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Thursday, July 2, 2015



It is said that about one out of every 43 people has this nervous condition.
 It is referring to hiccuping as an automatic nervous responses to lying.
Due to the noticeable response to lying 
the condition has been named after a popular fairytale character.
What is the name that this condition has been given?

I have the worst grades in my entire school.
I score a zero in obedience, too.
I'm a zero in every category.
That's why, I'm an All-Zero.
Quiz Program MC: Have you ever seen or met anyone with the Pinocchio Syndrome?
DalPo: Yes, I have.
Quiz Program MC: Is that right?
Most people with the syndrome avoid speaking to conceal the telltale signs of lying
and they also develop some sort of social phobia as well.
Is that true?
DalPo: The person I know is different than most other Pinocchio's.
She is completely the opposite.
She actually talks quite a bit.
She's very blunt with everything she says, so her nickname is Blunt-talking Witch.

KiJaeMyung: Why are you defaming him without even investigating?
They're all just false rumors!
SongChaOk: Can you prove that they're false rumors?
JaeMyung: Why are we the ones to have to prove that?

What wrong have we ever done?

Don't rule that KiHoSang is still alive,
and don't try to frame him by calling him a shameless crook either.
 Don't presume anything until KiHoSang has been found by the police and proven guilty
and just find hard facts.
If you don't, then you'll brew trouble elsewhere.

 DalPo: Father doesn't have dementia.
DalPeng: If it's not dementia, then what's wrong with him?
DalPo: His doctor told me that his memories are distorted into thinking that his son has come back home alive.
But every time he tries to correct his memories then he faints from the shock of the truth.
InHa: So you've decided to pretend to be his son?
DalPo: I'm not pretending to be his son, but I have become his son.
DalPeng: You've become his son?
Are you telling me that he adopted you?
Who would allow an old man like my dad to adopt a young child?
DalPo: The head of the village and the office pulled some strings.
DalPeng: Where are your parents?
[DalPo shake his head]
InHa: What about cousins?
DalPo: I don't have any.
I have nowhere else to go either.
DalPeng: But you still can't be here!
 You're a complete stranger to us.
And how do we know what kind of a person you are for us to take you in?
DalPo: I'm... needed by father.
He needs me as his son, too. Without me, he'll keep fainting...
DalPeng: So you want to keep deceiving him?
That's just ridiculous!
DalPo: Why is it so ridiculous? It's not a bad deal for anyone!
Who cares about a little lie like that?
I'll pretend to be his son only until he gets better.
Only until then, just let me stay here until then.
Please, I beg you.

Mom, has it been half a year already?
I snuck dad's phone to send you this text.
Are you doing well?
Grandfather is ill, so we're living in Hyangri Island with him for a while.
I used to think there's nothing to like here and it was nothing but tacky countryside,
but there is one thing that I'm growing to like.
I have an uncle now.
He's my uncle, but he's shorter than me, isn't that funny?
I didn't really like him at first 
but the more I get to know him, the more I grow to like him.
So I'm thinking about letting myself get attached to him.

InHa: I wish I could meet him and see what he's like.
DalPo: What kind of a person do you think he is?
InHa: He wouldn't have been terribly handsome. I can tell that by your face.
He liked helping other people, right? And he liked to be recognized for it, too.
I'm sure that he was a kind-hearted man.
DalPo: You're not hiccuping.
InHa: Did you think that I was lying?
DalPo: Yeah.
InHa: It wasn't a lie.
I really do think that he was a good man, enough for me to wish that I could meet him.
Why are you staring at me like that?
[DalPo kiss her] What was that for?
DalPo: For the past 6 months my life has been nothing but a lie.
Because it was better to lie for both mine and grandfather's sake.
But, the truth is 10 times more comforting than a lie.
That's what your comment just did for me.
InHa: Really? That's great to hear.



[InHa's text message to her mom]
Mom, I've been hiccuping for 4 days straight in a row.
 I think that's a new record.
I've tried holding my breath, drinking a jug of water, 
and I even tried cleaning the whole house, but I still can't stop hiccuping.
It's killing me.
I think I know how to get it to stop but I can't get the courage to do it.
Mom, what am I going to do?
No one ever dies from hiccuping, right?

InHa: Your perfect test score, you got that of your own skill, right?
DalPo: Yeah.
InHa: Then you've been hiding your skills and have been pretending to be dumb?
Why did you that?
DalPo: I heard that your real uncle was pretty dumb.
InHa: Then you've been pretending to be dumb all these years for grandfather's sake?
Because you didn't want him to faint again out of shock?
DalPo: Yeah.
InHa: Then why are you showing off your skills now?

HwangGyoDong: Choi Dal Po-ssi, why did you concede that final answer over to him?
DalPo: I didn't concede to him. I really didn't know.
HwangGyoDong: Do you think that TV is a joke?
Seems to me that you wanted to play a joke on your friend 
but it was a joke that shouldn't have been played.
ChanSoo: You're right about that.
DalPo: No, I do not think TV is a joke.
TV can kill an innocent person with just one statement.
So how would I even dare to think TV is a joke?
But since you asked, I'll give you an answer.
The reason why I conceded on my last answer 
was because if I answered the last question correctly 
then I would've had to come back to this god-forsaken hole again next week.
This place is full of human beings that go around blabbing about a bunch of lies
that are based on nothing but their own speculations.
It's only full of people who are constantly armed with their mics and cameras.
Just the thought of breathing in the same oxygen as those wretched human beings 
is enough to disgust and suffocate me!
So the thought of having to come back to a TV station sounded worse than death itself.
Have I answered your question?

You guys killed them!
You guys killed my mom and my little brother!
They're dead because of the lies you guys told!

AhnSoo: I'd like to apologize in his place.
As I'm sure you saw, he has no sense of social norms...
HwangGyoDong: Everything he said was right.
To the point of it being terrifying everything he said was right.

InHa: Don't misunderstand, DalPo, I came here on Grandfather's order.
I had no choice but to come because he was worried you'd get drenched.
[hiccup] I had no choice.
DalPo: You just start hiccuping.
InHa: This wasn't because I was lying, but because I was cold. I hiccup when I get cold.
So no misunderstandings whatsoever.

If I could turn back time, I should have left then.
There were feelings I shouldn't have felt.
Before those feelings grow, while I could still turn back, I should have left.
I thought that my heart racing in that moment would eventually subside with time.
And then, I thought I'd be able to leave easily.
But that was a foolish assumption... an excuse to stay by her side then.



DalPo: Want to buy my dream? I had a killer dream last night.
InHa: What did you dream about?
DalPo: A dream where I saw the people I really long for.
InHa: Are you sure that it was a good dream?
DalPo: You should buy it.
If it really was a good dream, then you may even finally get to see your mom today.
InHa: How much will it cost me?
DalPo: 10,000 won.
InHa: Hey! Make it 1,000 won.
DalPo: 5,000 won or forget it. I don't really want to sell it either.
[InHa slides the money towards DalPo]
DalPo: Okay, deal.
[DalPo gives her a button of his polo shirt]
InHa: What's this?
DalPo: Call it receipt of sorts.
InHa: You're so immature. This is so childish.
[but InHa made it into her pendant instead]

Do you really think that you could be a reporter, Choi In Ha-ssi?
In order to make a news report, depending on the circumstances 
a reporter must be able to lie during these interviews.
Because it's telling those lies that will bring out the truth, like oil on water.
This is the reason why a Pinocchio cannot become a reporter.

InHa: Mom.. I've really missed you.
ChaOk, hugs InHa: I'm sorry, but I haven't had any time to miss you.

DalPo: According to your common sense, a person with the inability to lie can't be a reporter?
ChaOk: Yes, that can never happen.
DalPo: How can you say those words so easily?
How can you so easily judge someone else's life like that?
How many lives have you ruined with that common sense of yours, especially as a reporter!
ChaOk: It seems you want to criticize me. What a joke.
A wolf does not bark at a tiger.
Only foolish and ignorant mutts would do that.
There's nothing more foolish and feeble than carelessly barking up the wrong tree.
Do you even know what a reporter does as you stand there and bark at me?
DalPo: You're right, I don't know what a reporter does.
 I'm sorry for having so ignorantly argued with you. I was out of my place.
ChaOk: As long as you know.
DalPo: That's why I'm going to find out.
 I'll come visit you again once I find out what a true reporter does.
Once I become a wolf and not just a street mutt, I'll come... and bark at you for real.

[while InHa try to burn all her books]
DalPo: I need it. I need these books.
InHa: Why do you need these books? Are you going to sell them?
DalPo: No. I suddenly want to become a reporter myself, just like you.
InHa: What?
DalPo: Let's become reporters together, InHa.



DalPeng: If I'm right about what I'm thinking, you have feelings for InHa. Am I wrong?
[DalPo shake his head] Does InHa feel the same way?
DalPo: No, not InHa. She has no idea how I feel about her.
DalPeng: When did you start having feelings for her?
DalPo: I'm not sure. I just know that it's been for a while.
DalPeng: InHa is my one and only precious daughter.
She's more beautiful and important to me than anyone else in this world.
That's why I don't ever want to see her hurt 
and I want her to be happy, and be with someone who can spoil her.
DalPo: Yes.
DalPeng: That's why no matter whom InHa ends up with 
no one will ever be good enough for her in my eyes.
Even if she's to bring someone greater than Im Hong Ryong home
I'd still nitpick, ask questions, and argue against him.
On the other hand... you are...
DalPo: I lack in so many ways.
I'm an orphan who doesn't even know where he comes from 
and I have no wealth or strengths to speak of either.
I'm well aware that my feelings for her are impossible and out of line.
That's why I've never acted on my feelings.
And it'll continue to be that way.
DalPeng: DalPo...
DalPo: You don't have to worry unnecessarily.
To me, this family will always come first.
I will never do anything to jeopardize that.
I'll get over my feelings, so please do not worry.

DalPo: Father, how long have you known?
Grandfather: I've known for a long time. A year after you came to live with me.
DalPo: Then why haven't you said anything?
Grandfather: Because if I let on that I knew, I was afraid DalPeng would ask you to leave.
At first, I kept up the ruse because I pitied you.
But now, I keep up the ruse because I pity myself and want you around.
So, you can stop tip-toeing around me and start living your life the way you want to live, okay?
Your handsome face... and your smart brain... you don't need to keep them hidden anymore.
It's okay for you to live your life out in the open, however you want, okay? Because I'm fine.
[DalPo hugs him and start sobbing]
I'm sorry, DalPo... Thank you, DalPo...


InHa: I would love for the both of us to pass.
But if that's not the case, them I'm just saying one is better than none.
DalPo: That's not how I feel. It's meaningless unless we make it together.
If you fail, then I'm going to quit, too.
InHa: No, don't do that.
You have to stay if you make it. It'd too wasteful if you don't.


YeongTak: As you saw, this was a very tragic case and accident.
Although 13 years have passed, the tragedy of this event still rings very clear to many.
Had you been the one to cover this news event 13 years ago, 
I would like to hear your thoughts on how you may have handled the news coverage.
YooRae: I would like to ask you something first.
What happened to Mr. Ki Ho Sang? Is he still thought to be missing?
Cap. Hwang: His skeletal remains were found a few days ago.
While preparing for it to be demolished, skeletal remains were found on the scene,
and the results of a testing done on the uniform verified that the skeletal remains
were of Mr. Ki Ho Sang, who was presumed to have gone missing 13 years ago.

