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Saturday, April 23, 2016

30 DAYS OF NIGHT [2007]

They're Coming!

Barrow, Alaska - Northernmost town in the U.S.
Isolated in 80 miles of roadless wilderness.
Cut off every winter for 30 days of night.

Ally Riis, about her slaughtered dogs: What sick jerk would do this?
John Riis: Every kennel. Every dog we had.
Eben: Did you fight with anyone recently, John?
Ally Riis: I'll kill them. I'll kill them.
Eben: This wasn't done long ago. I'll find them, okay?

Carter: I saw Wilson's helicopter logo.
Pulled that stuff out before it got totally trashed.
Eben: You keep your copter under lock and key, don't you?
Wilson: Yeah, I put it in dry dock when the tourists headed south.
I haven't looked at it for days.
They ripped out the throttle, the rotors, half the fucking helicopter!
It's my life, Eben.
Why would someone rip the hell out of my bird?

Eben: Let me tell you what I got.
You don't work at the refinery.
You didn't fly in.
Somebody's have seen you.
And you're definitely not from around here.
How'd you get in?
[The Stranger didn't say anything]
Eben: All right.
We got a long time to figure this out.
Nobody's coming for you for a month.
[The Stranger smirks]

Bar the windows.
Try to hide.
They're coming.
This time they gonna take me with them, honor me.
For all that I have done.
~The Stranger

This is Sheriff Eben Oleson.
Stay in your homes, lock your doors and load your firearms.
This is not a drill.
~Eben Oleson

Anyone with a genny should go home immediately, just to be safe.
 If you don't have one, you should meet at the diner.
~Eben Oleson

No way out of town.
No one to come help.
You can feel it.
That cold ain't the weather, that's death approaching.
Who you think they gonna take first?
The girl who thinks a gun will help her?
The kid. sheriff's kid?
Or the old gal?
~The Stranger

Jake: They're like vampires, you know.
Stella: Vampires don't exist, Jake.
Doug: They don't fall when you shoot them.
Beau: Hell, neither do I.

Stella: I should've fought harder.
Kept Wilson here.
Eben: It's hard to stop someone when their family's at stake.
The things you do to save your own.
Stella: We were like that once. Weren't we?

I'm done playing with this one.
You wanna play with me now?
~Little Girl Vampire

Carter: Eben, could we make it to your station if somebody created a diversion?
Eben: How?
Stella: These things can't survive the sun.
What if we brought the sun early?
Helen had that operation at home.
Jake: Yeah, she used an ultraviolet light to grow the stuff.
Stella: I can run for her place, let them follow me.
Hit them with the sun lamp while the rest of you go to the sheriff's station.
Beau: Just because something stopped Bela Lugosi, doesn't mean it can stop these things.
Stella: Why would they send that stranger to cut us off if they can handle the light?
Jake: What if it doesn't work?
Stella: It has to.

You do understand?
What can be broken must be broken.

It took centuries for us to make them believe we were only bad dreams.
We cannot give them reason to suspect.
Destroy them all.

I can smell your blood.
~Eben Oleson

Stella: What did you do to yourself?
Eben: What I had to.


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