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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Secret Garden

Joo Won: How long has it been since you've seen Oska?
Ra Im: It's been quite a long time. I didn't know he'd remember me. 
Joo Won: Your face is memorable enough.
You seem pretty straight forward, and I'm not the type that can keep quiet,
so I'll ask, about how much do you make?
When you're with a top star like Woo Young-hyung
[Ra Im looks confused]
Didn't you shoot some pictures here?
Then how much do you get paid for compensation for something like that?
Ra Im: Are you talking about a guarantee?
Joo Won, chuckle: Well, call it what you like.
I'm just curious about the amount.
Ra Im: I don't get paid more for doing it with a top star.
Though, I do get a little more if it's the countryside or out in the open.
Joo Won: Out in the open?
Ra Im: Rooftops and bamboo groves seem to be the curent trend, you see...
Joo Won: Bamboo groves?
Wow... Choi Woo Young-hyung, really!
Ra Im: The pay is the best in a car. Probably because it's so hard.
Joo Won: Ahh, a car... of course it's hard.
Uncomfortable and cramped. But men like it.
Ra Im: Of course... Men like speed and excitement.
Joo Won: Your personality is quite interesting.
How can you be so, matter-of-fact about... still, aren't you a little ashamed?
You are a lead movie actress, after all.
Ra Im: Lead actress? [look at herself] Excuse me, what's my name?
Joo Won: What?
Ra Im: I asked what's my name? Who am I that Oska asked to meet?
Joo Won: Park Chae Rin...
[Ra Im laugh so hard]
Joo Won: You're not Park Chae Rin?
Who are you?
If you're not Park Chae Rin, why'd you come along?
Ra Im: Did you ask me if I was Park Chae Rin?
You asked me if I knew Oska.

I'm saying this just in case you might misunderstand, I'm not doing this for your sake.
This is the ethics of the leadership of society.
It's a kind of good deed, good deed.
This is how I was taught at home.
~Kim Joo Won

Kim Soo Ha Mu, turtle and crane,
180,000 year old Dong Bang Sak,
chichikapo sarisarisenta, wori wori seprika,
 methuselah, clouds, hurricane, wall,
Kim Soo Ha Mu...
~Kim Joo Won riddle

I'm not asking for your phone number.
I was talking about that girl who was wearing the same cloths as you.
That... she acts like a man.
When her eyes are downcast, she looks chic.
When she looks at you directly, her eyes sparkle.
Makes one keep thinking of her.
That woman, your stuntwoman, you know her number?
~Joo Won to Park Chae Rin

This is why I keep thinking of you. 
Before and even now, 
what makes you a strange woman is, how you look pretty even when you're angry.
~Kim Joo Won

Stop yelling at Gil Ra Im.
And you pushed her aside just now, you shouldn't do that.
She's like Kim Tae Hee and Jeon Do Yeon to me.
I'm a fan of Gil Ra Im.
~Kim Joo Won

Ra Im: Why didn't you tell me?
Joo Won: What?
Ra Im: What?
Joo Won: Ah... that I'm the President and CEO here?
Waa... I told you earlier that you shouldn't be yelling at me.
Honestly, you were surprised, right?
You thought I was a bum, but it turns out I was more impressive that you thought.
I suddenly seem different, don't I?
My face seems better looking and I look taller, right?
"Ah, that training jacket really was expensive"
You feel apologetic, don't you?
[Ra Im nodded]
What is this? 
If you admit it so easily, then as a gentleman, I feel embarassed.
Ra Im: Didn't you say I'm pretty when I'm angry?
I'm not going to get angry anymore.
So don't ever do this sort of thing again.
Don't come to the action school either,
it's not a place for  a person like you to go when you're bored.

Joo Won: All I wanted was only for you to stop saying that damn "I'm sorry".
Ra Im: What's wrong with 'I'm sorry'? 
I can say 'I'm sorry' a hundred times.
Being grateful for the opportunity to be sorry, I can say it all day.
That's how I make a living.
But now, thank's to you, it looks like I'm going to hear about what a good backing I have.
So that 'I'm sorry' I would have said 100 times, 
how many more times will I have to say it now?
Does the world seem like a fairy tale to you?
Do you think there are flowers, candles, and wines on all the tables in the world?
I'm saying what I need, 
isn't an immature department store president's misguided acts of benevolance.
This is my final warning.
Don't ever show up in front of me again.

