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[Seeing Ser Dontos being forced to drink the wine]
Sansa: You can't!
Joffrey: What did you say? Did you say I can't?
Sansa: I only meant it would be bad luck to kill a man on your name day.
Joffrey: What kind of stupid peasant's superstition!
The Hound: The girl is right.
What a man sows on his name day, he reaps all year.

Tyrion: My Lady, I'm sorry for your loss.
Joffrey: Her loss? Her father was a confessed traitor.
Tyrion: But still her father.
Surely having so recently lost your own beloved father you can sympathize.

Cersei: I would like to know how you tricked father into this.
Tyrion: If I were capable of tricking father, I'd be emperor of the world by now.
You brought this on yourself.
Cersei: I've done nothing.
Tyrion: Quite right, you did nothing... when your son called for Ned Stark's head.
Now the entire North has risen up against us.
Cersei: I tried to stop it.
Tyrion: Did you?
You failed.
That bit of theater will haunt our family for a generation.
Cersei: Robb Stark is a child.
Tyrion: Who's won every battle he's fought.
Do you understand we're losing the war?
Cersei: What do you know about warfare?
Tyrion: Nothing. But I know people.
And I know our enemies hate each other almost as much as they hate us.
Cersei: Joffrey is King.
Tyrion: Joffrey is King.
Cersei: You are here to advise him.
Tyrion: I'm only here to advise him.
And if the King listens to what I say, the King might just get his Uncle Jaime back.
Cersei: How?
Tyrion: You love your children.
It's your one redeeming quality. That and your cheekbones.
The Starks love their children as well.
And we have 2 of them.
Cersei: One.
Tyrion: One?
Cersei: Arya, little animal... she disappeared.
Tyrion: Disappeared? What, in a puff of smoke?
[smirking] We had 3 Starks to trade.
You chopped one's head off and let another escape.
Father will be furious.
It must be odd for you... to be the disappointing child.

Bran: Heard some of the men talking about the comet.
They say it's an omen.
They say it means Robb will win a great victory in the South.
Osha: Did they?
I heard some other fools say it's Lannister Red.
Means the Lannisters will rule all Seven Kingdoms before long.
Heard a stableboy say it's the color of blood to mark the death of your father.
The stars don't fall for men.
 The red comet means one thing, boy... dragons.

Sam: I haven't seen a girl in 6 months.
Edd: I'd keep on not seeing them if I were you.
Grenn: What, he don't like people messing with his daughters?
Edd: He don't like people messing with his wives.
He marries his daughters, and they give him more daughters.
And on, and on it goes.
Sam: That's foul.
Grenn: It's beyond foul.
Edd: All the other wildlings for a hundred leagues have disappeared.
Craster's still here.
He must be doing something right.

Craster: You want to know what Mance Rayder is doing?
Gathering an army.
What I hear, he's already got more men than any of your southern kings.
Mormont: And where does he plan marching this army?
Craster: When you're all the way north, there's only one direction to go.

Craster: Wife, tell the Lord Crow how content we are.
Gilly: This is our place.
Our husband keeps us safe.
Better to live free than die a slave.

Mormont: Who am I?
Jon Snow: Lord commander.
Mormont: And who are you?
Jon Snow: Jon Snow.
Mormont: Who ARE you?
Jon Snow: Your steward.
Mormont: You want to lead one day?
[Jon Snow nodded]
Mormont: Then learn how to follow.

Lord of Light, come to us in our darkness.
We offer you these false gods.
Take them and cast your light upon us.
For the night is dark and full of terrors.

Maester Cressen: This woman will lead him into a war he cannot win.
Davos: Stannis is our king.
We follow where he leads, even if we don't like the path.
Master Cressen: King.
Since that boar killed his brother, every lord wants a coronation.
Davos: I don't serve the others.
I serve Stannis.
Master Cressen: As do I, but loyal service means telling hard truths.
He's surrounded by fools and fanatics, but he trusts you, Davos.
If you tell him the truth...
Davos: What's the truth?

[Maester Cressen dead, poisoned by himself]

Jaime: You don't trust the loyalty of the men following you into battle?
Robb: Oh, I trust them with my life, just not with yours.
Jamie: Smart boy.
What's wrong? Don't like being called 'boy'?
Robb: You insult yourself, Kingslayer.
You've been defeated by a boy.
You're held captive by a boy.
Perhaps you'll be killed by a boy.

Jaime: 3 victories don't make you a conqueror.
Robb: It's better than 3 defeats.

Tyrion: Be careful. No one can know you're here.
Shae: No one will know.
Tyrion: You can't trust anyone in King's Landing.
They're all liars... good liars, bad liars, one or two great liars.