InHa: I think the fact that what the Pinocchio witness saw could've been a mistake
is the biggest contributing cause for this tragedy.
The problem also lies with the reporters, the police, and the investigators blindly believing that statement.
However, they probably had no other choice but to believe that statement.
Because no other evidence is as concrete as a statement given by someone who can't lie.
Even though Mr. Ki Ho Sang's death is very unfortunate, as well as, how he was found,
I believe that it was just a very unlucky accident, which no one can be blamed for.
DalPo: You're saying there's no one who can blamed for this?
People believed that Pinocchio carriers are only capable of telling the truth, don't they?
And people also believe that reporters only report the truth.
Pinocchio and reporters alike, should've known this.
The fact that people unconditionally believe whatever they say,
should've made them aware of how much more deadly their words can be than others.
They should've been careful, and careful some more.
Not knowing that is their deadly mistake!
That deadly oversight completely destroyed a loving family.
And those people need to pay the price for what they had done.
InHa: The Pinocchio witness had only stated what he had seen.
He couldn't have remained silent just because he may have been wrong about what he saw.
DalPo: Looking at candidate 444, I now realize the reason why a Pinocchio can't be a reporter.
The danger of someone who can't admit when they're wrong to become a reporter
only to make statements out of groundless assumptions.
The danger of speaking recklessly while unaware of the weight their words carry,
I see the danger of it now.

BumJo: You seem very angry. Is it because candidate 19 stabbed you in the back?
Inha: No. It was an open discussion, so he has a right to state his opinion.
Just because his opinion differed from mine doesn't mean it was a stab in the back.
BumJo: Then what else is it? Because you ruined the test?
InHa: No, I just... I just wanted him to be on my side.
BumJo: On your side?
InHa: No, what am I even saying? There are no sides in an open discussion.
It's a given that his opinion may differ from mine... but I still wanted DalPo to be on my side.
Because he's DalPo.
He's not just anyone, but he's DalPo, so I just assumed... no, that's not right.
Why am I such an awful person? I'm so annoyed at myself!
BumJo: You must like that guy, DalPo.
InHa: No, not at all! [start hiccuping, startled herself] I must be crazy. 
Why is this happening? No, this isn't true. No, I really don't! [hiccuping]



InHa: Don't pay any attention to what my dad said. 
I'm really happy that you became a reporter.
I thought I'd be jealous of you getting the job when I've failed, but I don't feel that way at all.
Amazingly enough, I don't feel the least bit jealous. [hiccups] Honest!
DalPo: You're hiccuping.
InHa: That's not the reason why I'm hiccuping.
DalPo: Then what else is it?
InHa: This is... because... Anyway, I'm fine.
If you're uncomfortable being around me because of what happened that day
there's no need for you to feel that way.
Opposing someone else's point of view at an open discussion is a given, isn't it?
I know that you had no other choice.

Don't become a reporter, InHa.
When I think of you as a reporter, I'm reminded of your despicable mother.
I'm reminded of your mother who framed my poor father of unjust wrongdoings.
If you become a reporter, it would be torture for me to even look you in the face,
and that thought scares me.

ChaOk: That's what decision making is.
In order to gain something, you have to throw something else away.
InHa: Then what is it that you threw away when you chose to become a reporter?
 ChaOk: You.
InHa: The choice you made, did you ever regret it?
ChaOk: I did regret it.
But seeing how you're dwelling on that fact makes me wonder if my regrets were in vain.

InHa: I'm not jealous of you.
I'm happy about you becoming a reporter, and I don't resent you at all.
DalPo: Are we back to that again? You're hiccuping right now.
InHa: Do you know why I started hiccuping? It started when I denied having feelings for you.
DalPo: What?
InHa: I said, I like you. I denied it when I realized my feelings.
Because that's just absurd and not allowed, 
but my hiccups haven't stopped since the moment I denied myself the truth.
DalPo: You're lying. That's just ridiculous.
InHa: It's not a lie. See? My hiccups have stopped.
You know as well as I do that I can't lie.
That's why I can't even hide it when I have a crush on someone, and I can't play hard to get,
which everyone else is able to do.
Even though the answer's obvious and even though I'm perfectly aware that you're my uncle and this isn't right,
I still have to confess my feelings for you because of my damn hiccups.
So just pretend that you never heard me confess to you just now.
I'll do whatever I must to get over my feelings for you.
I'll address you as my uncle all the time, and I'll go on lots of dates with other men.
I'll do whatever I can to get over these feelings.
Please forget what I just told you. Then it'll be fine.
DalPo: Okay.
InHa: Thanks.
DalPo: What if that doesn't work?
What if you make all the effort you can, and do everything you can possibly think of, 
but those feelings you have still remain the same for a long time?
What happens then? To us?
InHa: We can't allow that to happen. We're family.

Keeping things bottled in will make you sick.
You have to tell people you're ill in order to treat the illness and let others know when you're struggling
so that people can help you.

As you have just seen, I'm a Pinocchio, and thus, cannot lie.
And I'm also the first Pinocchio reporter this nation has ever seen.
As your new MSC news reporter, I can promise you 2 things.
First, I will only relay the truth.
Second, I vow to keep my first promise.
This has been ChoiInHa, from MSC News.

DalPo: I still find this place stifling and find reporters to be disgusting.
Cap. Hwang: Then why are you here?
DalPo: It's because of a name.
Cap. Hwang: A name?
DalPo: I will do whatever I have to do to get through this training period 
and once I get my own mic in my hands, I want to announce my real name
to all the viewers out there.
Cap. Hwang: Your real name? Are you saying that your current name is a fake?
DalPo: Yes.
Cap. Hwang: What's your real name? 
DalPo: It's KiHaMyung.
The skeletal remains that have recently been found, I'm that Fireman KoHoSang's son.
Cap. Hwang: What? You're the Fire Chief's son?
DalPo: Yes.
Because of you people, I've lost my mother and father, as well as my older brother.
And I've lost my own name.
And very recently, I've also discovered how wrong and unjust my father's death was
because of you people.
I have so much to say, and just as many questions to ask.
There's even a person that I'd like to find.
I thought long and hard about just who would accomplish all those tasks.
And the answer I found left me astonished.
Cap. Hwang: And was that the answer to become a reporter?
DalPo: Yes. That's why I became a reporter.
Because a reporter would be able to accomplish all those things.
And that's why, [bow] I will give everything I have to learn the skills, Cap.

DukSoo, from the sewage: Tell me who you are!
JaeMyung: I'm Fireman KiHoSang's son.
DukSoo: What? Fireman KiHoSang?
JaeMyung: Does that name ring a bell?
DukSoo: What are you going to do to me?
JaeMyung: I want to make you aware of how my father passed away.
You're going to die down there. No one will find out about your death.
They'll just assume that you're hiding away somewhere.
DukSoo: Spare my life!
JaeMyung: And everyone in this world will remember you as the devil that killed his friends for their money.
DukSoo: What do you mean? I've never killed anyone in my life!
JaeMyung: I know. But the rest of the world won't know that. Not even your own family members.
The world will remember you as a murderer who fled after stealing your friends' money.
Your family will live the rest of their lives being mocked and taunted by others
while feeling ashamed and embarrassed of your memories!
They'll come to realize death isn't the only way to experience pure hell. 
DukSoo, sobbing: I'm sorry! I'm sorry for my wrongdoing!
JaeMyung: Down the road, even if you're lucky enough to have your skeletal remains discovered,
no one in this world will have even the slightest interest in finding out how wrongful your death was!
Just like my father!



DalPo: Why do you want to become a reporter so bad?
You want to be with your mom that much?
She left you, used you, and stepped all over your pride!
InHa: It's not because of her, it's because of you!
I did this because of you! It started because of you!
DalPo: What do you mean by that?
InHa: 8 years ago, when you destroyed those nasty rumors by going out on the quiz show,
while watching that show, my heart was so overwhelmed with joy.
You put everyone in their place when they saw you on TV.
Do you know how awesome and satisfying that felt?
That's when it all started. My dreams of wanting to be a news reporter.
DalPo: Because of me?
InHa: That's right. It's because of you, not my mom.
What I felt that day, it's still in here. To the point that it won't disappear for even a second.
That's why I came this far.
No matter how much my dad objects, 
or how much my mom tramples all over my pride, it doesn't matter.
I'm going to keep trying until I make it.
I don't need your support anymore.
No, I'd rather you object and scold me like you are now.
That way, it'll be easy for me to get over you.

Mother, this is a very weird world.
In order to survive in this world, I must go beyond my boundaries.
Just where on earth did all those stories come from?
There's absolutely no way to find them in this world.
Our superiors will kill us if we don't find incidents to report.
And that's when I knew that a variety of people exist in the world.
We're always getting into trouble.
We get into trouble if we fall asleep.
We get into trouble if we eat and you get into trouble if you don't eat.
Mother, why did I enter this cruel world?

Chief Jung: AhnChanSoo, have you finished the investigative report on the container fire case yet?
ChanSoo: No, not yet. I feel like I still missing something.
Chief Jung: What's there to be doubtful about?
Wasn't it murder that's been set up to look like an accidental fire?
All the evidence points to MoonDukSoo as being the culprit.
There's even a clear motive for the murder.
What else could there be for us to find?
ChanSoo: Speaking of MoonDukSoo, I've traced down his cellphone location,
and something just doesn't add up.
I picked up a signal around Haeundae then a signal around Gangnam.
They're very sporadic signals.
There are no traces of his credit cards being used either.
He supposedly didn't take any money with him, 
so I don't know what money he's using to get around like that.
It's also strange how the cellphone keeps being turned on and off like that.
As if he's purposely trying to let it be known that he's traveling all over this country.
Chief Jung: Letting it be known makes our job easier.
ChanSoo: That's precisely the problem.
He's letting it be known just enough so that we're unable to catch him.
He turns the phone on, then immediately back off, from very crowded places.
Don't you find that the least bit strange?
That a wanted murderer suspect would only go to such crowded places.



News stories are often compared to an onion.
Because with every layer that's peeled off, another layer of truth gets revealed.

Just do the job we're meant to do.
We were too focused on competing against MSC News
and it's compromised our investigative skills in uncovering the truth, which isn't like us.
There could be a repeat of this sort of mistake if we lose our focus again.
So, let's forget about competing for ratings, or for whatever else the reason
and just stick to uncovering the real truth of the story.
~Director LeeYeongTak

DalPo: Father, I can't keep up with this ridiculousness anymore.
You shy away from poop because it's filthy, not because it's scary.
Grandfather: That's right, just quit doing it.
Why bother doing something so absurd?
But you got that idiom flipped around.
You shy away from poop because it's scary, not because it's filthy.
DalPo: No, you've got it flipped around.
You shy away from poop because it's filthy.
Grandfather: No, you've got it wrong.
Think about it this way.
If the poop is filthy, then you clean it up, not avoid it.
I'm sure it was because you were scared.
I'm sure you're avoiding it because you're scared of falling into a pile of poop.
DalPo: Yes, Father. The truth is, I ran because I was scared.
Grandfather: Right? You had it flipped around, and I had it right.
You're avoiding the poop because you're scared.
DalPo: I challenged the poop thinking that I could just clean it up.
But that wasn't the case.
Being a reporter scared me. It was much more scary than I ever thought it'd be.
Grandfather: Really? You'll be fine now.
It's a problem if you take up the challenge without knowing to be fearful of it
but you'll be fine as long as you know to be fearful of it beforehand.
You won't make such a big mistake again.