Ra Im: Why do you keep showing up?
What's your reason?
Could it be that you like me? Do you like me?
Joo Won: Am I nut? Or do I look like moron?
Have you ever seen a guy like me fond of a girl like you?
Do you think that makes any sense?
I think you're under a delusion, so let me set you straight.
Just the stack of pictures of educated, beautiful women from good families
who are lining up wanting to marry me could make a building.
But family, education, skills, age... you don't have any of them.
Or raise your hand if one of those applies to you.
[Ra Im keeps steady]
See? You don't.
Ra Im: Then why are you following me around?
Joo Won: Why are you asking me?
Ra Im: Then who should I ask?
Joo Won: Ask yourself.
You keep popping into my thoughts, so what can I do?
Even when I don't see you, seems you're with me, so what am I supposed to do?
Kim Soo Ha Mu, turtle crane... every night like that!
How bad must it be for me to do this?
What the hell have you done to me?
Why me of all people?
Ra Im: What?
Joo Won: You hang up on me whenever you want, you get mad when I show up,
you get madder when I try to buy you lunch, 
and you hit me at the drop of a hat!
You're really a strange woman.
But that's the problem right there.
You're so strange, so I find you... perplexing and intriguing.
So right now, I'm totally nut!
So I'm not going to come here, I'll leave.

Madame Moon: How could you bring this level of girl home?
Even if you're playing, please Kim Joo Won, 
let's watch your standard so I'm not shocked.
Joo Won: Mom!
Ra Im: Don't worry about it.
A man who met the right parents through the random luck of fate and live comfortably,
he's not at the level for me to play with.

Joo Won: If you're testing me to see if my feelings have changed, don't.
I have too much to give it all up for one woman.
So let's hug once.
Ra Im: What?
Joo Won: For me there are 2 types of women; women to marry, 
and like you said, women to play around with.
But you're lingering in between the two.
So let's hug once.
Ra Im: And if you like it, then what?
Joo Won: I'll make you live differently than yours right now.
Ra Im, cynically: You're the best. The I'll be Cinderella?
Joo Won: No, The Little Mermaid.
You will always remain between those 2 categories.
I'm asking you to stay almost non-existent like that and then disappear like bubbles.
This is my view as a man. [Ra Im slaps him] Think about it and tell me.

Joo Won as Ra Im: How dare you bow my head.
I've never even treated our Chairman like that.
Ra Im as Joo Won: Is that your head? It's mine.
Joo Won as Ra Im: It's yours.
But while my soul is in here, my head is mine and your head is mine too, got it?

Joo Won as Ra Im: Director, you've just found out.
Im Jong Su: Found out?
Joo Won as Ra Im, point to her face, smirking: That you like me.
But I see you haven't been able to tell me yet.

Let me ask a favor.
I'll pretend I didn't found out, so don't confess to me, until you die.
~Joo Won to Im Jung So

This is why you can't even show sympathy to the poor,
especially to things like her whose only asset is her body.
If you don't want to hear worse, then listen carefully.
Is there a reason for us to meet again?
Must I offer you an envelope of money and throw water in your face?
~Madame Moon

Joo Won: So who raised you?
Ra Im: I grew up alone... as a poor and neglected neighbor.
Joo Won: How about money?
Ra Im: What the government gave me.
Joo Won: So all my huge taxes went to you.
Ra Im: Does it seem like a waste?
Joo Won: I would have paid more if I knew I was raising you.

Ra Im: I'm sorry, but I believe your son is mistaken.
Madame Moon: You're right, he is mistaken, right?
Ra Im: Yes.
While your son may believe that I'm someone whom you can simply have a fling with,
I believe that he's not even worth my time.
I've even thrown him on the ground, kicked him,
but your son tastes are strange.
He says, the more I hit him, the prettier I look.

I was really confident. I was confident I wouldn't fall for her.
She was nothing to me, so I was confident it would end up as nothing.
But why didn't the plan work?
~Kim Joo Won

I'm going to do everything from now on.
Including this idiotic nonsense like waiting outside someone's house for hours.
So you better cooperate too.
You'd rather die than become The Little Mermaid, so I'm going to be The Little Mermaid.
I'm going to be your Little Mermaid.
I'm going to stay by your side like I'm not there and then disappear like bubbles.
~Kim Joo Won

I realize now how beautiful he is.
And therefore, how far away he is from me.
He will disappear someday, too,
just as people who are too beautiful often do.
~Gil Ra Im