Lord Baelish: Some people are fortunate enough to be born into the right family.
Others have to find their own way.
Cersei: I heard a song once, 
about a boy of modest means who found his way into the home of a very prominent family.
He loved the eldest daughter, sadly, she had eyes for another.
Lord Baelish: When boys and girls live in the same home, awkward situations can arise.
Sometimes, I've heard, even brothers and sisters develop certain affestions.
And when these affections become common knowledge, 
well, that is an awkward situation indeed, especially in a prominent family.
But prominent families often forget a simple truth, I've found.
Cersei: And which truth is that?
Lord Baelish: Knowledge is power.
Cersei, to her guards: Seize him.
[Her guards seize him]
Cersei, to her guards: Cut his throat.
[One of her guard draw a knife]
Cersei, to his guards: Stop! Wait!
I've changed my mind, let him go.
Set back 3 paces.
Turn around.
Close your eyes.
[to Lord Baelish] Power is power.

I'm not a Stark, I know that.
But your father raised me to be an honorable man.
We can avenge him together.
~Theon Greyjoy

Catelyn: You don't want Balon Greyjoy for an ally.
Robb: I need his ships. They say he has 200.
Catelyn: They say a million rats live in the sewers of King's Landing.
Shall we rally them to fight for us?
Robb: I understand you don't trust Lord Greyjoy.
Catelyn: I don't trust Lord Greyjoy because he is not trustworthy.
Your father had to go to war to end his rebellion.
Robb: Yes, and now I'm the one rebelling against the throne.
Before me, it was father.
You married one rebel and mothered another.
Catelyn: I mothered more than just rebels, a fact you seem to have forgotten.
Robb: If I trade a Kingslayer for 2 girls, my bannermen will string me up by my feet.
Catelyn: You want to leave Sansa in the Queen's hands?
And Arya... I haven't heard a word about Arya.
What are we fighting for if not for them?
Robb: It's more complicated that that!
You know it is!

Cersei: We need to set our armies to the task of finding her.
Send out as many men as we can.
I'm sure if you asked grandfather...
Joffrey: The King does not ask, He commands.
And my grandfather's stupidity in the field of battle is the reason Robb Stark has Uncle Jaime in the first place.
Cersei: His life is in danger.
Joffrey: We're at war. All our lives are in danger.



Tyrion: I don't like threats.
Varys: Who threatened you?
Tyrion: I'm not Ned Stark.
I understand the way this game is played.
Varys: Ned Stark was a man of honor.
Tyrion: And I am not.
Threaten me again and I'll have you thrown into the sea.
Varys: You might be disappointed in the results.
Storms come and go, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling.

[Rakharo dead, murdered when he's looking for shelter to the hordes]

Tyrion: I heard there was some trouble in Littlefinger's brothel the other night.
Slynt: Hmm, nasty business. Had to be done.
Tyrion: Yes, of course. The City Watch must keep the peace.
Only I hadn't realized peace depended on killing babies.
Slynt: Orders are orders.
Tyrion: Quite right. Especially the queen's orders.
Slynt: I never said they were the queen's orders.
Tyrion: No, but who else would want to murder King Robert's bastards?
She's always been a jealous woman.
Slynt: You know your sister better than I do.
Tyrion: You've heard the awful rumors about my brother and sister?
Slynt: I don't listen to filth.
Tyrion: That's good of you, but you have heard them.
I suppose people who do believe that filth consider Robert's bastards to better claimants to the throne than Cersei's children.
Slynt: Joffrey is my king. The rest doesn't interest me.
Tyrion: I appreciate your loyalty.
Tell me, when your men slaughtered Ned Starks' men in the throne room,
did you give the order?
Slynt: I did. And I would again.
The man was a traitor.
He tried to buy my loylaty.
Tyrion: The fool! He had no idea you were already bought.
Slynt: Are you drunk?
I'll not have my honor questioned by an imp!
Tyrion: I'm not questioning your honor, Lord Janos, I'm denying its existence.
Slynt: If you think I'll stand here and take this from you, dwarf...
Tyrion: Dwarf? Mm. you should have stopped at imp.
And yes, you will stand here and take it from me, 
unless you'd like to take it from my friend here.
[look at Bronn]
I intend to serve as Hand of the King until my father returns from the war.
And seeing as you betrayed the last Hand of the King, 
well, I just wouldn't feel safe with you lurking about.
Slynt: What are you t... my friends at court will not allow this!
The queen herself has granted...
Tyrion: The queen regent.
And you're a fool to believe she is your friend.

Tyrion: If I told you to murder an infant girl, say, still at her mother's breast, 
would you do it without question?
Bronn: Without question? No.
I'd ask, 'how much?'

Gendry: You don't have to be a knight to have armor.
Any idiot can buy armor.
Hot Pie: How do you know?
Gendry: Cause I sold armor.

