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Sunday, October 27, 2013


The Moon That Embraces The Sun

Lady Heo: It wasn't me, but this child who saved you.
Ali: She's lovely like the moon.
Lady Heo: Then, is this a girl?
Ali: Yes, it's true.
Lady Heo: You said that you are the shaman and I guess you really are.
I was hoping to have a cute daughter.
Is the baby really a girl?
Ali: That's right.
And she will be born to a most noble destiny.

Madam, your daughter...
I'll protect her even if I'm dead.

[being tortured]
Did you say traitors from taht lowly mouth of yours?
Did you say proof?
If you, who created fake evidence, aren't a traitor, 
who are you saying is a traitor?
You thought I was the only one who saw.
You think it will end if you just get rid of me.
The heaven's moon was watching you.
That man's blood wasn't the only thing that soaked into your blade that night.
That night's moonlight seeped in it as well.
Wait and see, you filthy bastard,
there will be a day when your evil deeds will be revealed under the moonlight.
There will be a day when that moonlight will certainly cut your lifeline.
~Ali to PM Yoon Dae Hyung

You must do something in my place.
There's a girl you must protect.
Her family will be destroyed if she gets to close to The Sun.
But she will be born, 
destined to be at The Sun's side, protecting The Sun.
Please make sure that girl is safe.
Please protect her.
~Ali to Shaman Jang Nok Young

Queen Jeong Hui: Do you know what the bonsai's charm is, Personnel Minister?
PM Yoon: Isn't it the opportunity to take a sapling and raise it into the form which you like?
Queen Jeong Hui: That's correct.
But you see, about the bonsai, it really harder than it looks.
Because if you miss the right timing, 
it's going to be really hard it into the form that you want.

Can cause all living things in the world become bright in a moment.
And can cause all living things in the world become dark in a moment.
What is it?
~Heo Yeom's riddle to Prince Lee Hwon

Heo Yeom: The answer is... eyelids.
Prince Lee Hwon: Are you currently making fun of me?
Heo Yeom: If Your Highness is not satisfied with the correct answer,
then will it become a joke?
Prince Lee Hwon: What... what did you say?
Heo Yeom: Not being able to find the answer in the books to the question,
do you think it's a low level thing?
Prince Lee Hwon: So, if that's not a joke... is it the real answer?
 Heo Yeom: From a child's point of view,
all living things in the world will become a question,
and all living things in the world will become the answer.
In the process of learning,
there are two important points that have to be remembered,
one point is the arrogance of knowing the correct answer,
the other point is your prejudice in using your own norm to determine things.
This arrogance and prejudice will cover Your Highness' eyes and mind with darkness.
You should be understand.
You talk about the monarch politics, right?
What you said is right...
but if the eyelids are closed, how will you observe your people?
How will you talk about the road of the king?
First of all, please correct your attitude in learning.

It looks like Crown Prince has finally met a decent teacher.
~King Sung Jo

Do you want to see the royal palace?
If you want to, I can let you live there.
~PM Yoon to Bo Kyung

Agassi, this child isn't something that can be bought and sold.
She's my friend and my family.
For me, there are no difference between noble and lowly's.
But there's noble and lowly in a personality.
Although I don't know how much money you've lost today,
but can it compare to the amount of pain her heart?
~Yeon Wu, to Bo Kyung about Seol

This is simply fate's joke.
Although one has a queen's physiognomy, 
but doesn't have the fate becoming the queen.
Although one doesn't have a queen's physiognomy,
but will have the fate becoming a queen.
Two moons... Two suns... and also, the smell of death.
~Head Shaman Jang Nok Young

"Don't talk about the warm house tree"
is a Han Dynasty's important official, Gong Gwang's story.
Even when the closest relatives ask what type of trees are in the palace,
Gong Gwang will absolutely not answer.
The meaning is, whether it's a palace matter or a court matter,
it absolutely should not be spread to the outside world.
~Heo Yeon Wu

Prince Yang Myung: I have a very small request to you.
King Sung Jo: Say it...
Prince Yang Myung: I have a lady that I admire.
No matter what, I want to live a long life togehter with her.
If by any chance... you've already arranged my marriage,
I beg you to also emphatize my feelings.
This is the first time I'm being bold to you and it'll be my last request.
King Sung Jo: Which family's daughter is she?
Prince Yang Myung: It's Chief Scholar of Office of Special Advisor's daughter.
A lady called Heo Yeon Wu.
King Sung Jo: I understand.
I'll consider it.

