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Thursday, October 17, 2013


I Hear Your Voice

I'll never forget you.
If I meet you again, definitely... I'll protect you.
~Park Soo Ha

Gwan Woo: Come to my case hearing then.
Hye Sung: What for?
Gwan Woo: I'll show you how strong a lawyer can be when he trusts his defendant.

Soo Ha: Seong Bin is innocent.
Hye Sung: What?
Soo Ha: I need you to clear her name.
Hye Sung: Who are you?
Who are you to do this?
Soo Ha: I'm Seong Bin's classmate.
Hye Sung: Is there anything you know about the case?
Did you see the crime scene?
Soo Ha: Seong Bin was going to kill herself yesterday after she met you.
Hye Sung: So? Is that evidence?
Soo Ha: You're the worst.
Are you really a lawyer?
Hye Sung: Who are you to lecture me like this?
Where did you kearn your manners?
You're younger than me yet you're disrespectful,
you've kidnapped and lectured me.
If you're a kid, act like a kid!
Soo Ha: If you're a lawyer, act like a lawyer.
Shouldn't a lawyer listen to what the defendant has to say?
How are you different from a prosecutor if you say they're guilty
without even listening to them?
Hye Sung: There's no evidence!
There's no other evidence that prove Seong Bin is not guilty.
What am I supposed to do?
Argue with me after you find evidence.
Soo Ha: I have evidence.
Hye Sung: What is it?
[Soo Ha gives Hye Sung a deep look]
Hye Sung: Why are you looking at me like that?
Hye Sung & Soo Ha: If you look at me like that...
Soo Ha: Do you think evidence just fall from the sky?
Hye Sung & Soo Ha: Who are you?
How'd you do that?
How do you know what I'll say?
Hye Sung: This makes no sense.
[She intent to leave but Soo Ha grab her fast]
Soo Ha: I can read other people's minds.
That's my evidence.

Soo Ha: The truth... The truth wins in court, doesn't it?
Hye Sung: Of course not, kid.
You've got the order wrong.
It's not the truth wins in court, but that the winner establishes the truth in court.

I'm sorry.
It may seem like an excuse, but I was joking around because I was jealous.
And since all the kids joined the pranks, I couldn't stop!
So I didn't know that I was holding a rock in my hand.
And I didn't know that if a frog got hit by rock, it could die.
I'm really sorry.
~Go Seong Bin

[Soo Ha look very shock when found out Hye Sung is so messy in her house]
Hye Sung: Well, even if I turn on my charm, it won't work on you.
So I don't have to, right?
[go to the fridge, grab a bottle of water and drink it straight from the bottle]
It would seem that you don't have a noona.
However, 99% of the women in the world look like this in the morning.
You should throw away useless fantasies and accept reality.
Do you want to drink?
[thrusts the bottle to Soo Ha]
Soo Ha, shook his head, still in shock: No...

[Hye Sung put some rice into two boxes, mix it with kimchi, canned corn and maple syrup into the boxes, close the box thight then she shake it. She give a box to Soo Ha while the other to herself]
Hye Sung: Okay.
Soo Ha: Isn't this dog food?
Hye Sung: Don't ask me for more after you eat it.
Just eat.
[stir the rice with rice laddle]
Soo Ha: How can you have only one spoon in this house?
Hye Sung: I'm the only one living in this house.
Would having one be normal or two?
Soo Ha, looked around her house: Did you loose anything?
It look like the culprit made a mess trying to find something.
Hye Sung: A mess?
[see some clothes on the couch untidy and her stuff scaterred around her house]
The thief didn't do it.
Soo Ha: If not the thief, then who...
[pause a moment then look shock at Hye Sung]
You live like this???
[Hye Sung keep eating her breakfast]

Soo Ha, while beating up Joon Gook: SAY IT BASTARD!!!
Joon Gook, in his mind: (I don't want to)
Police Officer: What are you doing?
Let go and talk it out.