DalPo: Is that it? I came fully prepared to be disciplined.
Cap. Hwang: It was a pretty big mistake just to be let off the hook so easily.
DalPo: Then why are you doing it?
Cap. Hwang: You get one chance. Because I've made a similar mistake myself.
DalPo: A similar mistake?
Cap. Hwang: Yeah.
13 years ago, I inaccurately portrayed the head of a certain family as a murderer,
and because of that inaccurate report that I made
that whole family was tragically ruined and decimated.
DalPo: Then, how did you ever recover from it?
Cap. Hwang: I didn't recover from it. I ran away, just like you did.
I quit being a reporter and moved to another department to become a producer,
and 5 years later, I met the son of that man on a TV quiz show.
DalPo: Why did you quit being a reporter?
Cap. Hwang: Because seeing that man's son made me feel humiliated and ashamed.
As if he caught me hiding because I was afraid.
That's why I came back to this department.


InHa: I really do have a lot to say to you.
I've been avoiding as not to get you sick, but since I'm not contagious, I'll tell you.
DalPo: Okay, go ahead.
InHa: The story on the health club lady's death? I dug up that story.
I was just going to report it like you guys, but I started hiccuping.
Why? Because something wasn't right.
That's why I went back to the hospital and met the daughter.
DalPo: I know.
InHa: You said I couldn't be a reporter because I'm a pinocchio, right?
But what are you going to do now?
It's precisely because I'm a pinocchio that you got crap smeared all over your face!
DalPo: I know. You were right and I was wrong. I'm sorry.
I apologize for all the things I said during the interview.
InHa: Hey! You can't apologize already! I'm nowhere near finished yet!
DalPo: Okay, keep going.
InHa: I still remember every single word that you said to me during the interview.
I'm really good at holding grudges, too.
Remember what you said to me?
That people who don't know the weight our words carry like myself can't be reporters.
But what about you?
Did you know the weight your words would carry when you started blabbering?
Do you think you have what it takes to be a reporter?
Because I don't think you do!
DalPo: Yes, just like you said, I wasn't being a reporter.
What I did, was just a very pathetic attempt.
InHa: Is that right? I feel much better now.
It felt so good to see you get humiliated after all the disrespect and snickering
that I've had to take from you all these years! [start hiccuping]
It really makes me feel great! I'll make sure to to it from time to time.
It makes me feel so happy to think of you struggling and being humiliated even more.
DalPo: You're a liar.
InHa, sighs: Okay, fine, I was worried about you.
I was right and you were wrong, but I was concerned about you to an annoying extent.
DalPo, put shoes to InHa's cold feet: I'm listening.
InHa: Not seeing you around worried me.
Whether you were blaming yourself, or sitting around hurt and wounded
I kept worrying, then worried some more.
[DalPo put a jacket to InHa]
You're my competition and I kept getting annoyed at myself for acting like an amateur and worrying about you.
Why is this so difficult?
It's not even that big of a deal, so why can't I just get over you already?
Pretend you didn't hear that either.
I'm sorry. I'm always telling you something, then asking you to forget it.
You just find me pathetic and exhausting.
I have no idea what I'm doing.
It must be too cold to think clearly right now.
[DalPo hugs her from behind]
Hey, what are...
DalPo: It's because I'm cold. I must be too cold to think clearly.

BumJo: You're treading on thin water.
  SungHwak was asking me about you, too.
He said you gaze at InHa so longingly that it seems to be more than just an uncle and niece relationship.
As if you like her as a woman.
DalPo: I like her as a woman. Am I not allowed that?

I think it's still too premature for you to be asking that question.
You're going to have to see and report a lot of different cases.
Cases that are much more difficult to solve and handle than the recent health club case.
Cases where you won't be able to make any sense of judgement and cases that are just unimaginable.
Reporting such a case should mean life or death for someone.
When you come across a case like that, ask me again then.
Ask then, 'Will I be able to handle it?'
~Cap. HwangGyoDong



InHa: Do you think we could go back to the way we used to be?
Back to the comfortable relationship we once had as an uncle and niece.
Do you think it's possible to go back to that?
DalPo: No, that's not possible for me.
I'm sorry, but I can't do that.
Can you?
InHa: Yeah, I can. [start hiccuping] I can do it.


InHa: DalPo!
Cap. Kim told me to do the report on all the icy condition accidents.
I'm finally making my first report!
DalPo: That's great.
InHa: What, that's it?
You know how long I've been dreaming about this moment?
I'm finally going to be on TV as a reporter.
Aren't you going to congratulate me?
[DalPo hugs her]
Have you lost your mind? What if someone sees us?
DalPo, tighten his hugs: Congratulations.
I'll congratulate you, so I need you to tell me that everything's going to be okay.
InHa: Why are you acting like this? Is something wrong?
DalPo: Just tell me that everything is going to be okay.
InHa, pats on his shoulder: It's okay. Everything is going to be okay. Don't worry.

Cap. Kim: Hey, you crazy bastard! You're not even reporters!
Go to every single icy street in the city of Seoul over the next 24 hours
and scatter coal shoot over icy streets and send me a photo of you doing it every hour!
BumJo: I'm sorry.
InHa: I'm sorry. [start hiccuping]
Cap. Kim: ChoiInHa, why are you hiccuping right now?
Does that mean that you're not sorry for your actions?
InHa, hiccups: Yes. To be honest, I don't know what it is that I've done wrong.
The steps were icy and a bunch of kids were walking down.
Am I expected to just sit back and watch as people fall down and get hurt?
Is that what makes a reporter?
Cap. Kim: That's right! That's what makes a reporter.
If you want to help others that badly, then stop being a reporter and become a volunteer.
Maybe you can become Spiderman instead.
You two can don your spandex costumes and go through the city at night
and help make this world a safer place! That sounds great!
Wow, why do I feel so angry when this world just became a safer place?
BumJo: Even reporters should help others.
Shouldn't reporters also care about the public's well-being?
Cap. Kim: A reporter's job is to just observe what happens!
It's our job to create news from what we observe
and we get the city officials to watch the news clip we create
as well as have the President watch it, too!
Making the whole world watch our stories is the true responsibility of a reporter.
If you had created a news story of the icy streets
in the time it took you guys to bust up those old coals
then the city officials would've seen it and taken the proper measures to fix the issues!
People would've gone out to clear the snow in front of their homes
and people walking around with their hands in their pockets would've realized the danger
and taken their hands out of their pockets to be more careful!
While you were busy busting up those coals to save a few people
you just lost out on a chance to save hundreds and thousands of other people.
You know that?

Don't come near me again!
Because all reporters frighten and disgust me!



 DalPo: If by chance you had a family member that you've been estranged from a long time,
and you ran into that family member again,
and if that family member isn't whom you thought he'd be, what would you do then?
Cap. Hwang: What do you mean, not whom you thought he'd be?
What do you mean by that?
DalPo: For example, what if he had killed someone?
Cap. Hwang: When you say that he killed someone, are you absolutely sure of that?
DalPo: No, what if it's just a feeling that you have?
Just a feeling that you, but no one else has?
Cap. Hwang: If it were me, then there would only be one answer. I'd investigate it.
I wouldn't go by my gut feelings, but instead, look for definitive evidence.
Whether it be by asking that family member, or whatever else it would take, I'd find out the truth.
I'd worry about the rest after I found out the truth first.

DalPo: Don't get in touch with that man.
That man is extremely dangerous. He absolutely detests reporters.
InHa: I know, he told me the story, and he has every reason to hate them.
Do you remember the story of the fireman who's skeletal remains were found
during our interview at YGN?
He says he's the son of that fireman.
It's more than understandable that he'd hate reporters. I'd hate them, too.
DalPo: That's why he's dangerous. You are...
I mean, you don' know what he'd do to reporters, so that's why...
InHa: That man put his own life on the line to save the life of another.
A man like that would never harm anyone.
DalPo: I know that man. He's dangerous.
So, have someone else do his interviews, and you stay out of it.
InHa: Why are you telling me to stay out of it? Am I the only one in danger?
Don't tell me to just stay out of it, and explain it to me so that I can understand.
DalPo: Can't I just be that reason?
Because it's me telling you... because it's my word...
Because you know that I care for you more than anyone else, can't you just trust me on this one?
InHa: DalPo...
DalPo: Please... Please don't get involved with that man.
Don't ask me for reasons why. Just please... Please just do this for me, okay?
InHa: You know something that I don't, don't you?
DalPo: Yes.
InHa: You're not going to tell me what that is even if I were to ask, are you?
DalPo: I can't.
InHa: It's for my own sake, isn't it?
DalPo: Yes.
InHa: Okay, I'll do as you ask.
I have so many questions to ask right now, but I won't.
Even though I can't do anything about the interview I just had from airing, I won't do any more if it.
Because I trust you more than I trust him.
DalPo: You're being serious, right?
InHa: I'm serious. See, I'm hot hiccuping.

How fascinating.
To have met Reporter Song's daughter through an accident like this,
I find it very interesting and grateful.

InHa: Once we go back home after the training period is over, my dad is going to find out about us.
DalPo: I know.
InHa: It's possible that my dad may act mean toward you.
DalPo: I know.
InHa: Even if he does, don't give up on us. I'll talk to my dad...
DalPo: I'd never do that.

The same news that painted my father as an evil being 13 years ago
was now painting my brother as a hero.

BumJo: I've been using your old phone number for the past 13 years.
I've been stealing your text messages for the past 13 years.
I'm sorry.
You changed your number since losing your phone, right?
But InHa didn't know that. So she kept sending you all those texts.
At first, I thought she'd quit at some point when she didn't get any responses,
but she just kept sending them for 13 whole years.
Like a hopeful fool.
Then, after some time of reading the texts, I started developing an interest in her.
That's why I'm here right now.
ChaOk: What is it that you want to say?
You're saying that like a fool, you became a reporter because of a girl?
BumJo: Yes.
You should sit down one day, and read through them all.
The messages are so raw and honest, I bet you'll fall right in love with her.
I can guarantee it right now.
Once you read through all those texts, just like I did, 
you're going to become a fool for her yourself,
you're going to want to become a good person to ChoiInHa. 

DalPo: Is what you're seeking right now, an apology from the world for what happened,
or is it revenge that you're seeking?
HaMyung: If I had to choose one or the other, then it must be revenge.

If it's magic that can fool the entire world, then can it be turned into a miracle?
If it's a lie that can fool the entire world, then can it be turned into the truth?



When I was KiHaMyung, I really hated you and your mother.
And I was planning on leaving right away once father's sanity came back.
But that's not the case anymore.
Now, I'm ChoiDalPo.
And I have no intention of abandoning that name in the future.

DalPo: Can't we just leave things the way they are? What's so bad about that?
Cap. Hwang: Then what about this? [referring to tie clip]
DalPo: It's just a suspicion. If left alone, it can just fade and die out.
[Cap. Hwang handed the tie clip back to DalPo]
Cap. Hwang: I'm not giving it back because you're right. I'm just waiting.
Burying the truth doesn't make it go away.
It is bound to come out into the world in some way, shape, or form.
Whether it be pretty or heinous, you have to keep your eyes open and observe.
That's what a reporter does.

ChaOk: What did I do that was so wrong?
InHa: Do you seriously not know?
ChaOk: Do you think that my report on KiHoSang's casewas in any way made personal?
InHa: No, that's not...
ChaOk: I didn't ask out of my own curiosity.
It was because everyone else in this nation wanted to know!
So I just asked for them in their place.
Why would I have to apologize for that?