Gendry: No good's ever come of their questions.
Arya: No good's ever come?
Who asked questions before?
Gendry: How can someone so small be such a huge pain in my ass?
Arya: Who asked questions?
Gendry: The Hand of the King. Hands of the King.
Lord Arryn came first a few weeks before he died, 
and then Lord Stark came a few weeks before he died.
Arya: Lord Stark...
Gendry: See? Asking me questions is bad luck.
You'll probably be dead soon.
Arya: What did they ask about?
Gendry: My mom.
Arya: Who's your mom?
Gendry: Just my mom... worked in a tavern, died when I was little.
Arya: And who was your father?
Gendry: Could've been one of those gold-hatted bastards, for all I know.

Balon: Stark had you longer than I did.
Theon: Lord Stark is gone.
Balon: And how do you feel about that?
Theon: What's done is done.
I've brought you a proposal from Robb Stark.
Balon: Who gave you those clothes?
Was it Ned Stark's pleasure to make you his daughter?
Theon: If my clothes offend you, I will change them.
Balon: You will.
That bauble 'round your neck... did you pay the iron price for it or the gold?
I asked a question.
Did you pull it from the neck of a corpse you made 
or did you buy it to match your fine clothes?
Iron or gold?
Theon: Gold.
Balon pull the bauble: I'll not have my son dressed as a whore.
My fears have come true... the Starks have made you theirs.
Theon: My blood is salt and iron.
Balon: Yet the Stark boy sends you to me like a trained raven clutching his message.
Theon: The offer he makes is one I proposed.
Balon: He needs your counsel?
Theon: I've lived with him, hunted with him, fought at his side.
He thinks of me as a brother.
Balon: No, not here, not in my hearing.
You will not name him brother, 
this son of the man who put your true brothers to the sword.
Or have you forgotten your own blood?
Theon: I forget nothing.
I remember my brothers.
And I remember when my father was a king.

Salladhor: One thing... I want the queen.
Davos: The queen?
Salladhor: Cersei. I want her.
 I'll sail with your fleet, all 30 of my ships.
And if we don't drown at the bottom of Blackwater Bay, 
I will fuck this blonde queen and I'll fuck her well.
Matthos: This war isn't about you.
We're not attacking King's Landing so that you can rape the queen.
Salladhor: I'm not going to rape her. I'm going to fuck her.
Matthos: As if she would just let you.
Salladhor: You don't know how persuasive I am.
Matthos: Stannis is the rightful king and the Lord of Light, the one true God...
Salladhor: I've been all over the world, my boy, 
and everywhere I go, people tell me about the true Gods.
They all think they found the right one.
The one true God is what's between a woman's legs, and better yet, a queen's legs.

Matthos: Let me teach you how to read.
Davos: Oh, you and your mother.
Matthos: It won't take long. You already know the letters.
The holy books are much more persuasive than I can be.
Davos: I wish I had a God, truly.
I'm not mocking you, but I've seen men pray to every God there is...
pray for wind, pray for rain, pray for home.
None of it works.
Matthos: But you always came home.
Davos: I wasn't praying.
Matthos: No, but I was.
Every night that you were at sea, I lit a candle and I prayed for you.
Davos: You want me to have a God?
Fine. King Stannis is my God.
He raised me up and blessed me with his trust.
He gave you a future I could never have imagined.
You know how to read.
You'll be a knight someday.
You think a Fire God commanded all that?
It was Stannis, only Stannis.
Matthos: Stannis is my king, but he's only a man.
Davos: Don't tell him that.



Bran: Old Nan used to tell me stories about magical people who could live inside stags, birds, wolves.
Maester Luwin: That's exactly what they are, Bran, stories.
Bran: So she was lying?
They don't exist?
Master Luwin: They may have done, but they gone from the world along with much else.
These are dreams, Bran, nothing more.

Maybe magic once was a mighty force in the world.
But not anymore.
The Dragons are gone.
The Giants are dead.
And The Children of the Forest forgotten.
~Maester Luwin

Loras: Has your son marched against Tywin Lannister yet?
Catelyn: I do not sit on my son's war councils.
And if I did, I would not share his strategies with you.
Loras: If Robb Stark wants a pact with us, he should come himself, not hide behind his mother's skirts.
Catelyn: My son is fighting a war, not playing at one.

Renly: I have 100,000 men at my command.
All the might of The Stormlands and The Reach.
Catelyn: And all of them young and bold like your Knight of Flowers?
It's a game to you, isn't it?
I pity them.
Renly: Why?
Catelyn: Because it won't last.
Because they are the knights of summer and winter is coming.

