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Thursday, June 4, 2015


He taught her how to live
She taught him how to love
Will: It's got nothing to do with you.
Lyn: Really?
Will: Really. I can only offer you what we've got, right now, just this.
Until it's over and it will be over.
I could've put off telling you but it wouldn't be fair, so...
Lynn: I don't understand this.
How can you be so sure? It's only been a few weeks!
Feelings change, situations evolve. You don't even really know me.
Will: Maybe not, but I know me. I'm sorry.

[when Will leaning to her]
 Will: Close enough?
Charlotte: Yes. I was hoping gravity would do the rest.

I can smell the rain.
When did I learn how to do that?
What should we do, Will, with this moment that we're in?
~Charlotte Fielding

Will: This isn't right. You... You are...
Charlotte: Young.
Will: Yes, and I am...
Charlotte: Old.
Will: Older.
Charlotte: Much older.
Will: Alright, much older.
The point is, I could put this off, but I genuinely like you.
So I want to be clear from the start, so there's no confusion later on, okay?
What I want to say to you is that all I'm able to offer you 
is this, what we have right now. Nothing more. Until it ends.
What I mean is, we have no future.
Charlotte: I know.
I'm sick.
Will: What do you mean?
Charlotte: It's my heart. Nobody even thought I'd last this long.
I could've put off telling you but I genuinely like you.
And I wanted to be clear right from the start
so there was no chance for any confusion later.

Dolly: What can I say, Will? Time is a thief.
One day you're rich as an Arab. 
Next day you're lucky if you can afford pistachio nuts.
[Will took a photograph of Katie]
It's funny. Most of us are young for what, about a minute and a half?
Not Katie. Katie will be young forever. So will the guy she married.
I console myself with that idea sometimes.
Who'd have thought what time had in store for her.
Will: I'm sorry, I should have called after the accident.
Dolly: On the other hand, time is in love with some people.
Like you, for instance. You look exactly the same.
Will: Please...
Dolly: Handsome. And up to your old tricks, looks like to me.
Leave her alone, Will. 

Will: We're totally wrong for each other, I know. I could be your father.
Charlotte: I prefer Uncle.
Will: Do you think we should break this off?
Charlotte: Afraid you might feel something?
Well, look at it this way.
We can have it real, which we both know is way better.
And you wouldn't have to pay full price, 
because in a year or so I'd be just a sob story you could use to bag more chicks.
Will: That is pathetic characterization.

Charlotte: I'm way out front in the love race.
Will: What? Love is not a race.
Charlotte: Our love is.
Will: Our love?
Charlotte: Yes, we're going for it, aren't we?

Will: I'm a food guy. Why don't you ask me about food?
Charlotte: Why are you the food guy? What is it about food?
Will: Food is the only beautiful thing that truly nourishes.
Charlotte: Is that a quote?
Will: That's me.

Will: Look, I never pretended to be what I'm not.
Charlotte: Why?
Will: Why? Alright, fine, why? 
Because I felt like it! Because nothing stopped me!
Charlotte: What about love?
Will: Why do you have to be so juvenile?! 
It was nothing! It was nothing! It meant nothing!
If I could be different... I would.
Charlotte: What about love?
Will: You know what? 
This was all wrong. This was a mistake, right from the beginning.
You're a kid, I'm a creep.
You've got better things to do with your last... with your time, then spend it with a man like me.

Charlotte: You never talk to me. You never tell me what to do.
Dolly: Charlotte, take a good look at me. You want me to tell you what to do?
Charlotte: Yes! You're my family! You're my family.
You're supposed to take care of me.

John: Don't bullshit me, what did you do?
Will: I had sex with Lynn McHale up on your roof.
John: You're kidding me?
Will: No, I'm not kidding you.
Charlotte found out. Now she's gone. Totally.
John: I'm really sorry you did that.
Will: I blew it.
John: You can't get her back?
Will: I blew it.
John: So?
Will: So, I just go back to the way I was.
John: How are you gonna do that?
Will: It's just gonna get worse. The more attachment on both sides, leading to what?
Is now or later, right?
I leave her a few months from now, she... No, this is better. This is much better.
[lean on John] I wish the fuck I'd never met her.
John: I hate to tell you, but there's only 2 kinds of love stories.
Boy loses girl, girl loses boy, that's it. Somebody always get left behind.
Try and avoid that, you'll end up an old man looking at the mirror toasting yourself an eggnog at Christmas.
Will: I don't care!
John: You're going to die in your own arms!
Will: I don't care! I want it over with now!

Lisa: I really just wanted to meet you. And maybe... I don't know...
Will: What? Tell me.
Lisa: It's not big deal.
I've always had a fantasy that you were looking for me.
And all you really wanted was to say that you were sorry.
Will: Lisa, I am.

Will: I need to talk to you.
Charlotte: I think you've wasted enough of my time.
Will: What I did was very wrong. And stupid.
I have no excuses.
I did what I did because I was scared.
Charlotte: You were a coward!
Will: Can you forgive me?
Charlotte: You betrayed me! For what? Because you got the shakes?
Will: I was scared.
Charlotte: You don't think I'm scared?!
You don't think I'm hanging onto my courage by my fingernails?!
[Will try to hug her]
Don't touch me! Get away from me! Get out of here! Just go!
You're not good enough.
Will: I know... I know I'm not.
Can you let me love you? Please?
Please, please let me try again.

Will: She doesn't have long. Weeks. Maybe less.
Lisa: And they can't do anything for her?
Will: No, her doctor says when it's hopeless at the end, surgery could be an option.
Heroic surgery, she calls it.
That's why I'm out looking for someone to make sure that when the times comes,
it's a hero that performs it.
I haven't found anybody yet though.
I can't find anybody who's even willing to attempt it. I will!
I'm going to find someone because I can't lose her!
It won't happen. She's too young.
I'm sorry. I'm here, but I have no right to be here. 
There's no excuse for what I did to you, Lisa. 
You were my child. You needed me.
I'm so sorry.

Charlotte: What's more important is, what do you want for Christmas?
Will: No, you already gave me my present.
Charlotte: I forgot. Did you like it? [Will nod] What was it again?
Will: Misery, heartbreak, pain, happiness, love, life.
Charlotte: I remember now.
Will, hug her: What can I give you?
Charlotte: More of this.

Charlotte: What were you doing in Ohio?
Will: I had a meeting with heart specialist. He's willing to operate.
Charlotte: That's exactly what I didn't want you to do.
You went behind my back. You lied to me. This is what we talked about...
Will: Cut it out! Stop!
Charlotte: No, we talked about that!
Will: You do not want to die! You want to live!
Charlotte: You think I haven't been through this? So many times!
I don't want to give people hope when there isn't any.
Will: Why not? Maybe we need hope.
Maybe I need to know that I've done everything that I could do.

Charlotte: What would I do, Will, if you weren't here?
Where would I be, seriously?
Will: You'll never have to worry about that.
Charlotte: I'll do whatever I have to do.
I'll tear up the papers, I'll tell the doctors. Whatever you want.
Cause I really want... I don't want to leave you.

Will: "Time cannot break the bird's wing from the bird.
The bird and wing together, go down, one feather.
No thing that ever flew, not the lark, not you, can die as others do."
Charlotte: What have I done to you?
Will: You ruined me for other women.
Charlotte: I saved you for them.


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