Chairman Park: I was actually worried that you might have other feelings for InHa.
You told me yourself that InHa likes someone else.
I was worried that my precious son would have to suffer a heartache.
BumJo: What if I am suffering from heartache?
At first, it was just curiosity. So I was okay with her liking another man.
I thought that I may get somewhere if I gave it a try after I've paid off my debts,
but I don't even stand a chance.
Chairman Park: What do you mean you don't stand a chance?
You don't lack in anything.
BumJo: It's not that I'm lacking, but my competitor is very strong.
Chairman Park: How is he any strong? It's that ChoiDalPo, isn't it?
The skinny anchovy looking kid with the tacky name?
I hear that he's an orphan without any money or a decent education?
BumJo: But he makes InHa laugh and cry. So he's a very strong competitor.
That's why lately I'm suffering a bit of heartache.

InHa: I have a question. My name is ChoiInHa, a reporter for MSC.
You strive to make your news impactful, but have you never ignored the facts?
ChaOk: No, I haven't.
InHa: Yes, I see. 
[she back to her seat and suddenly she starts hiccuping]
InHa, stands up: I'm sorry, but I seem to be hiccuping.
I guess I'm not able to understand the answer you just gave.
As far as I'm aware, you have definitely ignored the facts in the past.
You remember Mr. KiHoSang's case from 13 years ago, don't you?
You ignored any possibility of Mr. KiHoSang being innocent at the time and instead,
you reported that he was a coward who fled and abandoned his family.
You edited all the family interviews in such a way so that 
the fury of the people worldwide would be targeted towards his family.
As a result, the wife was isolated and tormented to a point she couldn't even go to the market
and on the day that they were supposed to go see the fireworks together as a family,
they were forced to make an extreme decision to end their own lives.
 It was an example of how terrifying it can be when the news is only impactful and not fact based.
ChaOk: That case was not my fault alone.
In reality, the real problem stemmed from the Pinocchio witness making his statement
based on the mistake what he saw.
All I did was to believe the witness' statement.
InHa: Someone once said, people just assumed that Pinocchios will always only speak the truth.
And people also assume that the reporters will only speak the truth like a Pinocchio.
Pinocchios and reporters alike, should've been aware that people will always believe what they say,
and that's why they should've known how much more terrifying the weight of their words are than others!
Not knowing that is your wrongdoing.
That carelessness, destroyed a family.
So you definitely have a share of the responsibility in this tragedy.
Seeing how you're still emphasizing on making an impact even after that tragedy 13 years ago, 
you're still the same trash tabloid writer that you were 13 years ago.



JaeMyung: Shut up! Don't lie to me!
DalPo: You're the one who lied. You told me that father would come back!
You told me that when father came back all the misunderstandings would be resolved,
and we'd go see the fireworks and things would go back to the way they used to be!
You promised me... You promised me...
But... But what is this?
Look at what's happened?!

JaeMyung: Continue to live your life that way from now on, too.
The fact that you're KiHaMyung and the fact that I'm your older brother,
don't ever tell anyone the truth.
Just live your life as ChoiDalPo.
DalPo: Why would I have to do that?
JaeMyung: You already know the reason for that.
DalPo: But I still want you to tell me.
JaeMyung, start sobbing: I... killed people, HaMyung.

DalPo: Turn yourself in, hyung.
JaeMyung: What?
DalPo: Your revenge needs to stop here.
JaeMyung: Stop?
That woman framed our father of a false wrongdoing and killed our mother.
So how can you tell me to stop?
DalPo: Do you think that our mother died because of reporter SongChaOk?
No. I believe that you're partially responsible for it, too.
JaeMyung: What?
DalPo: Why did you abandon mother and I to run away by yourself?
Why didn't you stay and protect us?
JaeMyung: You think that I ran away?
DalPo: If you had been at home that day, mom wouldn't have made that fatal decision.
Just where did you run off to after having abandoned us?
JaeMyung: I went to see reporter SongChaOk!
DalPo: What?
JaeMyung: I wanted to declare our father's innocence to the world and protect you and mother.
So I went to see that woman.
I still thought of that woman as a reporter and that's why I went to see her. Like a fool.
But that woman still used my interview to further slander our father.
Let me ask you something, HaMyung.
If you were me, would you be able to stop right now?

This is all my fault.
I should've found my brother.
Had I done that, then hyung never would've killed anyone.
He abandoned mom and I to run away by himself.
So I blamed him and dad, and lived my life without ever attempting to find him again.
I... I turned hyung into a murderer.

InHa, drunk: Where have you been?
DalPo: I went to see my brother.
InHa: I see. I tried calling you so many times.
DalPo: I couldn't take your calls.
InHa: Why couldn't you take my calls?
DalPo: I'm the one who has turned my brother into a murderer.
I thought that my brother had abandoned me so I didn't search for my brother.
Even when I could've, 
I loved being around you so much, and I loved being around your dad and father so much,
so I didn't look for my brother.
Had I found my brother sooner, then I probably would've been able to stop any of this from happening.
I hate myself to a point where I can't even breathe.
I hate myself for not having searched for my brother, 
and I hate myself for not having been able to leave you.
Even right at this moment, I still hesitate because of you.
And I really hate myself for that.
The more my heart aches for my brother, 
the bigger my hatred grows for your mother, to a point where I just want to destroy her.
I want to rant and cry with my brother, but I can't do that because of you.
I want to tell my brother to start living and leave the revenge to me,
but I can't do that because of you.
InHa: It's okay if you want to hate me. It's okay if you want to leave me. I'm serious.
DalPo: (How can I, when it's you?)
I'm sorry.
I'm not really myself right now after having visited my brother.
So forget everything that I just said, just like how you forget things when you get drunk.

InHa: I remembered everything you said to me last night.
DalPo: What?
InHa: I can't fathom how much you must've hated me all this time.
DalPo: Of course, I hate you. You have no idea how heavy you were.
You can't be mad at me for those jokes?
InHa: Stop changing the subject, and just listen.
I know that you've been suppressing the hatred that you feel for my mom because of me
and I also know that you'll continue to do so from now on.
And, I also know that your hatred is too big to keep suppressed forever.
DalPo: InHa, I...
InHa: That's why I'm going to let you go.
I don't want to keep holding you back anymore. So let's just end it between us now.
[she handed over the button] 
Don't worry, I'll be able to get over my feelings.
So, don't let yourself be weighed down with concern for me, and don't hesitate anymore because of me,
and put up a good fight against my mom.
It's okay for you to be angry and hate her as much as you want.
DalPo: Do you mean that?
InHa: Yes, I mean it. See? I'm not hiccuping.


Thinking back, I should've left then.
I never should've let those feelings grow, nor should I have set my gaze on her.
I thought that the flutters in my heart would just subside as time went by.
I thought that after some time had passed, it would be easy for me to leave her.
But that was a foolish misunderstanding and just an excuse for me to remain by her side.
In the cloud of that excuse and misunderstanding, I had felt such joy and happiness.
Even though that happiness was just a lie, 
I thought that I could argue it until it became a reality.
I thought that if I argued it enough, those dreams would become a reality.
But no matter how I shut my eyes and ears to it, 
and no matter how much I argued against it, the truth still remained right where it stood.

It's now time to awake from those dreams.
No matter how hideous and heavy the truth is, it's now time to face the reality.

JaeMyung: How do I know that you're any different from her as a reporter?
DalPo: You're right. I'm not much different from her right now.
I've only been seeing and hearing things that I chose to see and hear, like she does.
I knew what you did, and I know what you were about to do
and I still chose to ignore it.
But, I'm not going to be like that anymore.
I just handed over all the evidence I have on you to my boss before I came here.
Including the recording of what you said to me at the ossuary the other day
and the text I received from the witness.
And I'm going to go and meet with that witness.
If the information I receive is true, then as a reporter [holds his tears]
I'm going to... I'm going to report you as a murderer.
Please forgive me, hyung. But this is my answer to your question.
As a reporter, I'm going to stop you from seeking your revenge
and as a reporter, I'm going to exact my own revenge on SongChaOk.

[on the phone]
DalPo: Are you the informant?
JaeMyung: HaMyung, it's me. I'm your informant.
DalPo: Hyung?
JaeMyung: This is me, turning myself in to you.
DalPo: But why would you...
JaeMyung: I was curious. I was curious to see whether or not I could trust you to seek our revenge.
I was curious to see whether or not you were different from reporter SongChaOk.
I needed to know for myself.
Even though it took longer than I expected, you ultimately still called.
Now I see that I can trust you.
DalPo: Hyung...
JaeMyung: I'm going to leave it in your hands to seek revenge for us.
If you're going to do it, do it with flair.



JaeMyung: This is interesting.
Depending on how something is edited, a person can become the devil or a hero.
Through your methods of editing the footage, you turned my father into the devil 13 years ago.
ChaOk: That case was 13 long years ago.
Please consider the fact that my skills weren't as mature at the time.
JaeMyung: Then what you're saying is
unlike the way you were back then, you have matured since?
ChaOk: Yes, of course. Even though it was after some time had passed.
Wasn't it MSC News that also shined light on the injustice that was done to your father?
As well as, you having become a hero.
JaeMyung: No, I don't agree with that.
Because you are at this moment doing the same thing you were doing 13 years ago.
Just like how you turned my heroic father into the devil,
you have now turned a murderer like myself into a hero.

This is just the beginning, okay?
From this moment on, you'll have to face SongChaOk alone.
Show both reporter SongChaOk and I, what a true reporter should be like.
I'm putting my faith in you.

Grandfather: Have you found a place to live?
DalPo: Yes. I'll be living in the house where my brother used to live.
Grandfather: Can't you just continue to live here?
It doesn't matter to me what your story is. You're just my son, ChoiDalPo. Yes, you are.
DalPo: I'm sorry.
Grandfather: Has living here with us been that painful for you?
DalPo: Yes, it's been painful for me.
(No, Ive been so happy, to the point of feeling bad for hyung)
Grandfather: I'm sure it must've been.
Having to keep that tragic secret to yourself and suffering through it alone.
Of course, it must have been painful for you. Okay... okay...
DalPo: I want to take back my birth name.
Grandfather: What did you say?
DalPo: In order for me to do that, you need to un-adopt me.
Grandfather: How can you say that to me?
How can you expect me to do that? How can I do that?
(I'm sorry, Father. But I don't think I should be allowed to feel happiness anymore)

DalPeng: Don't go.
All the hurtful words that I've said to you, I take them all back. I'm sorry.
So please don't go.
DalPo: I'm sorry.
(If I were to live a happy life, then it would make my brother too pitiful)
Thank you for everything. [bow] Please take care of yourself.

InHa: DalPo...
DalPo: Don't call me by that name.
I'm fine, so don't worry about me, and don't try to comfort me either.
So that I don't crumble down and fall... So that I'm not swayed...
Please don't do anything, and just stay away.

ChaOk: Did you say that he was your uncle? ChoiDalPo...
It seems he's KiJaeMyung's little brother.
Have you known about it?
InHa: Yes.
ChaOk: To think that your uncle was the brother of a murderer, what a scary world we live in.
InHa: In that case, I'm the daughter of a murderer. You killed someone with your words.

YooRae: The one who manipulates her way to the top shall be brought to her ruin by manipulation.
HooChul: Why do you hate SongChaOk so much?
YooRae: Because SongChaOk is hateful.
And ChoiDalPo... I mean, KiHaMyung... I really feel bad about I did.
So I'm doing it to get revenge for him.
HooChul: You feel bad? About what?
YooRae: The KiJaeMyung story.
I didn't even know that it was about his brother
and I just ran with it because I thought it'd be a good story.
I've really learned a lot from this.
What may just be a news story to us actually means someone else's life.
I didn't take it seriously enough.

