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Thursday, December 5, 2013


My Lovely Kim Sam Soon

Jin Hyun: Tell me your ideal type. I'll introduce you to someone around me.
Sam Soon: What ideal type?
I won't be fooled once again, okay?
But since you're wondering, I'll tell you.
My ideal type is... a guy that has a stable job and bring back the monthly salary to me.
Ji Hyun: That's a wide range, try being spesific.
Sam Soon: A guy who can kiss well.
Ji Hyun: What else?
Sam Soon: And a person I can proudly introduce to my parents and sisters that he's my man.
And introducing me to his parents and friends that I am his woman.

Bring her within this week for a formal greeting.
Going on blind dates and humiliating the family reputation has been done enough.
Since you seem to like her, let's have a meal together.
I'm not doing this because I like her.
You saw every girl as a rock for several years, and shivered if someone even sat on your bed because you were a neat freak.
But allowing that girl to sleep on your bed means you like her that much.
Bring her within this week.
[Ji Hyun starts smiling]
But don't be so glad about it.
Once I see her formally and couldn't decipher between a joke and a response like a child, 
I would do everything in my strength to split you two apart.
[Ji Hyun bow his head and keep smiling]
You understand?
Do you understand?
~President Na

It wasn't a mistake.
I don't like you look at other man.
I also don't like you listen to what they say.
I don't know why, I just don't like it.
~Ji Hyun

Sam Soon, you are attractive.
You don't know how attractive you are and that is your attraction.
~Ji Hyun

I thought that 3 years meant nothing to us.
"If the eyes look further away, the heart will follow also."
I want to prove that quote is wrong.
I said that time was medicine.
But it became an illness in front of us.
~Yoo He Jin

I won't forget you.
I t will be like a stone, buried deep inside my heart.
~Ji Hyun to Hee Jin

Being in love will sometimes be tiring, upset and your heart will hurt.
But it's good to be in love.
~Kim Sam Soon

Ji Hyun: If you were a little doll princess, I could put you in my pocket, wouldn't that be great?
Sam Soon: If you were an apron, wrapped around my stomach all day, then wouldn't that be great also?

If you don't want to get hurt, then don't fall in love.

What more could there be in life, it's enough to be happy with the person you love.
~Sam Soon's Dad


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