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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Passion Never Dies

Take my picture.
I feel beautiful tonight.

Luke: I didn't realize you were that serious.
Matthew: Apparently I'm not.
Luke: That's how the universe works.
The minute you make a decision, you decide on anything, along comes temptation.
Matthew: What would you do?
Luke: Keep them both and hope they didn't find out about each other is what I would do.

Sometimes when you see someone from afar, you develop a fantasy.
Then when you see them up close, 9 times out of ten.

Matthew: What do you think, Alex? You know the whole story.
Alex: It's easy to stand back and judge. You don't know anything about this woman.
Matthew: I know that she has no conscience and no regard for anyone but herself.
Alex: You make yourself into such a victim.
Nobody made you be with her. You can't even see what a hypocrite you're being.
Matthew: I'm being hypocrite? How am I being a hypocrite?
I'd like you to explain me how I'm being a hypocrite.
Alex: Who's to say this woman hasn't been in love with you for a really long time?
And now that she found you again, she wasn't about to let you go twice.
Matthew: What?
Alex: Maybe, the first time she saw you, maybe she felt the way you did the first time you saw Lisa.
You remember that.
Love makes you do crazy things. Insane things.
Things in a million years you never thought you'd see yourself do.
There you are doing it. Can't help it.

I'm not going to apologize for what I've done.
This is for me to live with now.
Now you see me for who I am.

Matthew: I can't marry you. It would be a huge mistake.
Rebecca: You're gonna have to help me out, baby. Did I do something wrong?
Matthew: No, you didn't do anything wrong.
I've been doing something wrong for the last 2 years.
I'm not this person. I can't go back with you. I can't do this.
When we met 2 years ago, I was in love with someone else.
And she just came back into my life.
She broke my heart... and I'm sorry.
I know that I'm still in love with her.


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