Theon: Why risk going against the north if they would be our allies?
Rise up against them and they could destroy us.
But if we pledge fealty to them, they'll give us Casterly Rock.
Balon: What are our words? Our words?
Theon: 'We do not sow'.
Balon: 'We do not sow'.
We are Ironborn.
We're not subjects.
We're not slaves.
We do not plow the fields or toil in the mine.
We take what is ours.
Your time with the wolves has made you weak.
Theon: You act as if I volunteered to go.
You gave me away, if you remember.
The day you bent the knee to Robert Baratheon.
After he crushed you.
Did you take what was yours then?
[Balon slaps him and walk away]
Theon: You gave me away!
Your boy! Your last boy!
You gave me away like I was some dog you didn't want anymore.
And now you cursed me because I've come home.

Tyrion: You'd pose as a scullion.
Shae: Scullion? What is a scullion?
Tyrion: Kitchen wench.
Shae: A kitchen wench? Cleaning pots?
Is that how my lion wants to see me?
Tyrion: Your lion wants to see you alive.
We've come to a dangerous place.
My sister wants to hurt me.
She'll look for any weakness she can find.
She can't know about you.

Tyrion: I can trust you, Pycelle, can I not?
Maester Pycelle: Of course, My Lord.
Tyrion: These are perilous times and the crown must forge new alliances.
And these alliances must often be sealed in matrimony.
Master Pycelle: Matrimony, huh?
Tyrion: I'm trusting the council with these plans, but the queen mustn't know.
We can't have her meddling in affairs that could determine the future of the realm.
There's too much at stake.
Maester Pycelle: Oh, yes, indeed.
I shall be silent as the grave.
I'm brokering an alliance with House Martell of Dorne.
Princess Myrcella will wed their youngest son when she comes of age, 
ensuring their loyalty and their army should we need it.
Maester Pycelle: Myrcella sent away to Dorne?

Tyrion: But remember, the queen mustn't know.
Varys: Ooh, "the queen mustn't know." 
I love conversations that begin this way.
Tyrion: I plan to marry Princess Myrcella off to Theon Greyjoy.
Varys: Theon Greyjoy?
Forgive my, My Lord... but how?
He grew up a ward of Winterfell.
He fights for Robb Stark.
Tyrion: Precisely.
Theon's father loathes The Starks and will convince the boy to come our side.
Greyjoy can destroy the northern army from within and we can have his father's ships.
But remember, you must tell no one.

Baelish: Tell no one what?
Tyrion: I plan to wed Princess Myrcella to Robyn Arryn of The Vale.
Lysa is not fond of me.
But perhaps the promise of a royal match will convince her to let bygones be bygones.
Baelish: She imprisoned you.
She tried to execute you.
And you offer her son a princess?
Tyrion: For men in our position, holding grudges can be an encumbrance, don't you think?
Baelish: And I suppose you want me to broker this agreement?
Tyrion: Who better?
Baelish: Yes, I could sing this song to Lysa, if I cared to.
What's in it for me?
Tyrion: The gratitude of the people of Westeros for helping to end this war, 
the adoration of the king for bringing Vale back into the fold, and Harrenhal.
Baelish: Harrenhal is cursed.
Tyrion: Never took you for a superstitious man.
By all means, tear it down and rebuild.
You'll be able to afford it.
I plan to make you Lord of the Riverlands.
Baelish: With the single stroke, you'd make me one of the greatest lords in the realm.
Tyrion: You served my family well in the matter of the succession.
Baelish: So did Janos Slynt, and he was given Harrenhal, too, until you snatched it away.
Tyrion: I need you to deliver Lysa Arryn. I didn't need Janos Slynt.
Tyrion: It's settled then?
[Baelish keep silence]
Tyrion: Good. 
Oh, and remember... 
Baelish: ... the queen mustn't know.

You're enemies aren't happy about us.
They want to tear us apart.
And the best way to stop them  is to put your baby in my belly.
We can try again later.
You decide how you want to do it...
with me, with me and Loras, however else you like.
Whatever you need to do.
You are a King.
~Margaery Tyrell, to Renly Baratheon

Just how safe do you think Myrcella is if this city falls?
Do you want to see her raped, butchered like the Targaryen children?
Make no mistake.
They'll mount her pretty little head on a spike right beside yours.
~Tyrion Lannister, to Cersei Lannister

Let Theon, your servant, be born again from the sea as you were.
Bless him with salt.
Bless him with stone.
Bless him with steel.
What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger.
~Greyjoy's Priest

Tyrion: You disappoint me, Grand Maester.
Maester Pycelle: I am your loyal servant.
Tyrion: So loyal that you told the Queen about my plans to send Myrcella to Dorne.
Maester Pycelle: No! Never!
It's a falsehood. I swear it. It wasn't me!
Varys... It was Varys the spider.
Tyrion: I told Varys that I was giving the princess to The Greyjoys.
I told Littlefinger that I planned to wed her to Robin Arryn.
I told no one that I was offering her to The Dornish. No one but you.