I know that you don't like me.
It's okay if I just like you.
But when you're with someone else, or thinking of some other person,
or when you like someone else, it's wierd.
I'm not okay with that.
Just thinking of it makes my heart hurt a lot, it beats faster.
I probably like you a lot.
~Seong Bin on the phone while Soo Ha see Hye Sung and Gwan Woo chatting on the balcony

Do you know who will have to leave this field?
The lawyer who always loses her cases,
the judge who always rules incorrectly,
or the prosecutor who always charges the wrong person?
~Jang Hye Sung to Seo Do Hyeon

Also, Your Honor, have you ridden the subways recently?
Nobody looks at the news using a newspaper anymore.
They use their smartphones.
I went around all day and picked up 35 newspapers off the ground.
To the people that need to collect 800 sheets of newspapers a day to live,
the free newspapers on the street must have meant survival itself to them.
~Cha Gwan Woo

An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth...
If you live that way, this whole world become blind.
All those people that are rude to you, it's because they're jealous, because you're so lucky.
So don't hate them.
Don't be mean to them and feel sorry for them.
Just promise me, you won't hate someone enought to ruin your life.
Once a person is born in this world,
the life is not even long enough to love each other, right?
~Hye Sung's Mom, before being killed by Min Joon Gook

You're just worthless and I feel sorry for you.
You were living all these years hating someone.
How much hell have you been through in your life?
~Hye Sung's Mom to Min Joon Gook

A person brain is very interesting.
Eventhough you tell the truth ten times, when you lie once,
I must doubt whether the truth was said before or if this is the real truth.
~Seo Do Yeon

Gwan Woo: I'm your boyfriend now.
If you're alone, you'll obviously cry.
So I can't just leave.
Hye Sung: So let me be alone.
Let me cry...

Have you ever been a victim?
The victims in this country can't do anything.
I couldn't even ask Min Joon Gook why he killed my mom.
Because the victim can't meet the defendant.
The judge listens to Min Joon Gook's words more than mine.
The victims feels so wronged that she can't even breath!
But there's nothing she can do about it!
Pressumed innocence?
Rational principles?
After becoming a victim, all of the rules are just bullshit and the lawyer is an asshole!
I'm also that kind of an asshole lawyer.
~Jang Hye Sung, take off her lawyer's pin and throw it to Lawyer Shin Sang Duk

[Aquarium scene]
Hye Sung: But, why did yo want to come here?
Soo Ha: You know why.
You know that my world is noisier than other people's.
I thought that here will be nice and quietly.
Hye Sung: You're right.
It's nice and calm here.

I might have been able to stop it. 
What Soo Ha was thinking, if I could have just understood a few scattered hints earlier,
today's events might have not happened.
Soo Ha always listened to my voice.
But me, at this moment of need, didn't listen any of his voice.
~Jang Hye Sung

Hey, you stupid...
I told you if you kill someone, you're not a victim anymore, but a murderer.
Why didn't you listen?
~Hye Sung, after stabbed by Soo Ha accidentally

It's impossible, but I think I like that kid.
~Jang Hye Sung

Aren't you the one who put burden on Lawyer Jang?
Soo Ha, don't just pretend to act like an dult.
Try to act like a real adult.
Wearing a suit doesn't make you an adult.
Right now, you are just a school senior
and possibly a murder case culprit with no memory or future.
That's why Lawyer Jang taking care of you.
Don't misunderstand that as something else.
Also, I let you go last year because you were young, but not this time.
When you find your memory and receive not guilty verdict,
don't put any more burden on Lawyer Jang and leave her house.
Just like you said, you're not kid anymore.
~Cha Gwan Woo to Park Soo Ha

By any mean, if I'll be found not guilty in second trial, 
I will attend college, get friends and find part-time job.
I won't get you worry and be burden to you.
I'll work hard.
I won't complain or act like an adult, and not be annoying.
So don't avoid me.
Don't come late or skip meals to avoid me.
Also, don't hate me.
~Park Soo Ha to Jang Hye Sung

[Soo Ha hugs Hye Sung from back]
Soo Ha: In my eyes, you're the idiot.
Your life is now in danger again.
How does my innocence comes first?
Hye Sung: Thank you for keeping your promise

Soo Ha: Do you still dislike me and think that I'm annoying?
Hye Sung: Yeah, I don't like you (I like you)
Soo Ha: Do you really want me to go away?
Hye Sung: Yeah, I wish you would (I want to tell you to stay next to me)
Soo Ha: (All this time, your mouth has been telling lies
but your eyes been telling the truth)

I'm sorry that I didn't tell you.
I know my excuse is not acceptable.
From now on, I will not look at your eyes.
If you don't like that, if you don't want to see me anymore,
you can do that too.
Instead until Min Joon Gook is caught, let me be stay by your side.
~Park So Ha to Jang Hye Sung