Prince Lee Hwon: I already have a lady that I admire in my heart quite a while ago.
King Sung Jo: What?
Prince Le Hwon: I know that child has become a study helper,
so I wanted to see her secretly.
But she's not The Personnel Minister's daughter.
The lady in my heart is...
Chief Scholar of Office of Special Advisor's daughter.

You told me to forget you, you hope that I forget you, right?
I'm sorry, I want to, but I can't.
~Prince Lee Hwon to Yeon Wu

Lady Heo: The selection has already been decided.
It's not a secret that PM's daughter is already chosen to be officially appointed as The Crown Princess.
There's no need to select another girl all over again.
Even if you want wealth and glory, you can't send her there!
What are we going to do if our Yeon Wu become one of the three finalists?
Among the three women, those who aren't selected will still be Crown Prince's woman
and will have to spend their entire life alone.
Didn't you know, My Lord?
Lord Heo: Madam!
Lady Heo: Our Yeon Wu will have to comb her hair by herself,
and will only wear plain clothes all her life.
She will spend her last years alone.
Don't tell me you have the heart to let her do something like this.

Hyung Sun: Teacher Heo was just thinking for his sister's sake.
That's why he dares to make such request to Your Highness.
Prince Lee Hwon: So, the women who aren't chosen can't enter the palace again?
Hyung Sun: A little later they can also enter the palace to become an Imperial Concubine.
Prince Lee Hwon: Don't tell me... Yang Myung hyungnim's mother is also...
Hyung Sun: That's right.
Concubine Hee Bin wasn't selected as Crown Princess.
But after she receives His Majesty's favor,
she was able to enter the palace.
But most of those women will eventually be forgotten.

King Sung Jo: Did you say you want to get bethrothed to Teacher Heo?
Princess Min Hwa: Yes...
Your Majesty has accepted the Crown Prince's choice without hesitation.
I also...
King Sung Jo: No!
Princess Min Hwa: What? But, why not?
King Sung Jo: This person will become the pillar of the country,
an incomparable genius seen only once every hundred years.
Princess Min Hwa: Is that why he can not become my husband?
King Sung Jo: You are too young to understand.
If he becomes uibin (princess' husband) he can't take any official post,
neither participate in politics.

Min Hwa, he can't be an uibin.
If he become an uibin, it can bury his talent
and prevent him from developing to the best of his ability.
We can't do that to him.
~King Sung Jo

Do you want to go with me?
Even if the power to choose in advance is taken away,
in the end, it will still be PM's daughter who becomes Crown Princess.
At best, you can only become a concubine.
If not, you'll be forbid forever to get married forever and live alone for the rest of your life.
If you want to break free from this situation,
just in case you wish to,
doesn't matter if it's the position or the title of prince,
I'll abandon them all and take you far far away.
~Prince Yang Myung

King Sung Jo: Today, I have question to ask you.
I'm The King of Josoen.
If you convert my value to money, how much would I worth?
Bo Kyung: Your Majesty virtue is higher than Mount Tai and wider than the sea.
How can we use money to measure?
We might as well convert to gold and pearls. 
Please allow me to speak boldly.
Let's wait until the tools for measuring the weight of the sky and the depth of the sea appear.
When that time comes, please ask me again.
Yeon Wu: Since Your Majesty has asked, I shall answer.
It's one nyang.
For the poor people, there is nothing more precious than one nyang.
People taht have 10,000 nyang are wealthy and never think how precious one nyang is.
But it's extremely clear to the people who have nothing they are precious.
To the poor people, Your Majesty is as practical and as precious as one nyang.

That girl will never return to the palace alive,
unless she becomes spirit or rises from the grave.
~PM Yoon Dae Hyung

If the king is the sun, then the queen is the moon.
This phoenix hairpin symbolizes the white moon embracing the red sun.
Therefore I named it 'The Moon that embraces The Sun'.
~Prince Lee Hwon

The only Crown Princess in my heart is you, Yeon Wu.
~Prince Lee Hwon

Your Highness, what exactly did you do?
You dare ask to see her at her last moment?
When she was cast out of the palace like a criminal, what did you do, Your Highness?
When she was hovering between life and death, what did you do, Your Highness?
While she was buried in the cold ground, what did you do, Your Highness?
When her parents and brother were crying in the depth of grieving, what did you do?
Aren't you the one who has everything, Your Highness?
But you didn't protect her properly.
~Prince Yang Myung to Prince Lee Hwon

You have The Great Queen Dowager inside the palace and your father outside.
How fortunate you areto have such support, My Queen.
Do you recall waht I said at our wedding?
In case you have forgotten, let me remind you once more.
You and your family may get everything that you desire,
but don't expect to capture my heart as well,
because you will never get it.
~King Lee Hwon to Queen Bo Kyung

