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Friday, July 4, 2014

LOVE RAIN [2012]

One, two, three.
In just 3 seconds, I fall in love

Love never say sorry

Grandma said that the reason people have 2 arms is 
for them to hug the people they love.

Love has 2 faces of happiness and sadness.
I think love and rain are similar to each other.

LeeDongWook: Love means never sorry?
Why do girls like that so much?
SeoInHa: I don't know.
Because love comes from your heart.
You know each other's hearts.
I guess you don't need to say it.

I was happy because of her.
I was also sad because of her.

ChangMo: There are so many people who can't even do that because of circumstances.
HyeJung: What circumstances?
ChangMo: There's a lot. 
Like, you like that person, but someone else already likes her.
Or that person may like someone else.
Or maybe he is not in a position to like her.
HyeJung: That's just being cheap.
If you can't say it because of those reasons, then those are just excuses.
Excuses of not wanting to get hurt.
If you like someone, you just have to say it.
I will say it no matter what, if it were me.

The scenery with love is always beautiful.
But, just because love is beautiful doesn't mean that it's always happy.
Love always has two different faces of sadness and happiness.

Now that I think about it, you have always done so much for me.
Thank you for watching the movie that I always wanted to see.
Thank you for sparing from getting soaked on rainy days.
Thank you for listening to my story about my parents.
Thank you for having the same ideas that even surprised me.

I believed that this love did not end.

Model: You can pick up any girl in just 3 seconds if you want. 
Do you know that that's your nickname?
SeoJoon: Oh, that's rumor.
Model: It's only a rumor then?
But, why do you let those rumors spread then?
SeoJoon: Who says that it's not true?

I'd rather have people think of me as a playboy.
That way no girl will flirt with me.
And people will keep their distance with me.

SeoJoon: Why can't you see it with me?
You said earlier, you don't want to see Diamond Snow with me.
HaNa: It's a myth.
They say that 2 people who see Diamond Snow together here will fall in love.
SeoJoon, chuckle: What?
HaNa: It's a myth.
So lots of couples come here.
SeoJoon: What if you see it with me?
HaNa: It's not going to happen.
SeoJoon: Of course not.
It will never happen.
HaNa: Exactly.

My mom couldn't get over her first love for her whole life.
But she said that those memories made her happy.
I want to love like that too.

SeoJoon: Stop glaring at me.
It's not my fault that your stomach growled.
HaNa: Why order 2? I'm not going to eat.
If you didn't break my phone in the first place, this would have never happened.
SeoJoon: If you didn't enter my hotel room in the first place.
HaNa: I f you didn't take hostage of my phone in the first place.
SeoJoon: If you took good care of your phone in the first place.
This would never happened, huh?
You said that you can pick up anyone in 3 seconds, right?Well, that's not going to happen with me.
Because I won't ever look at you longer than a second from now.

SeoJoon: I thought you deleted her photos?
JoSoo: I was going to delete it, but then I found it funny.
SeoJoon: What was?
JoSoo: You normally don't take photos unless they are professional models.
But you took her pictures. I found it funny.

SeoJoon: I asked you to start over with me again, right?
That I will be nice to you.
That means I'm interested in you.
I've been interested all along.
I thought about you a lot after I came back to Korea.
Even when I saw you again.
And now, I think about you.
HaNa: Why?
SeoJoon: I don't know why either.
So I want to stay with you until I find out why.

I can't do that.
I may sound selfish but I must say this.
I was not happy.
Without you I always sad because you weren't there.
I was sad and unfortunate.
It felt as if time stopped at the beach we walked together.

HaNa, drunk: You wear nice clothes, you have a pretty face, you make a lot of money.
Also, you're an asshole.
That's why I can't trust you.
SeoJoon: So what you're saying is that I'm too perfect for you?
HaNa: I didn't say that.
I'm saying I'm scared.
SeoJoon: Scared to like me?
HaNa: Maybe? [chuckles]
So, stop saying that I dumped you.

Don't forget this one.
I'm really going to do it now.
You can back out if you want.
1, 2, 3...
~SeoJoon, then kissing HaNa

Love is not like this.
Having a child together, growing together, and getting through all the hardships
are more important than first love. 

SeoJoon: Does your mom's happiness matter that much to you?
Is it more important that your happiness?
HaNa: Yes.
You could say that I'm lying, but it's true.
Because Mom always put my happiness before hers.

To her, her mother's happiness is more important.
And look at my mom.
If she finds out about this, will she be able to handle it?

YoonHee: Can't you feel sympathy for us?
InHa and I... we never had anything.
That's why we can't move on from the past.
Even if it's worthless.
So, can we have it just once?
Even if we regret it, I want to have him once and regret it.
Can't you just do it for us?
HyeJung: Regret? For you?
Absolutely not!
Because of your stupid past, my life and the life of my family are tied to it.
I will do anything until you 2 break up.
I will never leave you alone.

HaNa: Did you used to hate my mom?
SeoJoon: I never even thought that far.
HaNa: What about me?
You don't hate me for being my mom's daughter?
SeoJoon: To me... you're just you.