Varys: Power is a curious thing, My Lord.
Are you fond of riddles?
Tyrion: Why, am I about to hear one?
Varys: 3 great men sit in a room.
A king, a priest and a rich man. 
Between them stands a common sellsword.
Each great man bids the sellsword kill the other 2.
Who lives, who dies?
Tyrion: Depends on the sellsword.
Varys: Does it? He has neither crown nor gold nor favor with the Gods.
Tyrion: He has a sword, the power of life and death.
Varys: But if it's swordsmen who rule, why do we pretend Kings hold all the power?
When Ned Stark lost his head, who was truly responsible?
Joffrey? The executioner? Or something else?
Tyrion: I've decided I don't like riddles.
Varys: Power resides where men believe it resides.
It's a trick, a shadow on the wall.
And a very small man can cast a very large shadow.

[Yoren dead, stab by one of the kingsguard]

[Lommy dead, killed by one of the kingsguard]



Robb: What's your name?
Talisa: Talisa.
Robb: Your last name?
 Talisa: You want to know what side my family fights on?
Robb: You know my family name.
You have me at a disadvantage.
Talisa: That boy lost his foot on your orders.
Robb: They killed my father.
Talisa: That boy did?
Robb: The family he fights for.
Do you think he's friend with King Joffrey?
He's a fisherman's son that grew up near Lannisport.
He probably never held spear before they shoved on in his hands a few months ago.
Robb: I have no hatred for the lad.
Talisa: That would help him grow his leg back.

You're fighting to overthrow a king, 
and yet you have no plan for what comes after?

Tyrion to Joffrey, about Sansa: She is to be your queen.
Have you no regard for her honor?
Joffrey: I'm punishing her.
Tyrion: For what crimes?
She did not fight her brother's battle, you half-wit.
Joffrey: You can't talk to me like that!
The king can do as he likes!
The Mad King did as he liked.
Tyrion: Has your Uncle Jaime ever told you what happened to him?
Meryn: No one threatens His Grace in the presence of the Kingsguard.
Tyrion: I'm not threatening The King, Ser.
I am educating my nephew.
[to Bronn] Bronn, the next time Ser Meryn speaks, kill him.
[to Meryn] That was a threat. See the difference?

My husband is my king and my king is my husband.
~Margaery Tyrell

[first arrive at Harrenhal]
Gendry: What kind of fire melts stone?
 Arya: Dragon fire.
Hot Pie: There's dragons here?
Gendry: No, all the dragons are dead.
Hot Pie: What's that smell?
Arya: Dead people.

No one wants you for their King.
You never wanted any friends, brother.
But a man without friends is a man without power.
~Renly Baratheon

Thirteen, when my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me
and destroy those who have wronged me.
 We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground.
Turn us away and we will burn you first.
~Daenerys Targaryen

Davos: Strange that this Lord of Light asks you to work in the shadows.
Melisandre: Shadows cannot live in the dark, Ser Davos.
They are servants of light, the children of fire.
And the brighter the flame, the darker they are.



[Renly dead, killed by Melisandre's devil]

Margaery, about Renly: He was very handsome.
Baelish: He was, Your Grace.
Margaery: 'Your Grace'... Calling yourself king doesn't make you one.
And if Renly wasn't a king, I wasn't a queen.
Baelish: Do you want to be a queen?
Margaery: No. I want to be THE QUEEN.

Davos: When do we sail for King's Landing?
Stannis: As soon as I've consolidated my troops.
We'll make short work of the Lannisters' fleet.
Once Blackwater Bay is cleared, we'll deliver our troops to their doorstep and take the city.
Davos: And will you bring Lady Malisandre with you?
Stannis: That's not your concern.
Davos: If you take King's Landing with her by your side, the victory will be hers.
Stannis: I never thought I'd have reason to doubt your loyalty. Was I wrong?
Davos: Loyal service means telling hard truths.
Stannis: Oh, truth again. Alright, what's the truth?
The hard truth?
Davos: She's a foreigner. Preaching her foreign religion.
Some believe she whispers orders in your ear and you obey.
Stannis: What do you believe?
Davos: You won those bannermen from Renly.
Don't lose them to her.
Stannis: We set out for King's Landing without Lady Melisandre.

We've underestimated the Stark boy for too long.
He has a good mind for warfare, his men worship him.
And as long as he keeps winning battles, they'll keep believing he is King in the North.
You've been waiting for him to fail, but he is not going to fail, not without our help.
~Tywin Lannister

Tywin: Again, where are you from?
Arya: Barrowton, My Lord. House Dustin.
Two crossed longaxes beneath a black crown.
Tywin: And what do they say of Robb Stark in the north?
Arya: They call him the young wolf.
They say he rides into battle on the back of a giant direwolf.
They say he can turn into a wolf himself when he wants.
They say he can't be killed.
Tywin: And do you believe them?
Arya: No, My Lord. Anyone can be killed.