There is nobody in the palace he can share his feeling with.
He must be really lonely.
I hope Prince Yang Myung can protect His Majesty.
~Yeon Wu, in Yang Myung's illution

King Lee Hwon: What is your name?
Wol: I'm sorry, but I don't have a name.
King Lee Hwon: Even if you are a shaman, how is it possible that you don't have a name?
Wol: It's said that I don't like to be bound by fate.
So my godmother didn't give any name.
People usually call me Agi.
King Lee Hwon: Because you are unwilling to be bound by fate, so you weren't given a name.
This brief rendezvous can be consider as fate.
I'm gonna give you a name... Wol.
This is to repay you for your warm wine.

How long do you intend to keep a dead woman in your heart?
A place where a living person should exist, why is it occupied by a dead one?
In Your Majesty's eyes, can't you see my heart?
How long?
How long before I can stop treating a dead person as my love's rival?
Your Majesty, how long before you can turn around and only see me?
~Queen Bo Kyung

Wol: For placing my hands on your body, I deserved a thousand deaths.
However, please give me a chance to explain myself.
Generally, even the seasons are changing,
one must rest a bit in order for the ground to be covered and flowers to bloom.
And so, a king who has to carry the burden of the nation on his shoulders,
what more do I need to say?
Your Majesty's body is the base of country's reign of peace.
With a weak body, how will you deal the citizen's problems?
So all I wanna do is, during Your Majesty's sleep,
allow me to help you put down the weariness of government affairs
and the pain in your heart, so you may sleep soundly.
King Lee Hwon: Did you just said pain in my heart?
If you're a shaman, you're able to see everything about a person, right?
Is that why you dare to place your hand on my body?
In order to read my heart?
Wol: I'm sorry... 
But while you were asleep, you called out a name.
It carried the weight of all your pain.
And because I want to console you, I dare to violate the law.
King Lee Hwon: (No, she is not Yeon Wu.
If she was, she wouldn't pretend to know me even after hearing her own name.
It's a misunderstanding.
It's an illution.
I have to struggle free.)

Wol: Although it's not enough to repay you, as a shaman, may I give you an advice?
Prince Yang Myung: Go ahead...
Wol: You have to let her go in your heart.
Empty it, for a new relationship.
Please don't smile to cover up your real feelings.
Deceiving yourself is an awful living, isn't it?

Hyung Sun: Your Majesty...
King Lee Hwon: What is it?
Hyung Sun: She is a shaman...
King Le Hwon: Who said she isn't?
Hyung Sun: I'm the one who serve you in your whole life.
How couldn't I understand how are your feeling?
Please, don't let your heart waver.
King Lee Hwon: What are you trying to say?
That I will waver because of a shaman?
Hyung Sun: She is not Miss Yeon Wu.
Miss Yeon Wu is already...
King Lee Hwon: Shut it, shut it, shut your mouth!!!

King Lee Hwon: I heard that shamans can communicate with the deads, is that true?
Wol: That's what I heard too.
King Lee Hwon: Then, will you tell her something for me?
Wol: What do you want to tell her?
King Lee Hwon: Tell her that I really... really... love her.

No matter who is in your heart, no matter who has your devotion,
I am this country's queen.
Do you understand?
The place at your side, is mine!
~Queen Bo Kyung

King Lee Hwon: Who told you could leave at your own will?
Tell me, who gave you permission to depart?
Wol: As I've completed my duty, isn't it proper for me to withdraw?
King Lee Hwon: Who said you've completed your duty?
Wol: The person Your Majesty need is not me.
King Lee Hwon: Who said that she would comfort the pain in the king's heart?
Wol: I can not take the place of that person.
King Lee Hwon: Who said that she would bring sleep to the exhausted king?
Wol: It was your order for me not to come close...
You're right... 
I'm confused whether I'm looking at her or just you.
However, until I put this confusion to rest,
until I understand my feeling,
don't go far from me...
That's an order.

Queen Bo Kyung: It's love... we can use it.
If he uses his poor health as an excuse to refuse the marital bed once again,
we blame the human talisman for not performing her duty
and handle it properly according to the law.
PM Yoon: And if His Majesty agrees to the marital bed?
Queen Bo Kyung: Since the human talisman has fulfilled her duty, we must let her go.
Whether she leaves as a living being or a dead body, 
that is the only difference.
That shaman's life is in our hands.
PM Yoon: What if, even after the marital bed, he insists keeping that shaman with him,
what will you do then?
Queen Bo Kyung: Then, you will need to rouse the confucian scholars.
Isn't Joseon built on the foundation of Confucianism?
If His Majesty, who is to be a role model for the people, 
secretly keeps a shaman in his private palace,
how would the confucian scholars will react?