BumJo: Do you remember what you once told me?
About someone stealing all your texts for the past 13 years?
Do you resent that person?
If those text messages had gotten through
then your relationship with your mother may not be as screwed up as it is now.
InHa: I don't know.
I was resentful at first, but I don't feel that way anymore.
If those texts messages had gone through to my mom, 
then she probably would've texted back to tell me not to text her anymore.
If anything, I'm grateful to whomever it was that intercepted my text messages.
For the past 13 years, that person was like my own bamboo forest.
And like my own personal diary.
I actually feel sad that I don't have anyone to send texts to these days.

DalPo: Stay out of this investigation.
InHa: I don't have the choice to stay out of it. Captain Kim ordered me to do it.
DalPo: Still, stay out of it.
Give him whatever excuse you can and just stay out of it.
I'm going to do whatever I must to bring your mother down with this story.
I'm going to reveal every single little thing that she did wrong
and I'm going to show it to the whole wide world that your mother doesn't have the right to be a reporter.
InHa: But why should I stay out of it?
DalPo: Because it would concern me.
I only want to think of my brother and put up a real fight,
but seeing you confuses my thoughts and makes me hesitate.
So please stay out of it.
InHa: Don't concern yourself with me.
Put up a real fight and don't even hesitate.
Because I'm in the same boat as you are.
I also think that my mom doesn't have the right to be a reporter.
Just like you said yourself, I'm going to show that to the whole world.
I know how much you're struggling right now.
You are not fine.
You cry yourself to sleep every night, and you miss my grandfather every single moment.
But you're pretending that you're fine because you feel bad for your brother.
I know better than anyone else that you're not fine,
but I'm not going to worry or even try to console you.
Because I'd hate to see you crumble and fall even more.
So don't concern yourself with me and just do whatever you have to do.



DalPo: What brings you here?
Grandfather: I was going to cut off all ties and not even call or get in touch with you
like you're doing with us.
But I didn't want to become a rude and hearless bastard like you, so that's why I'm here.

There's no way I'm un-adopting you, so you'd better be aware of that.
No matter what anyone says, you're my son for the rest of your life.
You sure are.

ChaOk: What is this that you're doing right now?
DalPo: I was doing the right thing as a reporter.
Something you should've done 13 years ago.
There's something that I'd like to ask.
Why is it that people won't believe you even when you're telling the truth?
Why is it that even you couldn't believe in yourself?
Are you sure that you're a real reporter?
I'm going to continue to ask you that question.
And until I hear your answer to that question, I'm not going to crumble down and fall.

JaeMyung: Have you thanked her?
DalPo: No. I only took my anger out on her and blamed her.
And I feel awful about it.
JaeMyung: Those words should be said in front of her, not me.
Apologies should be given to the person that they're owed to.
Apologizing to anyone else is just a pathetic act of self remorse.

BumJo: Remember what you said about being grateful to the person that stole your texts?
InHa: Yeah, but what brings that up?
BumJo: You said he was like a bamboo forest and a private diary to you
and that you were actually disapointed because you had no one to text anymore, right?
InHa: Yeah, especially right now. I have so much that I want to say.
BumJo: The person who stole those texts... was me.
InHa: What?
BumJo: Your mother forgot and left her cellphone at my house.
That's how I started seeing your text messages.
InHa: I can't believe it.
BumJo: I'm sorry.
At first, it was just for fun, then the fun turned into curiosity.
And that curiosity... made me want to meet you.
That's why I searched for you, and that's why I'm here now.
I'm very well aware of who it is that you have feelings for.
And I also know how bad you want to erase that person from your heart.
I'll help you to do that.
Let's date.
InHa: Hey, I...
BumJo: You said DalPo no longer cares about you.
So stop thinking about him and find a way to get over him yourself.
InHa: Okay, let's date. 
[hiccuping] See? That sort of method doesn't work for me.
Fooling ourselves into dating each other is no way to resolve anything.
I'm sorry.
BumJo: Then we can start from there.
InHa: What?
BumJo: I'll continue to treat you well from now on.
I'll be so good to you to the point that you'll no longer be able to refuse me anymore.
I'm different from DalPo.
You don't hold me back, and you're not a sinner to me either.
InHa: Thanks for caring me the way you do.
But nothing is going to happen to the point where I can't refuse you.
I won't be put in a position where I won't be able to refuse your feelings for me.
Let's just remain friends like we are now, okay?

BumJo: I'm sorry about the other day.
I knew it was pretty cowardly of me, but I thought that you needed to hear it, too.
DalPo: Glad you know that it was cowardly.
BumJo: But you're a bigger coward than I am.
I finally understood after having listened to InHa's story yesterday.
You use your brother and Manager Song as an excuse to treat InHa like a sinner
but you can't even grab onto or let InHa go either.
From what I can see, they're no doubts, but you're just being a coward.
If you're going to end it...
DalPo: I'm trying.
BumJo: Really? Then why don't I help you and InHa...
DalPo: Don't say that you'll help.
I'm the one that needs to end it, not you.
Me trying to get over InHa has nothing to do with your feelings for her.
Don't use me as an excuse to sway InHa.

ChanSoo, little bit drunk: He kept muttering on about feeling bad and guilty for his brother.
He said he feels guilty for being able to walk around outside
and he feels guilty for being able to see and be around other people
and that he feels guilty for even being able to smile at someone.
So he kept drinking, and that's how he ended up so drunk.
DalPo, drunk: Father... I brought you some ginkgo nuts. I know how much you like them.
[to DalPeng] And I have something for you, too. Here's some dried squid for you.
It's my Christmas gift to you.
I brought popped rice crackers for InHa.

DalPo: I can't ask you to be with me right now. But, don't go to anyone else.
InHa: Okay, I won't.
DalPo: I don't want to wake up from this dream.



BumJo: Did you use our news station as a marketing ploy?Chairman Park: This is really disconcerting. My son, I promise it's not what you think it is.
But, like you said, say that I did use the news, what did I do wrong?
You got a story and I sold my products.
The people who wanted to buy it, bought it to their hearts content.
What's bad about that? Just what did I do wrong?
I'm asking because I'm really curious.
BumJo, in disbelief: Then you really did know ahead of time? That it would turn out like this?
Chairman Park: All the consumers feel the same way.
Instead of buying a cheap product, they want attention for buying an expensive one.
Knowing the hearts of those people and using it, was that so wrong of me?
Is that what you think?

JiHee: I want to hear about you guys now. It looks like you 2 are dating.
InHa: No, it's not like that.
YooRae: No kidding. What kind of nonsense is that?
JiHee: I have a quick eye. The way you 2 look at each other is pretty serious.
You 2 like each other, don't you? Right?
InHa: That's...
DalPo: We dated for a moment and then broke it off.
YooRae: What?
ChanSoo: Seriously?
JiHee: Why?
YooRae: When? Where? For how long? Why?
DalPo: Let's talk about something else.

BumJo: Mother, I have something that I need to ask you.
There's something that I heard from KiHaMyung.
October 23, 2000... You met with Reporter SongChaOk on that day, right?
Chairman Park: I'm not sure.
The year 2000 would've been 13 years ago, so how am I supposed to remember that?
BumJo: Okay, if you won't tell me then I'll find the answer myself.
Chairman Park: Stop being like this. You can't treat me like you're a reporter.

When a dog is heard barking, 
then other dogs in the neighborhood start to bark along without even knowing the reason.
I realize that I was just a neighborhood dog.
~Cap. HwangGyoDong

InHa: That exclusive was absurd. How is this case AhnChanSoo's fault?
ChaOk: Officer Ahn is your old classmate, isn't he?
He's your friend, so you've lost your ability to remain rational about this
and I have no intentions of responding to any groundless accusations either.
BumJo: I'm not Officer Ahn's friend, and I haven't lost my rationality either.
Then will you respond to me?
The report Officer Ahn received was for a private usage butane gas explosion.
The report he received has zero correlation to this case.
ChaOk: I'm sure that's AhnChanSoo would say. He's not going to admit fault to it.
BumJo: Have you met with the factory worker who made the initial report?
ChaOk: I tried to meet him, but he still unconscious. It was very disappointing.
BumJo: So you're saying that you didn't.
Then what evidence do you have to state that Officer Ahn is to blame for this case?
ChaOk: Let me ask you something.
What evidence do you have to claim that Officer Ahn isn't to blame for this case?
I, at least have the CCTV footage to make my claims, but what evidence do you have?
And what I mentioned was a possibility, not a forgone conclusion. Is that a problem?
InHa: Yes, it's a problem. Because people accept that possibility for being the truth.
Just like they did 13 years ago.
ChaOk: Why is what happened 13 years ago being brought up in this conversation?
InHa: Was it this kind of weak possibility that you used to complete destroy an innocent family?
ChaOk: Then bring me even a weak piece of evidence to support that argument of yours!
Don't be so unilaterally blinded because he's your friend
but dispute it by showing concrete evidence like a eal reporter should and would!
DalPo: I will be back with that evidence.
I will find and bring back the evidence to prove that AhnChanSoo is innocent.
An innocent person's life will not be destroyed like it was 13 years ago.
The flow of the story that you're trying to change, I vow to return it to its rightful path.

It's not good to compare people.
Once you start doing that, then it's the end of happiness and the start of misery.



InHa: Manager Song, I have something to ask you.
The CCTV recording you got from the site, is it really the master copy?
ChaOk: Why are you asking?
InHa: Some parts have been edited. If it's the original copy, it shouldn't have edits.
ChaOk, step into the elevator: Perhaps the footage had temporary hiccups.
InHa: Manager Song!
DalPo, holds the door: I too have a question.
Did you really obtain the recording from the factory?
ChaOk: Of course I got it from the factory.
It's a recording of the fire. Where else could it be from?
DalPo: I was at the factory. The room with all the recordings was completely destroyed.
So it's not from the factory, but from the security firm.
According to the firm, only the factory owner has access to the recordings.
InHa: The owner? Then, did you get it from the factory owner?
ChaOk: No. [she push door-closed button but DalPo didn't move his hand] 
Move your hand. I don't have time to play your detective games.
DalPo: This tells a different story.
If the factory owner sent the recording, it means he also intentionally edited the recording.
And in those deleted scens is the real cause of the fire.
ChaOk: I said to question with evidence. Did I say to question with assumptions?
DalPo: Yes, wait a bit. I'll find the missing scenes and come back to argue with you.

BumJo: Stop it! Why are you going so far with this?
InHa: What do I do then? You saw ChanSoo and DalPo just now. They are my friends.
Because of my mom, ChanSoo is experiencing the same fate as DalPo 13 years ago.
How can I rest now? I'm feeling so bad it's driving me crazy! How can I rest?!
BumJo: Why do you have to feel sorry?
InHa: Because my mom won't appologize, nor try to fix anything.

DalPo: Where is InHa? Why isn't she answering her phone?
BumJo: Why? Now you think of InHa?
She's been trying to solve Officer Ahn's case. She hasn't slept for days.
She's been getting nosebleeds and running til her feet bled. Didn't you know?
All you see is Manager Song. You want to bring her down by any means.
You don't see InHa who suffers like she's a criminal because of you, do you?
InHa says Officer Ahn is suffering because of her.
She says what you went through 13 years ago is her fault too.
She says when she sees you, she feels like a sinner.
Let me ask you, what has InHa done wrong?
Is it her fault she is Manager Song's daughter?
If you're going to give her heartache, just cut her off and end it.
DalPo: That's enough.
BumJo: What is this? Giving her so much pain with your lukewarm attitude.
But, do you know what's the most annoying?
I want to stop that ignorant girl, but she won't listen to anything I say!
 I tell her she has done nothing wrong.
I tell her it's not her fault and to take a break, but she doesn't listen.
Because those words only work if they come from you.

