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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


 A comedy about love at last glance

Lucy: Mr. Wade? Hi, I'm Lucy Kelson. I'm an attorney.
George: Have you ever heard heard of Saint-Tropez Law School? 
Lucy: No.
George: What a shame.
Where did you go to aw school?
Lucy: Harvard.
George: Harvard?
Lucy: Yes.
George: Intriguing. Tell me more, what's your background?
Lucy: I don't see how that's relevant. I work for the Coalition for the Homeless.
At Legal Aid.
George: That can't pay much.
Lucy: I'm not very interested in money.

Lucy: You couldn't possibly want me.
I've spent my life working against people like you.
George: Maybe if you work for me, you'll win occasionally.
Lucy: I, I don't...
George: I need an answer immediately. Here is my direct number at The Grand Hotel.
Lucy: You live at a hotel?
George: Well, I own the hotel and I live there. My life is very much like Monopoly.
And I know you wouldn't care, but I'll start you at $250,000.

Hi. The man you're dancing with is deeply troubled, okay?
Even though he's rich and very attractive, you're much too young to trade yourself like a stock on NASDAQ, for someone who won't remember your name or his in the morning,
is still married and has recently had a very suspicious rash.
It is 2:16. Go home, finish high school and reach your potential!
~Lucy Kelson

Lucy: Why did you give her the money?
George: Because she'd never have stopped till she got what she wanted.
You always say I have a responsibility towards those less fortunate.
Lucy: Everybody is less fortunate than you. 
So why don't you just give me the money to someone who's not gonna spend it on collagen.

Lucy: My heroes are Clarence Darrow, Thurgood Marshall, Ruth Ginsburg...
My parents! My father worked for Martin Luther King. My mother is a law professor.
They taught me that lawyers should be treated with respect.
George: I have complete respect for you. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Lucy: You got the towers, I got Coney Island.
Why don't we just call it quits, okay? I can't take it anymore.
George: What, are you serious?
Lucy: Yes. Please consider this my 2 weeks' notice.
George: I find you ungrateful.
Lucy: Ungrateful?
George: Yes. I hire you with no corporate experience.
I give you a wonderful apartment, an office, the non-fat-muffin basket every morning.
If you don't want me to disturb, why do you keep your phone on?
Because you like emergencies. You crave the excitement.
Lucy: All right, George, you are absolutely right.
This has nothing to do with you. 
This is entirely my thing, because I've managed to turn myself into this... 
shit, there's not even a name for it!
George: It's not like I enjoy it either.
Before you came into my life, I was capable of making decisions. Now I can't, I'm addicted.
I have to know what you think.
Lucy: George, I think you are the most selfish human being on the planet.
George: That's just silly. Have you met everyone on the planet?

George: I lost Lucy.
I just think it's a shame because I've come to rely on her for everything.
And I trust her completely, and she's funny. Not deliberately, of course.
Tony: It's probably for the best though.
George: Why is that?
Tony: 2 things I know is chess and women.
Chess, it has rules, pieces, rooks, knights, bishops.
They move in predictable patterns. Somebody wins, somebody loses.
But women, they don't have no rules, man.
They move in unpredictable ways too.
Nobody ever wins or loses when it comes to women.
You talk about your feelings until your breath is sucked out your body.
All men are pawns when it comes to women.
Especially a smart one like Lucy. She's hard to control.
And you know, the man has got to be in control.

George: You could loosen up a little, get in touch with your feminine side.
Lucy: Okay, that's a good suggestion.
George: Perhaps soften your appearance, not that I don't love that look,
but you could get dolled up occasionally.
Lucy: I'm not gonna spend hours fluffing my hair and applying animal-tested makeup to my face, just so I can turn myself into some male fantasy, degrading Kewpie doll.
Unless I really like the guy or something.

Lucy: It's pretty amazing what dreams and lots of money can do, isn't it?
George: Yes, it is.
Lucy: You know you're part of that, George.
George: Yes, I am.
Lucy: All you have to do is use your power for good instead of evil.
George: If only I would.

Lucy: Where do you come off?
Believe it or not, I didn't take this job so I can sleep with you. I took this job for a cause.
George: You are a cause!
You make Gandhi look like a used-car salesman.
Lucy: My God, you know what I can't believe? How easy you are being on yourself.
Why don't we go over this again, okay?
You promised me a community center.
George: Yes, I promised, I promised, I promised. I'm sorry.
I can't control the economy, I can't control my brother.
I did promise and I did let you down. I'm sorry. 
But you know what? I'm human. I think you'll find a lot of people are!
Lucy: I'm human, too!
George: Are you? Because you're too perfect, too wonderful, none of us can keep up with you.
That's probably why all those other guys bolted as fast as their birkenstocks could carry them.
Cause you're intolerable and no one wants to be preached to!
No one wants to live with a saint. Saints are boring!

Mr. Kelson: As long as people can change, the world can change.
Lucy: But what if people can't change?
Mr. Kelson: Let me put it this way.
I'm sitting here eating a piece of cheesecake made entirely of soy.
And I hate it. But I'm eating it.

"I'd like to welcome everyone on this special day.
Island Towers will bring prestige to the neighborhood and be part of Brooklyn's renaissance.
And we're very pleased and proud to be here.
Unfortunately, there is one fly in the ointment.
I gave my word to someone the we wouldn't knock down this building behind me.
Normally, and those who know me or were married to me can attest to this,
my word wouldn't mean very much.
So why does it this time?
Partly because this building is an architectural gem, and deserved to be landmarked.
Partly because people do need a place to do senior's water ballet and CPR, preferably not together.
But mainly because this person, despite being unusually stubborn and unwilling to compromise and a very poor dresser, is...
She's rather like the building she loves so much.
A little rough around the edges, but when you look closely, absolutely beautiful.
And the only one of her kind.
And even though I've said cruel things and driven her away, she's become the voice in my head.
And I can't seem to drown her out. And I don't want to drawn her out.
So we are going to keep the community center.
Because I gave my word to her, and because we gave our word to the community."
~George Wade


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