.
She's the first girl that your son has ever loved!
Don't mess with Jan Di.
If you break your promise, I'll destroy everything!
~Jun Pyo to his mom

The moment you stood by my side, I love that look in your eye.
Yesterday I cried but today because of you, tomorrow I'll be happy.
It's not your face... It's not your style...
All I needed was your soft loving to forget all of my past.
Now I can't do anything without you.
I only know... I only know love...
~Jan Di's song

Geum Jan Di, sometimes the things you see might not be real.
Some things are visible only through faith.
~Ji Hoo

That guy... from head to toe, he's only concerned with his own appearance.
He probably wouldn't remember what style a girl dresses in.
Haughty and self-centered, he'd be dissapointed to take second place to anyone else's arrogance and pompousness.
He acts like he knows everything, but actually he really naive.
Hm, also... if he likes something then he'll ignore other's opinions and stubbornly go after it.
Like a buldozer.
When he's angry, he's incredibly scary.
But when he's good to you, he's affectionate.
Anyway... what I'm saying is, he's an immature, elementary school, overnearing big devil!
Just think of him like that.
~Jan Di, describing Gu Jun Pyo to Jae Kyung

Gu Jun Pyo is just like wine.
Red and aromatic.
Once you drink it, all your blood just boil that kind of numb feeling.
~Jae Kyung, about Gu Jun Pyo

President Kang, to Jan Di: Did you become anxious because Jun Pyo got engaged
so you decided to throw your body to him?
You are detestable and audacious little... [try to slap Jan Di]
Jun Pyo: STOP IT! 
[Jun Pyo grabs his mom's hand and tighter it while his mom trying to release her hand]
[after Jun Pyo loose his grabs, his mom slaps him]

Jun Hee: Was I not enough?
President Kang: Don't get involved.
Jun Hee: Need a hotel, sell a daughter.
Need investment, sell a son.
Next time you need something, what will you do, cause you don't have any.
President Kang: Everything has been for your sake.
Jun Hee: And who decides that?
Who the hell says that everything is for us?
I have never once thought that you've done anything for our sake.
President Kang: Your world of happiness, who do you think gave it to you?
Jun Hee: Happiness, you say? [laughing]
Do you even know what happiness is?

Eun Jae, can't you find me again?
You were the only one who always found me.
~Yi Jung

Jun Pyo: The man who is right for you is out there somewhere.
You aren't so ugly.
Jae Kyung: I don't want someone else.
If he's not Gu Jun Pyo, then he won't do.
Jun Pyo: I'm sorry.
Jae Kyung: Is there someone you like?
Jun Pyo: Yes. [Jae Kyung nodded]
Aren't you going to ask who is she?
Jae Kyung, cover her ears: I don't want to hear.
I don't want to hear anything.
I can't hear a thing. [leaves Jun Pyo]

 I was scared that child might cry.
Like his father... like his mother...
I was afraid that child might cry because of me.
So I ran away.
~Yi Jung, to Ga Eul

[playing truth or dare game]
Yi Jung: Yoon Ji Hoo, beside Seo Hyun, can you love another person?
Ji Hoo, after a long pause: I suddenly want to do it now.
Yi Jung: Do what?
[Ji Hoo stands up and walks toward Yi Jung]
Hey... that's not a hard question...
Don't come... Go away!
[Ji Hoo cheek-kissed Yi Jung while everybody laugh at them]
Ji Hoo, back to his seat: Is it my turn?
Jun Pyo, if the person you love is having a hard time because of you,
would you let her go?
Jun Pyo, after a long pause too: No, I won't let her go. I can't let her go!
I'm going to hold on to her tightly and make her happy.
It's my turn now.
[look to Jan Di]
Geum Jan Di, the promise we made on the street... is it still intact?
Jan Di: No...
The person who made that promise and the person who heard that promise don't exist anymore.

Jae Kyung: Love and friendship... between those, which one would you choose?
Jun Pyo: Both. There's no such thing as giving up in my dictionary.

In this house, a maid is not merely a housekeeper.
She's a specialist who works to perfectly match her employer's needs and be prepared.
Ironing a shirt's cuffs and sleeves in one minute is a must.
From knowing how to dust an expensive painting, how to organize a wine list,
she must exercise perfect care.