No matter how much you wish for your mom's happiness, 
I can't wish for my father's happiness.
Will you still not hate me?

You want to keep staying with me?
Why do our parents matter?
Let's just go until the end.
It's not going to work, is it?

Let's break up.
And if we ever see each other again, let's pretend that we're strangers.

SeoJoon: To you two, is love something that great?
Couldn't you just forget about each other and go on with your lives?
YoonHee: That's probably because we're fools.
We didn't know that the longer we tried to forget each other,
the more passionate our feelings would be.
SeoJoon: You probably have no idea what I had to go through.

SeoJoon: They are going to get married soon.
He asked me to be family.
SunHo: With HaNa?
SeoJoon: No matter how much my mom hates it, and no matter how I'm against it,
if they do get married, we're going to be brother and sister.
And we will hear about each other from time to time,
see each other from time to time.
And hear about eact other getting married.
That's how we will live. That's how.

Actually, it's really hard for me.
I just wanted my mom to be happy.
But I didn't know that it was going to cause someone pain, with hurtful memories.

Actually, I miss him a lot.
I keep regretting that I should chosen him instead.
That I should have tried to the end.
Will time take care of all this?
If time just passes, will everything just go away?
Of all people, I had hoped that it wasn't going to be YonnHee.
That hurt me so much in my life.

HaNa: I'm just going to do what my heart says.
I will see you when I want to see you.
I will talk to you.
Can't I do that?
It's not like we're doing something wrong.
Can't we just see each other when we miss each other?
SeoJoon: What do you mean that there's nothing wrong?
It's going to be wrong for us to even stay together like this.
It's going to be wrong to even think about each other!
You want to be real family then?
HaNa: Can't you just be family with me?

SeoJoon: You knew all along? And you didn't do anything?
InHa: I was thinking about it.
SeoJoon: Had I not started talking to you about it,
you were going to get married pretending that you didn't know?
InHa: No, that's not true.
Had it been anything else, I wouldn't even have thought about it.
But she was... someone who was dead for 30 years to me.
I thought that she was dead, but I still couldn't move on.
And then she came back alive to me.
It was a miracle to me. It was.
I didn't want to lose her ever again.
Will you give some time for me?
 SeoJoon: What if I give time to you?
If you were going to break up, you would have as soon as you found out, like we did.
If not, for the last 30 years when you thought that she was dead, 
for my mother and I... you could have tried to forget her at least.
InHa: I don't want to make you unhappy.
SeoJoon: Don't lie to me!
You won't break up with her.
You won't.

SeoJoon: Is this what the family you were talking about meant?
Running away, hiding, and lying!
You want to just keep what we had?
Let's see how it turns out.
This is what should have been done in the first place.
I should have told them.
I shouldn't have considered you or anyone else.
I should have only thought about myself.
If you say 'yes', I won't care about anything else from now.
You want to see how it turns out?
Do you?
[HaNa cries and hug him]
HaNa: I'm sorry...
SeoJoon: Ok, let's become family.
That works.
Because to me, family was always the one who hurts me.
You can too.

HaNa: Don't do something like that again.
SeoJoon: Why shouldn't I?
HaNa: You're the one who gets hurt the most.

I still like this.
I keep wanting to see you, I want to hold you...
And when I see you get hurt, it hurts me also.
Because I miss you.

It wasn't because it was great.
It was precious to me.
It was precious enough that I wanted to remain at that time.

No matter what anyone else says, my life was complete because I got to met you.
I thank you for everything that you gave me.
Thank you for believing that I was a good person.
Thank you for letting me look back at the precious things.
I will always thank and cherish the fact that you were in my life.
Thank you.
It was fun, and I was happy with you.

Count 3 from now.
Then, you're only going to think about this place, right now, and just the 2 of us.
1, 2, 3...

When I was young, I remember Joon being cranky all the time.
He was always such a jerk, I wanted to smack him.
But something changed about him.
I think it's because of that gardener.
She didn't just take care of the garden,
she planted flowers in the barren soil of Joon's heart.
She watered it

Like you said, from an adult's perspective, you may not like it,
but [to SeoJoon and HaNa] they are also adults.
You have to respect their decision.
~KimChangMo, to BaekHyeJung

If you lose your eye sight, will you let me be your eyes then?
~SeoInHa, to KimYoonHee

[watching Diamond Snow from the screen]
Let's watch it together.
They say that you will have happily ever after with the person you see this with.
[watch HaNa's picture, while watching Diamond Snow back at the Hokkaido]
Back then... I think I was already in love.
 [watch HaNa's picture, on the first photo session with SeoJoon]
Wow, you were so beautiful back then.
Did I lose it back there?
[watch angry Hana's picture while making the garden]
That was a really happy morning.
[watch sad HaNa's picture on the beach]
On this day, it was really sad for me too.
I want to see you change, I want to see us change, I want to watch together.
What about you?
Will you marry me?

We may not have given you the love that you wanted.
But I want you to remember that you have a chance to love someone the way you want to.
 Love each other, and live happily.


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