  DalPo: Stop saying you're sorry. What are you so sorry for?
InHa: I'm just...
DalPo: You didn't falsely accuse my father. You didn't falsely accuse ChanSoo.
So, why do you keep saying sorry?
InHa: You're acting strange. You've been acting angry tonight.
DalPo: You make me angry and frustrated.
InHa: You're the one who said, don't worry about you or comfort you.
You said let you be so that you don't crumble.
There is nothing that I can do, but be sorry. What can I do?
DalPo: That bothers me too.
InHa: Okay, from now on, I really won't do anything.
I won't worry, of comfort, and I won't even be sorry.
Are you satisfied?

DalPo: Don't be sorry.
To me, you're not SongChaOk's daughter, and you're not my niece.
To me, you are just you.
InHa: DalPo... I mean, HaMyung...
DalPo: You can call me DalPo.
I tried with all my might, I tried everything I could, but for a long time, it's the same.
My father, my brother, and your mother... when I think of them, I know I shouldn't do this.
But I can't give you up.
InHa, kiss him back: I feel the same way too.




DalPo: Why don't you get cleaned up first? You're looking messy right now.
InHa: No, I have to get going. I'm going.
DalPo: It's long past your 5 minutes.
Since you're still here, get cleaned up and have some breakfast before you go.
InHa: You're okay with all this? You don't find this awkward at all?
DalPo: No, not at all.
In the 13 years that we're lived together, we've shared meals, shared the same bathroom
and even farted in front of each other
so you're the awkward one for feeling so weird about it all of a sudden.

DalPo: Why are you hiccuping?
InHa: That's because...
It's just something that I feel better after what happened last night and this morning
and to be honest, I don't know if I can do this.
I have to run whenever I see my dad and seeing your bother makes me feel heavy with guilt.
Now matter how hard I try, I can't get my mom out of my head whenever I'm around you.
But I hate the thought of giving you up even more.
So can you give me some time?
I'm going to make my mom apologize to you and your brother.
Then I think I'd be able to get over my guilt and see you with a sense of peace.
DalPo: Your hiccups have stopped.
InHa: Huh?
DalPo: That's what will give you a peace of mind?
No matter how much I tell you that I'm okay, you still won't be okay with it, will you?
Okay, then let's do that.

InHa: Help me, Manager Song.
You have the power to change the flow of the tide. Please change it.
ChaOk: What do you mean?
InHa: We recovered what you've edited out. We've proved that you lied. Which means...
ChaOk: I didn't lie. I didn't know that it had been edited either.
It's a mistake any reporter could've made.
InHa: Then you should correct your mistake. Don't bury it.
If you're a true reporter, that's what you must do.
ChaOk: Even if I don't, it will still happen.
The real guilty parties will be caught with the material you've turned in and they'll be punished for it.
That sounds like a happy ending to me.
InHa: No. If we just leave it like this, then it'll just be left forgotten. Like 13 years ago.
I know that's what you want, too. That's why you kept the focus on ChanSoo.
Just like you did with Fireman KiHoSang 13 years ago.
ChaOk: There you go with your ridiculous speculations again.
InHa: Yes. I hope that they're just speculations.
I hope that it's just a mistake on my part, like you're saying.
Because had you done it on purpose, then you... you'd lose even your right to apologize.
ChaOk: You've already told me to apologize before. Why are you so obsessed with that?
This doesn't even concern you.
InHa: But it concerns someone that I care about.
I truly and deeply like and care for DalPo.
That's why, I really want him to hear a sincere apology from you.

Director Yun: I know how hard you've all been working lately to cover the latest field news.
Let's live up the Olympic news coverage and bring some joy back to our viewers
and continue to make our ratings climb up through the roof. Cheers!
JooHoo: ChoiInHa, why aren't you drinking?
Dressed all dark and somber like that, were you at a funeral or something?
InHa: Yes, I was just at the funeral of the latest victim who lost his life to the factory fire.
He lost his life due to the injuries that he sustained from the explosion.
But I noticed that not a single reporter came to film the news of his death.
IlJoo: You did good. At least you went, so it's fine.
InHa: I'm not sure. I don't quite agree with that.
The family of the deceased is saying that they still don't know who's responsible for fire explosion.
They kept asking, thinking that I'd know since I'm a reporter, but I couldn't say a word.
So what is it that you're saying I did well?
Cap. Kim: Let's not talk about work while we're out to dinner.
WoonGo: Why is she talking like that? What a mood killer.
Cap. Hwang: Why? She's saying all the right stuff.
It's obvious that the case is being pushed out of the way, to be forgotten,
so it's normal for a reporter to be thinking and talking like that.
ChaOk: We're soon going to be overflowing with happier news that people will be eager for
so droning on and on and on about some bygone news isn't what a reporter should do either.
YooRae, coughing: What a jerk!
InHa: 17 people have lost their lives.
The person responsible for the fire hasn't even been found yet. So how is this bygone news?
Eventhough it may not be happy news, it's must-see news.
ChaOk: Must-see news? Who would be the judge of that?
If you're going to disregard the wants of the public to keep pressing your own opinion
then that would make you a teacher, not a reporter.
Cap. Hwang: Director Lee, between happy news and must-see news, which of the 2 would you choose?
Director Lee: Well, both are important.
But if I had to choose only one, then I'd choose the happy news.
Cap. Hwang, whispering: Do you not get what's being asked right now?
Director Yun: Yes, I agree! We're finally on the same page!
Cap. Kim: I guess, there's not even a comparison between the Olympics and the fire case.
DalPo: By the way, Jang-sunbae, I almost forgot, but I have something to tell you.
HyunKyu: What is it?
DalPo: I've got good news and bad news. Which would you like first?
HyunKyu: Okay, give me the good news first.
DalPo: Moon-sunbae handed me some concert tickets to give to you.
He told me that it's a concert with all the hottest Hallyu stars.
HyunKyu: Really? Is A-Pink going to be there? What about Girls Day?
DalPo: I think they're all coming.
HyunKyu: Daebak! Today really must be my lucky day.
Then, what's the bad news?
DalPo: The result of your healt exam came back. You have pancreatic cancer.
HyunKyu: What? I have a cancer?
HooChul: Are you serious?
JaeHwan: Why are you telling us that now?
 YooRae: You should've told us right away.
Director Lee: Hey, you shouldn't be drinking any alcohol. What are we going to do?
HyunKyu: I have... pancreatic cancer? [sobbing] I knew it.
Hey, you should've told me as soon as you found out.
DalPo: Why? News of pancreatic cancer isn't happy news.
Happy news would be about those concert tickets, wouldn't it?
Then apparently, that's what should come first.
HyunKyu: What? KiHaMyung, were you toying with me just now?
DalPo: I'm sorry for having toyed with you.
But I was just curious of which should come first between happy news and must-see news.
Thank you for giving me my answer, Jang-sunbae.
HyunKyu: He just played me again.
Director Lee: No, he didn't play you. He just played me.

KiHaMyung: I wish they would've done this during dad's case, too, right?
DalPo: Yes, you're right.
KiHaMyung: I didn't want to become a reporter
and I used to wish that all reporters would just disappear from this earth, 
but I'm glad, I'm glad that we became a reporter.
DalPo: Yeah.
KiHaMyung: Is it all over now?
DalPo: No, this is only the beginning. Because I still have too many questions left to ask.

BumJo: You had a meeting with Manager Song here at the house 13 years ago.
Chairman Park: Son, I've already told you...
BumJo: That wasn't the question. I'm just here to twll you the truth which I've verified for myself.
The recent factory explosion case, it's extremely similar to KiHoSang's case from 13 years ago.
An innocent bystander was framed to be held responsible for the accident
and even when his remains were finally found, other issues came up to bury the news of it.
Reporter SongChaOk was the one who directed the flow of the story back then
and the same has occured again.
And the end result of all that was the complete destruction of KiHoSang's family.
And the very next day, on October 23, 2000, you met with Manager SongChaOk.
I have evidence that you met with Manager Song again after the recent accident.
Chairman Park: What is it that you're trying to say?
BumJo: I've noticed that Senator KimKyungHo is amongst those responsible for the explosion.
I'm close enough to him to address him as an 'uncle'
and I know that he has an even closer relationship with you.
Chairman Park: Are you saying that I'm somehow related to those cases?
BumJo: Yes. Manager Song, Senator KimKyungHo, and you.
I believe that the 3 of you are related to those cases.
Am I wrong?
Chairman Park: Are you forgotten what I said? You can't treat me like a reporter.
BumJo: Mother!
Chairman Park: Come ask again after you quit being a reporter, and I'll answer it then.

BumJo: You're aware that there are a lot of similarities between this case
and the case from 13 years ago, aren't you?
InHa: Yeah.
BumJo: I believe that Manager Song and my mother are related to both those cases.
InHa: Yeah, me too.
BumJo: And that evidence might be on that cellphone.
InHa: On the cellphone? Why do you think that?
BumJo: When I thought about it,
I thought it weird that only texts which you sent were on that phone.
Why aren't there any other messages or call logs other than yours?
When I'm sure that Manager Song had that cellphone even before then.
InHa: Then does it mean that she purposely deleted all the other previous messages?
BumJo: Maybe.

BumJo: What are you doing?
You were trying to retrieve the texts without me knowing about it?
InHa: That's... If what you're saying is true,
then as painful as it may be for me, it may be even more painful for you.
So I thought it would be better if only I was the one who get hurt from this.
BumJo: Thanks for worrying about me, but I'm not that weak of a person.

JaeMyung: I'm really glad that you're a reporter.
DalPo: What's this? You're trying to sweeten your blow?
JaeMyung: At the very least, I know that I can trust the news that you report.
[point to his heart] Because it burns hot in there,
[point to his head] while it remains cold up there.
The opposite of someone else I know.



InHa: Are you really this evil?
ChaOk: What do you think you're doing?
InHa: The cellphone that you've been asking for, I've recovered all the messages that you deleted.
Explain to me what these are.
13 years, no... it's already been 14 years.
I thought that maybe you hade made a mistake from being swept up by the public's opinion
and that you did what you did because you had your own convictions, 
but this is what it all boiled down to?
Were you the type of person to do every single bidding ordered by Chairman Park?
Are you sure that you're even a real reporter?

Chairman Park: Yeah, right, I sent all these texts messages.
This accident from 13 years ago, made things very difficult for a Senator who has helping me with my business.
From factory issues and disposing of harmful chemical waste he was helping me out with all those problems.
But things were dicey due to some nasty reports swirling around about the Senator.
BumJo: So, you shifted all the blame onto KiHoSang to keep him out of trouble?
Chairman Park: We just needed to divert the people's focus until we could take care of the issue.
But, I didn't know that things would blow out of proportion like this either.
I get what you're upset about, but what I did wasn't exactly illegal either.
I was just doing a favor for someone who was helpful to me in my business.
Running a business is just like farming.
Planting the seeds alone isn't going to make the crop grow big on its own.
You need to feed it with foul smelling manure and spray it with some potent pesticides
before you can harvest the fruit.
We're scheduled for the grand opening of our shops at the airport
as well as starting construction of the concert hall.
These are business deals that are worth billions of won each.
Those are all the fruits of my labor from over 20 years of farming
by feeding it with manure and spraying it with pesticides such as this.
All there is left to do now is to harvest the fruit
but these pests won't stop gnawing at it and it's really starting to aggravate me.
BumJo: What would happen if these text messages were to be revealed to the world?
Chairman Park: Well, I'm sure I'd get some flak for it.
But it's already been 14 years.
It doesn't really fit under any certain crime and the statute of limitation is already over.
I don't think it's really going to have much of a negative effect on me.
BumJo: By granting all these favors for them for all these years
what is it that you've gained for yourself?
Chairman Park: Everything that you've had in your possession all your life.
And also everything that you'll come to possess in the future.