I always do the hiding and never had to do the seeking.
Turned out to be pretty difficult.
Cha Eun Jae, didn't you hide a little to well?
I almost gave up playing hide and seek.
~Yi Jung, seeing Eun Jae again for the first time

For grandpa and sunbae too, you all need family.
All I did was find one for you.
Are you not ready yet?
Grandpa said the same thing too.
How long do you need to prepare your heart?
Aren't they all useless in the end?
You said before, sunbae, that no one will know everything about one person.
But the person we know, at least we know what kind of person he is.
Ji Hoo-sunbae that I know, really loves his grandfather.
That is the reason he can forgive him.
~Jan Di

Even after I leave this house, I would always worry about Young Master Jun Pyo.
He always had such a delicate nature.
But I couldn't prevent him from becoming more violent as he grew up.
That young master, he has changed.
I believe that it was because of you.

It might be laughable but I like you're sincere and whole-hearted,
and because you're someone who knows what love truly is, I like you even more.
That rival being Geum Jan Di, I can tolerate it.
I'm sure it can't be easy to forget her.
However, if I wait, if I wait and see then, wouldn't the next time be a chance for me?
You can love me like that.
~Han Jae Kyung, to Jun Pyo

Jan Di: It's cowardly. It's not justifiable to anyone.
It's not running into it but instead running away from it.
If you run away like this, it will happen all over again one day.
Jun Pyo: Then tell me not to do it!
Tell me not to leave!

Jan Di: Why me?
I'm not pretty and I don't have money or status. I have nothing.
Why do you love me?
Jun Pyo: Because I have all of that. 
Money, status, the looks... I have all of that.
I don't need that from you, Geum Jan Di.
All you have to be is Geum Jan Di.

Do you know what my dream is?
Not making promises that I won't keep.
Jan Di, I'm sorry for hurting you.
Jan Di... I love you.
~Gu Jun Pyo

Chief Jung: All you have to do is tell him stories or show him your face once in a while.
Jan Di: Who is this person?
Chief Jung: He's like an older brother to me, just like family.
Jan Di: I see... But why are you asking me?
Chief Jung: Because this person needs someone with a warm heart.
Jan Di is the warmest person I've ever met in life.

You can't even protect your woman, so how will you carry the great Shinhwa Group?
I didn't raise you to be such a pathetic man.
Just because you were born male, doesn't make you a man.
Become stronger from losing, yielding eventhough it's unfair,
running away eventhough it's shameful,
overcoming a weak self-confidence over time...
that's how one becomes a real man.
~Grandma, to Jun Pyo

I'm good at enduring hunger, I also good withstanding the cold.
But there is one thing that I absolutely can't endure.
People that I love getting hurt because of me.
It isn't something that can be solved by me trying my hardest.
~Geum Jan Di

I like you.
No matter how hard I try not to, no matter how hard I try to forget you,
my efforts are so useless to the extent that I get angered by it.
~Geum Jan Di

I'm leaving because I don't want the people I love to be entangled by you.
And I have only one to regret, I couldn't save the person I love the most from you.
~Jan Di, to President Kang

Setting Shinhwa and me being a plutocrat aside,
have you ever consider me as a man?
~Jun Pyo, to Jan Di

Jan Di: Do you know how to swim?
Jun Pyo: Swim? I don't swimming.
Jan Di: Don't or can't?
Jun Pyo: Because of a bad memory from childhood, I don't swim, I never learn how.
Jan Di: No... You know how to swim.
Jun Pyo: Who are you, what do you think you know about me to go on like this?!
Jan Di: You're not scared of anything in this world, but bugs make you shudder.
Rather than have one finger on his girlfriend broken, 
you're the idiot who prefers to have his ribs ripped out.
Eventhough you can't tell the difference between 'privacy' and 'pride',
you're the ignoramus who insists there are 38 strategies,
loudly as if you ate a train's heart.
You say that you hate kids, but with your own son, you want to see the stars with him
and be an attentive father.
You're a lonely guy with much affection.
Jun Pyo: What are you?
Jan Di: That's precisely you, Gu Jun Pyo.
Jun Pyo: I'm asking what the hell your point is?!
Jan Di: Call it out... My name... [plunge herself into the pool]

[while dancing at prom night]
[about Yo Bin] 
Of the F4, always strong and considerate, who was like the elder, Yo Bin-sunbae.
You were always one step behind, offering others your help and support.
I know that now.
[about Yi Jung]
Although you act cold and mean, you're actually warmer and more innocent than the others.
Thanks to tou, Yi Jung-sunbae, I think Ga Eul has become a really lovable woman.
[about Ji Hoo]
Like Alice falling into a strange land...
If I wentto the emergency exit, then I could meet you, sunbae.
Do you know what a huge comfort that was to me, sunbae?
You were like someone sent from heaven, like a bonus.
I'll never be able to forget you, my soulmate, Ji Hoo-sunbae...
Thank you...
~Jan Di


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