Madame Moon: What kind of girl are you?
You said yourself that Joo Won wasn't even worth playing with!
You asked me not to let him near you!
You protect your pride that much and you made me look like an overreacting mother?
If you're poor, then at least gain some credibility.
How can you trick me many times like this?
Oska: Aunt, stop it! What did Ra Im do?
Instead of doing this, go home and talk to Joo Won, okay?
[Madame Moon grab a box filled with Joo Won underwear and throw it upon Ra Im]
Madame Moon: Is this something to talk to Joo Won?
How dare you bring him into the crappy place like this?
Are you insane?
You think you're unstoppable because you're hiding behind Joo Won?
Ra Im: It's a misunderstanding. Nothing happened.
Madame Moon: Then why are these here? Do you wear these?
This is why you can tell who was raised without parents.
Did your parents teach you that?
To seduce a man and take his money if you're having a hard time?
Oska: How can you say that?
Ra Im: What did you just say?
Madame Moon: I didn't say anything wrong.
And you're the one who got your parents cursed at.
Ra Im: Take back what you just said! Take it back right now!
Madame Moon: How dare you raise your voice?
Ra Im: Kim Joo Won likes me. And apparently I like him too.
But I'd rather die than meet him again.
He's not the kind of man I'd never forget, who is worth dishonoring my parents.
He's not worth it!
My dad is an amazing man who risked his life to save other people.
He's not someone who should hear something like that from you!
So take it back... take it back!

Fine, if you like her to death, go for it!
If you're sincere about it, then do it!
Do everything you want with that girl!
Do you think you're fighting with me right now?
You're fighting with yourself.
It means the choice is yours.
If she's that precious to you, then go!
If you can throw away everything you've lived, your whole life for,
your money, authority, power, then go!
You think it will be okay when you have a child? Time heals?
I may accept you and your child, 
but that woman will never be able to walk through our doorstep!
Not even after I die!
That's what I'm going to write in my will.
So if you can survive just on love, then go!
~Madame Moon

You have an incredible mother.
She made me return to the hall every moment,
and now she did it where I wake up and eat every day.
Now I have to live while breathing, eating and joking in that living room,
while I always remember what happened last night, get it?
So don't make a big deal about staying up one night
and get out of my pathetic life now.
Get out and go back to your pretty fairy tale life.
~Gil Ra Im

I came to see you.
I swore to your mother on my father that I would never meet you again.
My body turned away but my heart won't leave.
I know it will be very difficult if I keep seeing you.
But I think it will be easier to bear the difficulties of seeing you 
than the difficulties of not seeing you.
I said I came to see you.
This is my answer.
But I won't be The Little Mermaid.
So you answer me now, can I still be anything more than The Little Mermaid?
~Gil Ra Im

[to his cousin] She's a really incredible woman.
This woman drives cars like a drag racer.
When she sees a thief or sexual assailant, she throws punches, even for complete strangers.
Although she has no money and has bruises all over her body,
she says she doesn't like guys like us for one minute or one second.
That's the kind of woman she is.
I've never seen such an amazing woman before.
[to Ra Im] That is my answer.
~Kim Joo Won

From now on, don't stand in the Pyeongchang-dong hallway
and erase all the bad memories you had here.
Live while remembering this moment only while you sleep, eat and joke.
~Joo Won, after give a Christmas surprise at Ra Im's house

You need another miracle?
A miracle already happened to you.
A woman without decent family, education and looks, 
is the Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Tae Hee for a man like me who has everything.
~Kim Joo Won

Ra Im: How about gaining some perspective?
I worth a man like you who has everything to be all over me.
Joo Won: Look at this, this is why I can't help but fall in love with you.

Ji Hyun: But why you want to remember?
Everyone lives a life while forgetting something everyday, why don't you?
Joo Won: I want to, but I feel like I lost something precious.

Ra Im: Kim Joo Won and I... we have too much distance between us.
Even if we're next to each other, we're really not.
Yoon Seul: If there's too much distance, then race towards him.
If it doesn't feel like you're next to each other, then hold him.

I can't dispart him.
If it's a life that my father saved, risking his own life,
then it's a precious life to me too.
Because he's someone that my father protected with his life,
then I'll live forever protecting that precious life.
~Gil Ra Im

Trust in your judgement.
I am someone who is worth loving by Kim Joo Won.
~Gil Ra Im

Don't ever forget our Ra Im.
You're a guy who even risked your life for Ra Im.
~Im Jong Su

Im Jong Su: I always wanted to be a father, brother, and a man to Gil Ra Im.
But you need to do all that now.
Be a father, brother, and a man to her.
Joo Won: And if I don't want to?
I only going to be her man, I'm quite good at it.
So you be her father and brother.
Don't make Gil Ra Im an orphan.
That is my request.

Madame Moon: You may be happy for a few years.
You might even be happier for a few more years.
But in the end, there will be a day when you'll regret it.
Joo Won: I know that.
It's possible there will be a time I might regret it.
But even if I do, I'm going to live my whole life regretting it with her.


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