Hye Sung: I like you, Soo Ha, 
as a younger brother, a friend and... as a man.
Since I started liking you, I'm scared of your ability.
I don't like it because there are many thoughts of you that I don't want to be revealed.
Everytime I get caught, I think I will start hating you.
But knowing that the hatred will hurt you,
I don't want to think about that either.
If not for that reason, there are other reasons why we won't work.
That's why I need to clear up my feelings.
Soo Ha: That's...
Hye Sung: I still like you, though... a lot.
So let's not waste our time thinking about the end of us.
Let's look into each other's eyes and laugh together.
Let's live like that, okay?
Soo Ha, with his big relieve smile: Okay

[Soo Ha runs back towards Hye Sung and lift her up]
Hye Sung: Hey, what are you doing?
Soo Ha: Thank you...
Thank you so much.
[and then he kiss her]

Hye Sung: When you were making a decision, you didn't struggle?
Gwan Woo: I don't.
Whenever I decide I go with the side that I think is right.
Eventhough it's only 1% higher.
So that's why the 1% is important.
If I made the opposite decision, I will regret the 1%

[Soo Ha and Hye Sung walk side by side, holding each other hand]
Hye Sung: That's detective's car.
Until Min Joon Gook is caught, 
they will be protecting us on stake out.
[Soo Ha release his hand and hide it in the pocket.
Hye Sung grab his hand back]
Soo Ha: You don't care?
Hye Sung: About what?
Soo Ha: You don't like holding hands in front of the other people.
Hye Sung: Not anymore.
I decided not to hate it.
That 1% is more like it.

Whether it be the world or a relationship, 
what makes it peaceful can more often be the lies rather than the truth.
Lies temporarily seal a conflict, put anxiety to sleep.
The truth is more uncomfortable than the lie.
Most people want to disregard the truth.
I also wish the same.
~Park So Ha

Telling the truth is always painful.
That's why sometimes I close my eyes in front of the truth.
~Park Soo Ha

Being silent about what her father did means that she sympathizes with him.
I see the two of them as being exactly the same.
~Jang Hye Sung, about Seo Do Hyeon and her father

She probably feels like her world is collapsing.
Her father's wrong is exposed after more than 20 years.
How can she deal with it in an instant?
Giver her time, slowly.
Give her some time to think about it.
I'm not telling you to cover up the truth.
The person... I'm asking you to look at the person first.
~Park Soo Ha, to Jang Hye Sung

Soo Ha: If you're angry at me, tell me and don't hide.
I don't get hurt easily.
When my uncle left me, I understood all of it.
Even when you said that it was my fault that your mother passed away.
I was okay with all of that stuff.
Even in the future, I will continue to be okay.
I accepted all of the evil thoughts you had.
And I accepted all of your dirtiness.
In the future, no matter what you think, or what side yourself you show me,
I will never be disappointed by you.
So don't hide your face with these...
[try to open her stupid hat]
Hye Sung, hold the cap tight: Don't, you can't look!
Soo Ha: I told you, whatever you think, I won't get hurt...
[open her cap]
Hye Sung: (What should I do... my heart keeps pounding)
[Hye Sung try to escape, but Soo Ha grab her hand]
Hye Sung: Let me go! 
What kind of woman wants to ba caught with this kind of thoughts?
[Soo Ha hold her hand in one hand and open the cap once again with the other]
Hye Sung, close her eyes: Don't look! You're going to die!
[Soo Ha try to kiss her, but got bump by her cap]
Hye Sung: Look at you! How dare you!
Soo Ha: Like I told you earlier, I won't ever be disappointed.
Hye Sung: Okay okay... I understand completely.
Soo Ha: Therefore you too...
No matter what I say, no matter what kind of a man I am,
please don't ever be disappointed.

Min Joon Gook: I told you, I killed Jang Hye Sung.
How many times do I have to tell you to understand?
Soo Ha: No, she's alive.
And even if... even if she's not, my choice is the same.
I won't live like you.

Prosecutor, do you know the difference between Park Soo Ha and Min Joon Gook?
Min Joon Gook had no one.
No one who trust him, no one who listen to him, no one who love him.
And he had no one to protect.
But if he'd had that one person, he might have lived differently.
Like Park Soo Ha.
That's why I pity Min Joon Gook a little bit.
~Cha Gwan Woo

I know why you're nervous.
That's why you were always preparing for when I'm gone.
But even when the time comes, I'm not worried.
Even after 10 years had passed, I still recognized you.
Even after I lost my memory, and even after I had erased you, I love you again.
Even if another 10 years pass, if I lose my memory again, or even when that time comes,
I'm going to find you and love you again.
~Park Soo Ha


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