ChaOk: Do you really think that you have the power to report this?
There's no way that MSC News will ever broadcast this story.
InHa: Yes, I know. YGN News will...
ChaOk: You're going to be a whistblowerer?
Are you aware that the next step would then be your own termination as you're saying this?
InHa: I'm not scared.
Working for a company where I can't even tell the truth about its filthy connections
I'm not sorry to let it go.
I'm going to start over as a reporter working for an ethical station.
ChaOk: You really think that you can go back to being a reporter somewhere else?
InHa: Yes.
ChaOk: Who do you think will hire a person that's known to be a whistleblower?
What organization out there will welcome a reporter 
who aired out their employer's dirty laundry for the whole world to see?
No organization in this world is that naive or just.
14 years ago I used to be just like you.
The choice I made at that moment is how I got to where I am today.
But you're free to make your own choice.
You can give up being a reporter
and go back to working part-time at the convenience store like you used to.
And keep your conscience clear of any guilt.
Pretty soon, your internship training will be over.
Don't you want to become a full-time employee here?
InHa: Manager Song!
ChaOk: Think about it! 
Whether or not you want to become a formidable figure 
to become the voice for 99 people by doing these people's bidding once in a while
or become a helpless figure who can never be of help to anyone in this world.
I don't want to see you becoming a helpless person like that.
I'm not saying this as your manager, but as your mom.
Because I saw first hand how a person can be completely destroyed when they become a whistleblower.
InHa: Who?
ChaOk: Your father.
It happened while you were still young, so I doubt that you'll remember.
But your father used to be quite a succesful director at a bank.
Then he found out about the CEO's embezzlement of the bank funds
and got fired for reporting what he found to a newspaper.
What do you think?
From what you've seen between my life and your father's life
which of the 2 do you think is more pathetic?
InHa: I have never once thought of my dad's life as being pathetic.
And if his life is the result of speaking the truth, then I'm proud of him.
I'm going to choose differently than you did.

Cap. Kim: Do you know when it is that a dog gets slaughtered?
It's when the dog keeps barking at the owner without knowing when to show respect.
I know that this may sound cowardly, but I'm not ready to be slaughtered yet.
IlJoo: Do you think that you can be a whistleblower yourself?
Would you be okay with kissing your reporting career goodbye?
InHa: Yes, I can do it. [hiccups]
IlJoo: See? You can't do it. So just keep quiet and don't do anything.

DalPo: What's this about? What brings you down here?
[InHa smiles at him] Why are you staring at me like that?
InHa: Because I'm amazed.
DalPo: About what?
InHa: I was full of so many doubts, but seeing you has made them all go away.
DalPo: What were you having doubts about?
InHa hugs him: Just some ridiculous doubts.
Doubts so ridiculous that I actually feel bad for even having had them.

DalPo: These text messages, are from Manager Song and BumJo's mother?
InHa: Yeah.
DalPo: Because of these text messages... my father became a criminal.
Because of these few small text messages.
InHa: Yeah.
Because of those few text messages, your family was destroyed.

DalPo: Does BumJo know about this?
Inha: Yeah, I think he was pretty shocked by it.
DalPo: What about you? Are you okay?
InHa: I'd be lying if I told you that I was.
I know that you're very angry right now, but calmly listen to what I'm about to say.
It's impossible to get MSC to report this.
As you can see from its contents, it involves both Manager Song and Director Yun.
It'll be impossible to get through them both and report this.
That's why you need to do it. You have to do this.
DalPo: What does Manager SongChaOk have to say about this?
InHa: She admitted that they were all true. But she said MSC will never report this.
That's why I handed it over to you.
You can do this, right?
DalPo: I have to. Somehow, no matter what it takes, I have to do it.
... Thank you. Thank you for giving this to me.

InHa: I already handed the information over to YGN yesterday.
That's why I turned in my letter of resignation.
ChaOk: Have you lost your mind? Why would you?
InHa: So that I can make my choice without any regrets.
I believe that this is the right choice.
ChaOk: Why are you doing all this? Why won't you just listen?!
InHa: So that I can apologize in your place.
This is what you should've done when you had the choice.
But you didn't, and you didn't even apologize, so I'm doing it for you instead.
ChaOk: Why would you apologize in my place?
InHa: Because I'm your daughter.
I told myself over and over to just think of you as a stranger.
Since you've already abandoned me, I just needed to let go to end our relationship.
But I couldn't.
I only need to let go of your hand, but I can't do it!
Like a fool, I just can't!

InHa: What was it like for you? Did you not regret it after you fired them?
You didn't regret it, did you?
Tell me that you didn't regret it.
Tell me that I did the right thing, please?
Please, Dad, tell me that I did the right thing.
DalPeng: You did the right thing.
My daughter did the right thing.

Telling the truth isn't a crime.
Telling lies is the real crime.
So don't just mope around feeling down and defeated and stay strong, okay?

Cap. Hwang: You told me that you got it from ChoiInHa and that she also gave you her consent?
DalPo: Yes, and she also requested that we make sure to report the story.
Cap. Hwang: Have you checked to make sure that she's okay?
This is whistleblowing.
DalPo: Whistleblowing?
Cap. Hwang: She's exposing her own comapny's manager, director and its executive members.
Giving you that information means that she was prepared to quit her job.
Were you not aware of that?
DalPo: No, I wasn't aware.
Cap. Hwang: Cap. Kim of MSC News told me earlier that Repoter ChoiInHa turned in her resignation.
DalPo: A resignation letter?
Cap. Hwang: Go to her and check to make sure that she's okay.
You're putting your whole life on the line when you become a whistleblower.
You have to be prepared to lose your career, friends, and even your future when you do it.
Don't take that too lightly.
I know how angered you must've been when you found out about these connections.
And I also know that you want to get revenge on them all by exposing this story.
But you must not forget your purpose as a reporter,
because you've lost your focus in your thirst for that revenge.
DalPo: Yes, Cap. Hwang.

DalPo: Why are you asking me to do something that you're not able to do yourself?
InHa: Then answer me this. What would you do if you were me?
Would you just bury this?
DalPo: No, I'm not going to bury it.
I'm going to expose those connections somehow without getting you involved.
InHa: How else are you going to do it?
What other way is there besides this?
DalPo: There's a way.
Granted, it may be more of a challenge, but there will be another way.
So go back to work for now.
Let's find that path together, okay?
InHa: But we're so close. That's all we'd need to expose everything.
DalPo: I'm just saying that we'll find another way.

ChaOk: Why do you doing this? I thought you really wanted this.
DalPo: Yes, I truly do want it.
To the point that I desire to reveal this story to the world.
But because of that desire, because of that greed,
I can't ruin someone else's life because of that.
ChaOk: So are you giving up on the story then?
DalPo: No. I'm entrusting you to cover the story, Reporter Song.
I heard that you reported on the whistleblower
and that Chairman Park was in league with the assemblyman 14 years ago.
Our family was horribly ruined because of that decision.
InHa doesn't have the power to cover that story.
And if I cover the story, she'll be the one to end up hurt.
ChaOk: So?
DalPo: The one who must take responsibility for that tragedy is you, not InHa.
So it must be you who lets the entire world know.
ChaOk: Do you think that I'll cover this story on those grounds?
Is that why you're handling this over to me?
Aren't you being too naive?
DalPo: Yes, I know that this is a ridiculous gamble.
But I'm going to trust in that crazy decision.
That there were once a crucial moment when you had to decide who the whistleblower was
that you were once a reporter
and that you may be regretting the decision you made 14 years ago.
I've decided that I want to naively trust in that.
I'm counting on you.
Please, report that story yourself, Reporter Song.
ChaOk: InHa and you, KiHaMyung, you're reckless to the point that it annoys me.
Circling around to the point that it annoys me.
Making me worry to the point that it annoys me.
Humiliating me to the point that it annoys me.



InHa: I've returned to work, Cap.
Cap. Kim: You made the right decision. You really did!
IlJoo: You made the right decision.
InHa: I'm sorry for making everyone worry.
Cap. Kim: If you're sorry, do a good job.
IlJoo: If you lower your voice for now, you'll have more opportunities to speak up later.
And then...
InHa: No. I have no plans to lower my voice even now.
If I did, I would not have come back.
Cap. Kim: Hey, why are you doing this?
InHa: I respect you, Cap, and I think you are truly a good reporter.
A reporter must protect the public welfare.
News must serve the public interest.
We must make city officials pay attention to that news.
The president must see that news.
The world must see that news.
That is how reporter saves the oublic.
You said those words to me. I remember every word.


If we don't report this quickly, next time it won't be just a warning.
When one person knows, you keep that person quiet.
When 2 people know, you keep 2 quiet.
But when 1000 or 10,000 people know, how do you keep them quiet?
In the end, the world will have to acknowledge it.

InHa: Another way?
ChaOk: Use the government authority.
The case from 14 years ago doesn't hold much power.
Even if we tell the world, its statute of limitation expired long ago.
Chairman Park won't get affected by it.
I need a current case, and help from your friend.
InHa: My friend?
ChaOk: Go tell this to your friend AhnChanSoo that he should file a defamation suit aginst me.
InHa: Mom!
ChaOk: Labeling him as the one responsible for the factory fire case,
if ChanSoo files a defamation suit for that, I will be arraigned and investigated as the principal offender.
Right then, I will divulge everything to the police.
The police will then further investigate and the reporters will cover the story.
That's how I'll tell the world.
Starting from KiHoSang's case 14 years ago, to connections to Chairman Park.
Then I and Chairman Park will be the joint principal offenders.
From that point, you guys keep your eyes open and report the story as it is.
Report what the police say, the prosecutors say, waht I say and what Chairman Park says.
Don't miss a single beat and report everything.
No matter what public opinion manipulation is at play, do not get swamped nor swayed.
Do it right. You got it?
InHa: Okay, I will.
ChaOk: Chairman Park will use money or connections to get out of this every chance she gets.
The subpoena, indictment, hearing... Make sure she can't excuse herself.
You guys keep a close watch.
InHa: But you... this will be the end for you. Maybe you will lose everything.
You might have to give up everything.
ChaOk: I don't value them that much.
All this time I was feeling a bit tired. I was exhausted.
InHa, sobbing: Mom...
ChaOk: Don't cry.
If you're like this, I won't feel comfortable entrusting you with this work.

ChaOk: KiHaMyung, have you figured out what a reporter is?
DalPo: Yes, I think I've figured out the hard parts.
ChaOk: Good. then come and bark at me for real. I'll answer all your questions.
DalPo: Yes, I understand.



DalPo: I'm sure that your senators are feeling nervous as they witness you walking into the police station.
Do you have anything that you'd like to say to them?
Chairman Park: SHUT UP!

