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Saturday, April 16, 2016

28 WEEKS LATER [2007]

Week Twenty-Eight: No Escape

Karen: He'll be hungry.
 When he gets back, he'll want something to eat.
Jacob: Here we go again.
Let me tell you something, sweetheart, it's been 5 days since your boyfriend ran out on us.
If he's still breathing, he won't be interested in pasta.
It'll be your fucking neck!
Karen: Don't you say that!
Don: Out of order, Jacob.
Jacob: Why? We all know it's true.
The sooner she faces it, the better.
There are no survivors. It's just us in here and them out there.

15 days later, mainland Britain is quarantined

28 days later, mainland Britain has been destroyed by the rage virus

5 weeks later, the infected have died of starvation

11 weeks later, an American-led NATO Forces enters London

18 weeks later, mainland Britain is declared free of infection

24 weeks later, reconstruction begins

We are headed for our area of security and reconstruction designated as District One.
District One is located on the Isle of Dogs.
Although the Isle of Dogs is completely safe, the surrounding area of London is not.
There are a large number of bodies still not cleared from the original outbreak of infection.
Rats and wilds dogs are prevalent, as is disease.
New arrivals are reminded for their own safety
it is absolutely forbidden to sross the river and leave the security zone.
You will be joining15,000 civilians who are already resident in District One.
As we approach your new home, you'll notice a dramatically increased military presence.
The US Army is responsible for your safety.
We will do everything we can do to make your repatriation as easy as possible.
Inside District One, however, we believe you'll be pleasantly surprised.
We have hot and cold running water, 24-hour electricity, a medical centre, 
a supermarket and even a pub.
~Train Announcer

General Stone: Major, what are you afraid of?
Major Scarlet: What if it comes back?
General Stone: It won't come back.
Major Scarlet: What if it does?
General Stone: If it comes back, we kill it. Code Red.

Andy: I get worried I'm gonna forget what she looks like.
Tammy: You won't forget.
Andy: I don't even have a picture of her.
Tammy: You won't forget.

Major Scarlet: There's no question, sir, she has the virus. She's infected.
General Stone: Why isn't she showing any symptoms?
Major Scarlet: I don't know.
General Stone: Speculate.
Major Scarlet: A genetic abnormality which acts as some sort of natural immunity?
But the virus is still in her blood and saliva, so technically she's not immune.
She's a carrier.
General Stone: She has the abiliry to infect others?
Major Scarlet: Yes, sir, absolutely.

Doyle: Anyway, what about you?
Why the hell are you here?
Major Scarlet: Their mother had very special blood.
A natural kind of immunity to the virus.
Not all genetic traits are passed on, they can skip a generation or vanish altogether, but...
Doyle: But they might have it.
Major Scarlet: It's a possibility.
So their lives are far more valuable than mine. Or yours.
Doyle: I got it.


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