Jaqen: A man pays his debts. A man owes 3.
Arya: 3 what?
Jaqen: The Red God takes what is his, lovely girl.
And only death may pay for life.
You saved me and the 2 I was with.
You stole 3 deaths from The Red God.
We have to give them back.
Speak 3 names and the man will do the rest.
3 lives I will give you... no more, no less, and we're done.
Arya: I can name anyone and you'll kill him?
Jaqen: A man has said.

[the horn was blowing]
Grenn: The Wildlings?
Jon Snow: One blast for rangers returning.
Wildlings is 2 blasts.
Edd: So you got to stand there waiting, wondering.
One blast for friends, 2 for foes.
Sam: And 3 for White Walkers.
[everybody stare at him] 
It's been 1000 years, but that's the only time they blow the horn 3 times.
Grenn: But if it's been 1000 years, how do you know?
Sam: Well...
Edd & Grenn: I read it in a book.

Osha: What did you see in your dreams?
Something bad? Tell me, boy.
Bran: I dreamt that the sea came to Winterfell.
I saw waves crashing against the gates and the water came flowing over the walls, flooded the castle.
 Drowned men were floating here in the yard.
Ser Rodrik was one of them.
Osha: The sea is hundreds of miles away.
Bran: I know. It's just the stupid dream.

Moving carefully is the hard way, but it's the right way.
~Jorah Mormont



Bran: I'll never yield. We'll fight you and throw you out.
Theon: The castle is mine, but these people are still yours.
You'll yield to keep them safe, to keep them alive.
That's what a good lord would do.
Think carefully about what you want to say.

Theon: Ser Rodrik, it grieves me that we meet as foes.
Rodrik: It grieves me you've less honor than a back alley whore.
You were raised here under this roof.
These people are your people.
Theon: They are not my people.
Rodrik: King Robb thought of you as a brother.
Theon: My brothers are dead.
They died fighting Stark men, men like you.
Rodrik: Aye, they died fighting a war your father started.
Lord Stark raised you among his own sons.
Theon: Among them but not one of them.
I was his hostage taken from my home.
Rodrik: If he were alive to see this...
Theon: He's not. He's dead.
The Seven Kingdoms are at war, and Winterfell is mine.

[Ser Rodrik dead, beheaded by Theon Greyjoy]

One day I pray you love someone.
I pray you love her so much, when you close your eyes you see her face.
I want that for you.
I want you to know what it's like to love someone, to truly love someone, 
before I take her from you.
~Cersei Lannister, to Tyrion Lannister

Joffrey: Traitors! I'll have their heads!
Tyrion: Oh, you blind, bloody fool!
Joffrey: You can't insult me!
Tyrion: We've had vicious kings and we've had idiot kings, 
but I don't know if we've even been cursed with a vicious idiot for a king.
Joffrey: You can't...
Tyrion: I can, I am.
Joffrey: They attacked me!
Tyrion: They threw a cow pie at you, so you decided to kill them all?!
They're starving, you fool! All because of a war you started!
Joffrey: You're talking to a king!
Tyrion, slaps him: And now I've struck a king!
Did my hand fall from my wrist?
Tyrion, to guards: Where is the Stark girl?
Joffrey: Let them have her!
Tyrion: If she dies, you'll never get your Uncle Jaime back!
You owe him quite a bit, you know!

[after heard Winterfell fell to Greyjoy]
Robb: I must go North at once.
Roose: There's still a war to win, Your Grace.
Robb: How can I call myself king if I can't hold my own castle?!
How can I ask men to follow me if I can't...
And that means you don't have to do everything yourself.



Jon Snow: Wildlings raid our lands all the time.
Some of them tried to kill my little brother, a crippled boy!
Ygritte: They're not your lands! We've been here the whole time!
You lot came along and just put up a big wall and said it was yours!
Jon Snow: My father was Ned Stark.
I have the blood of The First Men.
My ancestors lived here, same as yours.
Ygritte: So why are you fighting us?

Tywin: M'lord.
Lowborn girls say "M'lord", not "My Lord".
If you're going to pose as a commoner, you should do it properly.
Arya: My mother served Lady Dustin for many years, My Lord.
 She taught me how to speak proper... properly.
Tywin: You're too smart for your own good, has anyone told you that?

Sansa: I should have come to you after to thank you for saving me.
You were so brave.
The Hound: Brave?
A dog doesn't need courage to chase off rats.
Sansa: Does it give you joy to scare people?
The Hound: No. It gives me joy to kill people.
Spare me, you can't tell me Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell never killed a man.
Sansa: It was his duty. He never liked it.
The Hound: Is that what he told you?
He lied.
Killing is the sweetest thing there is.
Sansa: Why are you always so hateful?
The Hound: You'll be glad of the hateful things I do someday when you're queen
and I'm all that stands between you and your beloved king.