ChanSoo: Even if I have 3 kids to raise, I'm still a proud law officer of Korea.
I won't fall for an offer like that. I'm not settling.
InHa: I know you'd say that. I totally had faith in you.
[she starts hiccup and everybody stare at her]
I had a small seed of doubt. A tiny seed.
[hiccups] Okay, fine. I had huge doubts. I'm sorry.
ChanSoo: Don't worry.
HaMyung, you were the reason why I started this battle.
I started it because I felt bad for spreading those false rumors about you in high school
and also because I felt grateful to you for saving me despite that.
 I started because you told me to, and I'll only stop when you tell me to.
I know what this battle means to you.
I'm putting my conscience on the line, and I'm going to see this thing through.
DalPo: Thanks, ChanSoo.

InHa: Why did you put on the false act when your arm's already been healed?
DalPo: I wasn't putting on an act, it just isn't completely healed yet...
InHa: Why? Because you were afraid that we'd tell you to go home once you're all healed?
DalPo: No, it was because...
InHa: You like being here, don't you?
You don't have to eat your rubbery eggs for meals while you're here
and you also get to see grandfather and father every day.
Not to mention seeing me every day, right?
Can't you just move back home?
Does the thought of your brother still concern you that much?
DalPo: No.
InHa: Then come home.
That ridiculous breakfast of yours keeps worrying me, anyway.

Assistant Go: Chairman Park, bending down a bit for the better of...
Chairman Park: Bend down? To whom? To that police officer?
Then I'll be admitting that I'm guilty of defamation of character.
That means I'm admitting to all those connections.
The identity of all those senators will be revealed to the whole world
and the prosecution will start an internal investigation.
Does this look like something that'll get resolved by bending down a bit?

DalPo: Pretending that you're okay because you feel bad about it, I've realized that it's just foolish.
InHa: No, I really am okay. [hiccups] I guess I'm not okay.
DalPo, hugs her: See?
InHa: I should've hugged you like this back then.
Even if you told me not to worry or to comfort you, I still should've hugged you.
When hugging could be so comforting like this.

YooRae: ChaHoChul, want to go to Officer Ahn's housewarming party with me?
HoChul: I'm busy.
YooRae, as Cap. Hwang pass by: Cap. Hwang, want to go to Officer Ahn's housewarming party?
Cap. Hwang: Okay.
YooRae: Excuse me? What are you okay to right now?
Cap. Hwang: Didn't you ask me to go to a housewarming party just now?
I'm saying that I'll go. [walks away]
YooRae: What's wrong with Cap. Hwang? Why is he agreeing to go?
DalPo: He's hoing because you asked him to go.
YooRae: But I'm asking why?
DalPo: That's what I'd like to ask. Why did you invite Cap. Hwang to come along?
YooRae: Because I didn't think he'd agree to come.

BumJo: My mother's never going to back down.
She's not someone to be convinced, and she definitely won't repent, either.
But I don't have the courage to turn my family member in like you did.
I think I finally understand why InHa felt so sorry to you.
DalPo: Don't feel like that.
I have no intentions of asking you to turn your mother in to the police.
Because I know just how difficult that is.
And I've long since gotten past seeking revenge or holding a grudge against anyone.
BumJo: Are you just saying that to make me feel better?
DalPo: No, it's not that.
SeoBumJo, I like you.
BumJo: Hey, what's wrong with you? You're grossing me out.
DalPo: But I like InHa even better.
I like her so much that I'm sad to see the time go even when I'm with her.
BumJo: Why are you confessing that to me?
DalPo: Those times are too precious to me, and that's why I've let it all go.
Seeking revenge or holding a grudge, I've moved past all that.
Now I just want to report the truth as a true reporter would.
Reporting the good and the bad for what it is.
I just want to report the truth to the world, and that's all there is to it.

BumJo: By some chance, if you get to interview my mother at the ceremony later
can you relay a message to her for me?
InHa: What message?
BumJo: That everything I've possessed in my life and everything I'll come to possess,
that I'll assume the responsibility for them with her, together.
Tell her that I'm sorry for having left her alone and for not having realized it sooner.
Tell her that from now on I'll always be there with her.
Please tell her that for me.

BumJo: I'm being taken off to jail in a bit, so this may be our last conversation.
DalPo: Tell them that it's not the truth right now.
I know why you're doing this, but this isn't right.
BumJo: If you know that, then just keep it up to yourself. Because this is the only way.
DalPo: SeoBumJo!
BumJo: You should've told me otherwise.
That you still blamed her, and that you still hated her. You should've just told me that instead.
If you had, then I might've turned a blind eye and kept ignoring it for a bit longer.
I don't have any ulterior motives, either.
I'm doing this because I just want to reveal the truth to the world.
The good and the bad, for what it is.
In my own way, I'm doing this to bring the real truth to light.
DalPo: BumJo...
BumJo: Eventhough it was only for a short while, I was still a reporter myself.
DalPo: Just why are you doing all this? Why?
BumJo: Don't you remember what I once told you, that I'm on your side?
Imagine how loyal I must be to you for me to be doing this.
Do you finally believe me now?
DalPo: I believed in you from the start, you crazy bastard.


DalPo: What question would you ask?
When that time comes, what is the one thing that you'd like to ask her?
I'll ask for you in your place.
JaeMyung: When that times comes
I don't want you to ask any of the questions that we've always wanted to ask.
DalPo: What?
JaeMyung: You're a reporter.
I want you to be a reporter and ask the questions that the whole world wants answered.
That way, you become a reporter that sets you apart from SongChaOk.

Chairman Park: I'm sorry for all the grievances that I've caused.
I will give my full cooperation to the police.
 DalPo: (Why did you frame my father?)
Chairman Park, do you believe your son to be innocent?
Chairman Park: Yes, my son is innocent.
DalPo: (Why did you slander my family?)
What thoughts went through your head when you saw all the news reports
referring to your innocent son as a common criminal?
Chairman Park: I believe that an error has been made.
Lawyer: Chairman Park, you shouldn't be saying that. Just say that you're sorry.
DalPo: (Even after all you've done, why do you still refuse to repent?)
Then do you believe that those errors must be corrected?
Chairman Park: Yes, of course.
Lawyer: Chairman, you musn't do this.
Just tell them that you're sorry for the grievances that you've caused.
Chairman Park: Grievances? What grievances?! Just what grievances have I caused?!
DalPo: It seems you feel you've been wronged. Why don't you clear it up for us?
Help clear up any misunderstandings.
Chairman Park: My son is innocent. He's a model citizen.
DalPo: Then why did he turn himself in, when he hasn't committed any crime?
Chairman Park: I told you that my son's innocent.
InHa: Your son, SeoBumJo, stated that he'll share the responsibility with his mother
before he turned himself in.
What did he mean by that?
DalPo: Why would he say such thing if he's innocent of the crime?
Reporter: Isn't that admitting to his guilt?
Reporter: Does it mean that you're his co-conspirator?
Reporter: Did you plan it together?
Reporter: Are you both co-conspirators?
Chairman Park: I TOLD YOU THAT HE DIDN'T! 
My son is a kind and good person. 
My son is so kind-hearted that he's even willing to go to jail for the crime that his mom committed.

You really have a knack for humiliating people.
~SongChaOk about ChoiDalPo
BumJo: I actually came to see you that day to give you your birthday gift.
But like a fool, I never even got to give it to you.
InHa: Really?
BumJo: I regret those 30 seconds more than any other 30 seconds of my life.
Actually, this is what I had originally planned on doing.
[handed her the gift] Happy birthday, ChoiInHa.
I've really wanted to meet you, ChoiInHa.
I'm so glad to have met you, ChoiInHa.
What do you think? Wasn't that so cool?
InHa: Do you still feel that way? That you're glad to have met me?
BumJo: Of course.
InHa: Thanks for telling me that.

[DalPo in SongChaOk's flashback]
DalPo: I only did what I should as a reporter. 
Which is something you should've done 13 years ago.
ChaOk: He's right.
DalPo: I'd like to ask you something.
Why won't people believe you even when you're telling the truth?
ChaOk: Because I'm a liar.
DalPo: Why didn't you even believe in yourself?
ChaOk: Because I told one too many lies.
DalPo: Are you sure that you're a real reporter?
ChaOk: No.

DalPeng: A few days ago, I used some excuse to ask father about how he'd feel
if you 2 started dating instead of remaining as uncle and niece.
He flipped out and said that he'd never allow it.
He said it would be unfathomable and that I shouldn't even mention it.
That's what he said.
DalPo: Ahjusii, we...
DalPeng: DalPo, I think father will always think of you as his precious son.
He adamantly refused even when you asked him to unadopt you.
He said that he couldn't stand losing son for the second time.
Whether you hate it or not, family will always be family.
Even if you were to move out, we'd still come to visit you
and no matter how you try, you'd never be able to cut ties with family.
But that's not how it works in a romantic relationship.
 If the relationship grows apart, then you can cut ties forever.
That's why father is opposed to this.
InHa: Dad, we'll try to convince gradfather. If we talk to him...
DalPeng: And what if he collapses again? What are you going to do then?
His blood pressure is even worse these days.
Don't you remember how he used to be on the island?
InHa: Then you want us to deceive him? You want us to lie to him?
DalPeng: What's wrong with that?
You can go back to carrying on as uncle and niece like you used to
and DalPo wouldn't have to live alone.
It wouldn't be bad for father, either.
So what does it matter if you have to lie a bit?

InHa: How is that so simple for you?
We fought so hard to get to where we are, how can you give up so easily?
DalPo: I'm not giving up.
I'm going to tell father everything. I'm going to do everything I can to get his blessing.
I'm not going to lie anymore. It took me 14 years to figure it out.
Happiness earned through deceit always comes to an end.
I had the same thought as you did when you saw BumJo.
He might've been happier had he stayed oblivious to the truth about his mother.
But, even if you hide out of fear or turn a blind eye because you're appalled
forgetting about the truth doesn't make it go away.
InHa: You're right.
When I met my mom again, I realized that she wasn't the mom that I thought she was
and I felt like my whole world was going to come crashing down.
But in the end, I realized that you have to face it head on.
No matter how painful it may be, in the end, you still have to face it.
What other choice do you have, when you're faced with the truth.
DalPo: If you can argue something to be the truth, then I wish I could argue it to death.
But, you know that's not possible.
So I'm not going to lie anymore.
No matter how difficult it may be, I'm going to tell father the truth and work to earn his blessing.
InHa: And what if he doesn't?
DalPo: Then we'll just have to accept it. What other choice do we have?
Father saved my life, then he raised me and he also gave me the chance to meet you.
Even if the whole world gives us their blessing, as long as father won't allow it, 
I can't go against his wishes.
InHa: I know... I know all that.
DalPo: Let's give it a try.

DalPo: What business do you have at the courthouse?
Grandfather: It's about your adoption.
I came to submit my nullification documents to the court.
DalPo: Father...
Grandfather: I'm going to stop being so stubborn and help you get your real birth name back.
I'm sorry. It's just that I love you and cherish you so much
and that's why I've remained so stubborn and selfish for so long.
Now, you can live by your own real name.
The name, ChoiDalPo... you can abandon that name now, understand?
Our InHa... love and cherish her.
DalPo: I will. I will, Father.
Grandfather, hugs him: Thank you for having lived all these years as my son.
I'm so grateful to you, okay, HaMyung.
DalPo: Thank you for raising me, Father.

InHa: There's something that I'm curious about.
HaMyung: What is it?
InHa: When we were back in high school why did you want to go on that quiz show so badly?
I've asked you a few times, but you never...
HaMyung, kiss her: Because I like you. Because I really liked you.


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