After all, if you can not have the king's heart,
I suppose you would want, at least, the mother of the future king.
~King Lee Hwon to Queen Bo Kyung, 
before the marital bed

Inspector Hong Gyu Tae: The symptomps... do you remember them?
Physician: Well, that's the thing.
Her pulse was steady and her organs were healthy.
During my 30 years as a physician, it was the first case,
so I remember it very clearly.
Inspector Hong Gyu Tae: Is there anything else you can remember?
Physician: Nothing special...
Madam called me, so I went.
The daughter was already dead but she insisted she was alive
and cried for me to check her pulse.
That's not all...
The Chief Scholar... I don't know how long he held his dead daughter,
her corpse as warm as she were alive,
even after a long time has passed since she died.

No matter how cruel the thruths you face,
please remember one thing, Agassi,
you are stronger than anyone else.
You must use your wisdom to make the right choices.
Your unyielding determination will surely help you endure this hurdle.
You must believe in yourself and obey your destiny.
~Head Shaman Jang to Wol

 I will wait.
I will wait until Your Majesty is finally willing to accpet me.
I will wait no matter how long it takes.
I will not press you to forget her.
They say the king is the sun and the queen is the moon.
As the sun and moon keep their places,
as long as Your Majesty acknowledges me,
no matter where it is, I'll be there waiting.
~Queen Bo Kyung

King Lee Hwon: From now on, you must answer truthfully to my question,
there must not be a single lie.
If you dare to avoid the question or try to quibble with me,
it will be difficult to escape severe punishment.
Do you understand?
Head Shaman Jang: Please ask your question.
King Le Hwon: Shaman Wol... is she really your spiritual daughter?
Head Shaman Jang: Yes.
King Lee Hwon: When did you take her as a spiritual daughter?
Head Shaman Jang: It was 8 years ago.
King Lee Hwon: For a shaman to severe their so-called past life,
are they required to intentionally forget the past,
or is it simply they're unable to remember their past?
Head Shaman Jang: A shaman's so-called past life normally intentionally severed by themselves when they come.
Occasionally, there are shamans who have experienced the pain of death
and have forgotten the memories of her past like after they're re-birth.
I've seen it before.
King Lee Hwon: The re-birth after experiencing the pain of death,
such as, the painful suffering of being buried alive?
Then... how is the shaman afterwards?
Is she able to regain her memories,
or to this day, she still doesn't know who she is?
[Head Shaman Jang not reply]
King Lee Hwon: The last question, that shaman... that shaman's name...
is it Wol?
[head Shaman Jang still not reply]
King Lee Hwon: ANSWER ME!!!
Is Shaman Wol is Heo Yeon Wu who died 8 years ago?
[Head Shaman Jang nodded in pain]

Whether I was Shaman Wol, or back then Heo Yeon Wu,
I was extremely grateful to you,
and also, always, extremely sorry...
I still can't give Your Excellency the answer you were hoping for.
So please... feel free to find someone else and be happy.
~Yeon Wu to Prince Yang Myung

Do you think that becoming the king you can have everything you desire?
~King Lee Hwon

What happened in the past, is best left in the past.
~Yeon Wu

Crown Prince, the royal throne is a very lonely place.
There are people everywhere who are our enemies.
This will someday be your fate when you sit on the throne.
If you really want to protect, you must not expose any weakness.
If you want to gain one thing, you must give up the other.
Only then you can achieve your goal.
You must lose one to gain one.
That is politics.
~King Sung Jo

Even if I go back to that time, I will still choose my husband.
Even if there's a retribution in the future, 
even if I'm engulfed in the fires of hell after death,
the choice remain the same.
I will have no regret.
~Princess Min Hwa to King Lee Hwon

I really want to say this... thank you.
For saving me... thank you.
For taking care of me, raise me and protect me for the past 8 years... thank you.
For being my mother... thank you.
~Yeon Wu to Head Shaman Jang

Young Master, thank's to you I became a person,
I became a woman,
I became Seol.
Although I had a short life, right now, more than any woman in the world, I'm happy.
Therefore, please, Young Master, you must be happy too.

I was resented you, Your Majesty, resented you for having everything.
And so I did harbor thoughts of taking your position.
But, compared to the king position,
my friends and my brother are much more precious to me.
~Prince Yang Myung


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