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Monday, January 14, 2013

BAD BOYS II [2003]

Now 'that's' how you supposed to shoot! 
From now on, that's how you shoot! 
Oh man, I want my next partner to shoot like that. 
WOOOOO... it takes a dysfunctional motherfucker to bust somebody in the head like that. 
That's some dysfunctional shit! 
My next partner's gonna invite me to his barbeques and shit, though.
[Mike Lowery]

Hey, you'd know what would be fuckin' helpful, Marcus? 
Just shut the fuck up and let me drive, let's try that!
[Mike Lowery]

[Marcus Burnett]: Who the FUCK are you?
[Reggie]: I'm Reggie, Mr. Burnett.
[Marcus Burnett]: How old are you?
[Reggie]: I'm fifteen, Mr. Burnett.
[Marcus Burnett]: Motherfucker, you look thirty.

[Marcus Burnett]: To the DEA you're nothing but a honeypot.
[Syd]: What did you say?
[Marcus Burnett]: It's no wonder you got the job because you look good in a bathing suit.

[Marcus Burnett]: Is this still plan B?
[Mike Lowery]: Naw, this is definitely plan C!


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