Ygritte: We chose Mance Rayder to lead us.
He was a crow, same as you, but he wanted to be free.
You could be free, too.
You don't need to live your whole life taking commands from old men.
Wake up when you want to wake up.
I could show you the streams to fish, the woods to hunt.
Build yourself a cabin and find a woman to lie with in the night.
You're a pretty lad.
The girls would claw each other's eyes out to get naked with you.
I could teach you how to do it.
Jon Snow: I know how to do it.
Ygritte: You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Daenerys: I led my people out of The Red Waste and into the slaughterhouse.
Jorah: I should have been here.
Daenerys: You went to find me a ship.
Jorah: My place is by your side.
I shouldn't have left you alone with these people.
Daenerys: These people?
Jorah: They are not to be trusted.
Daenerys: And who is to be trusted?
Who are my people?
The Targaryens?
I only knew one, my brother, and he would have let 1,000 men rape me if it had got him the crown.
The Dothraki?
Most of them turned on me the day that Khal Drogo fell from his horse.
Jorah: Your people are in Westeros.
Daenerys: The people in Westeros don't know I'm alive.
Jorah: They will soon enough.
Daenerys: And then what?
They'll pray for my return?
They'll wave dragon banners and shout my name?
That's what my brother believed and he was a fool.

The more people you love, the weaker you are.
You'll do things for them that you know you shouldn't do.
You'll act the fool to make them happy, to keep them safe.
Love no one but your children.
On that front, a mother has no choice.
~Cersei Lannister

[Alton Lannister dead, killed by Jaime Lannister]

[The Qarth leaders are dead, betrayed by Xaro Xoan Dhaxos and Pyat Pree]

Tyrion: If we can't control him...
Cersei: Do you think I haven't tried?
He doesn't listen to me.
Tyrion: It's hard to put a leash on a dog once you've put a crown on its head.

Cersei: Sometimes I wonder... If this is the price for what we've done, for our sins...
Tyrion: Sins? The Targaryens...
Cersei: Wed brother and sister for hundreds of years, I know.
That's what Jaime and I would say to each other in our moments of doubt.
It's what I told Ned Stark when he was stupid enough to confront me.
Half The Targaryens went mad, didn't they?
What's the saying?
Everytime a Targaryen is born, The Gods flip a coin.
Tyrion: You've beaten the odds.
Tommen and Myrcella are good, decent children, both of them.

Catelyn: You are no knight.
You have forsaken every vow you ever took.
Jaime: So many vows.
They make you swear and swear.
Defend the king, obey the king, obey your father, protect the innocent, defend the weak...
But what if your father despises the king?
What if the king massacres the innocent?
It's too much.
No matter what you do, you're forsaking one vow or another.



 Talisa: Is she beautiful?
Robb: I've never met her.
Talisa: What's her name?
Robb: Frey, I suppose. I don't know her first name.
Talisa: I'm sure you'll be very happy.
[both laughing]
And you're marrying her for a bridge?
Robb: An important bridge.
It was before they killed my father.
I still thought I could march south and rescue him in time, but only if I crossed that bridge.

He once told me that being a lord is like being a father,
except you have thousands of children and you worry about all of them.
 The farmers plowing the fields are yours to protect.
The charwomen scrubbing the floors, yours to protect.
The soldiers you order into battle.
He told me he woke with fear in the morning and went to bed with fear in the night.
I didn't believe him.
I asked him, "How can a man be brave if he's afraid?"
"That is the only time a man can be brave," he told me.
~Robb Stark

 Have you ever been in a city under siege?
Maybe this parts's not in your books.
It's not the fighting that kills most people, it's the starving.
Food's worth more than gold.
Noble ladies sell their diamonds for a sack of potatoes.
Things get bad enough, the poor start eating each other.
The thieves, they love a siege.
Soon as the gates are sealed, they steal all the food.
By the time it's all over, they're the richest men in town.

Cersei: I hear Joffrey plans on fighting.
Tyrion: An inspiration for the troops.
The young king in his shining armor fighting to defend the capital against the wicked old rebel.
Cersei: He's only a boy.
Tyrion: Younger boys are off fighting his war.
Cersei: He's not ready.
Tyrion: What is he, 17?
Remember Jaime at 17?
Cersei: Better than you.
Some men have a gift for this sort of thing, some don't.
His place is not on the battlefield.
Tyrion: It's not on the throne, either, sadly for all of us.

Cersei: You shipped off my only daughter.
And now you want to send my eldest son to the battlefield to die.
Tyrion: He'll have his Kingsguard protecting him.
He has the finest armor gold can buy.
He need to be out there.
The men will fight more fiercely seeing their king fighting beside them 
instead of hiding behind his mother's skirts.

I will hurt you for this.
A day will come when you think you're safe and happy 
and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth.
And you will know the debt is paid.
~Tyrion Lannister, to Cersei Lannister

Robert told me to hold Storm's End, so I held it.
Then he told me he was giving it to Renly, so I gave it up.
Insult or no, I gave it up 
because Robert was my older brother and he was the king and I've always done my duty.
But now I'm the rightful king by every law of Westeros.
~Stannis Baratheon



I'm the captain of the ship.
And if the ship goes down, I go with her.
~Tyrion Lannister

[as Tyrion and Joffrey goes to war]
Shae: Some of those boys will never come back.
Sansa: Joffrey will.
The worst ones always live.

The only way to keep the small folk loyal
is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy.
Remember that if you ever hope to become a queen.
~Cersei Lannister, to Sansa Stark

Cersei: Praying to the Gods to have mercy on us all.
The Gods have no mercy.
That's why they're Gods.
My father told me that when he caught me praying.
My mother just died, you see.
I didn't really understand the concept of death, the finality of it.
I thought that if I prayed very, very hard, the Gods would return my mother to me.
I was 4.
Sansa: You father doesn't believe in the Gods?
Cersei: He believes in them, he just doesn't like them very much.

 Tyrion: You're on the wrong side of the wall.
The Hound: I lost half my men.
The Blackwater's on fire.
Joffrey: Dog, I command you to go back out there and fight.
Tyrion: You're Kingsguard, Clegane.
You must beat them back or they're going to take this city... your king's city.
The Hound: Fuck The Kingsguard.
Fuck the city.
Fuck the king.

Don't fight for your king, and don't fight for his kingdoms.
Don't fight for honor.
Don't fight for glory.
Don't fight for riches, because you won't get any.
This is your city Stannis means to sack.
That's your gate he's ramming.
If he gets in, it will be your houses he burns, your gold he steals, your women he will rape.
Those are brave me knocking at our door.
Let's go kill them.
~Tyrion Lannister



Margaery: I have come to love you from afar.
Tales of your courage and wisdom have never been far from my ears.
And those tales have taken root deep inside of me.
Joffrey: Well, I too have heard tales of your beauty and grace, 
but the tales do not do you justice, My Lady.
It would be an honor to return your love, but I am promised to another.
A King must keep his word.
Cersei: Your Grace, in the judgement of your small council, 
it would be neither proper nor wise for you to wed the daughter of a man beheaded for treason,
a girl whose brother is in open rebellion against the throne as we speak.
For the good of the realm, your councilors beg you to set Sansa Stark aside.
Joffrey: I would like to heed your wishes and the wishes of my people, but I took a holy vow.
Pycelle: Your Grace, the Gods do indeed hold bethrothal solemn, 
but your father, blessed be his memory, made this pact before the Starks revealed their falseness.
I have consulted The High Septon 
and he assures me that their crimes against the realm 
free you from any promise you have made to them in the sight of the Gods.
Joffrey: The Gods are good.
I am free to heed my heart.
Ser Loras, I will gladly wed your sweet sister.
[to Margaery] You will be my queen and I will love you from this day until my last day.

I don't serve The Starks.
I serve Lady Catelyn.
~Brienne Tarth

Your father didn't love me when we married.
He hardly knew me or I him.
Love didn't just happen to us.
We built it slowly over the years, stone by stone, for you, for your brothers and sisters, for all of us.
It's not as exciting as secret passion in the woods, but it is stronger.
It lasts longer.
~Catelyn Starks

This war has just begun.
It will last for years.
Thousands will die at your command.
You will betray the men serving you.
You will betray your family.
You will betray everything you once held dear.
And it will all be worth it because you are The Son of Fire.
 You are The Warrior of Light.
You will sweep aside this pretender and that one.
You will be King.

Maester Luwin: I've known you many years, Theon Greyjoy.
You're not the man you're pretending to be.
Not yet.
Theon: You may be right.
But I've gone too far to pretend to be anything else.

[Maester Luwin dead]

There are many who know that without you, this city faced certain defeat.
The King won't give you any honors, the histories won't mention you, but we will not forget.
~Lord Varys

Jaqen: Here... [handed her a coin]
Arya: What is it?
Jaqen: A coin of great value.
Arya take it: Could it buy a horse?
Jaqen: It is not meant for the buying of horses.
Arya: Then what good is it?
Jaqen: If the day comes when you must find me again, 
just give that coin to any man from Braavos and say these words to him, 
"Valar Morghulis".
Arya: Valar Morghulis.

When your dragons were born, our magic was born again.
It is strongest in their presence.
And they are strongest in yours.
You will be with them, through winter, summer, and winter again.
Across a thousand thousand seasons you will be with them.
And we will be with you until time comes to an end.
~Pyat Pree

[Qhorin Halfhand dead by Jon Snow]


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