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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Slumdog Millionaire
Love And Money... 
You Have Mixed Them Both

Srinivas: Sir, what if he did not know the answers?
Police Inspector: Professors, doctors, lawyers, 
general knowledge wallahs never get beyond 16,000 rupees.
He's on 10 million.
What the hell can a slumdog possibly know?
Jamal: The answers... [spit blood] I knew the answers.

[in studio]
Prem: You have 3 lifelines.
Ask the audience, 50:50, phone a friend.
So the first question for 1000 rupees, here we go...
Who was the star in the 1973 hit film Zanjeer?
[Jamal got flashback of his childhood]
Jamal: a. Amitabh Bhachan
Prem: Guess what, you're right.
You just won 1000 rupees.
[in police station]
Jamal: You don't have to be a genius.
Srinivas: I knew it was Amitabh Bhachan.
Jamal: Like I said, don't have to be a genius.
[Srinivas twists Jamal's hand roughly]
Jamal: He's the famous man in India.

[in studio]
Prem: A picture of 3 lions is seen in the national emblem of India.
What is written underneath it?
a. The truth alone triumphs
b. Lies alone triumphs
c. Fashion alone triumphs
d. Money alone triumphs
What do you think, Jamal?
The most famous phrase of our country.
Would you like to phone a friend?
Jamal: Ask the audience.
Prem: Put the poor man out of his misery, ladies and gentleman.
[in police station]
Police Inspector: My 5 years old daughter can answer that question, but you couldn't.
That's strange for a millionaire genius.
What happened?
Your accomplice nip out for a piss?
Jamal: How much is pani puri at Harish's stall in Chowpatty?
Police Inspector: What?
Jamal: Pani puri, one plate, how much?
Srinivas: 10 rupees.
Jamal: Wrong, 15 since Divali.
Who stole Constable Vermaas' bicycle outside Santa Cruz station last Thursday?
Police Inspector: You know who that was?
Jamal: Everyone in Juhu knows that, even 5 years old.

In depictions of God Rama, he is famously holding what in his right hand?

[in police station]
I wake up every morning wishing I didn't know the answer to that question.
If it wasn't for Rama and Allah, I would still have a mother.

[in container, that was heavy rain]
Young Salim, to Young Latika: Piss off!!!
She'll have the security guard onto us.
Young Jamal: Let her in.
She could be the third musketeer.
Young Salim: I'm the elder of this family, and I say she's not coming in, okay?
In any case...
We don't even know the name of the third bloody musketeer.
[Jamal getting sleep, but awake by nightmare and the rumbling thunder,
while Salim still hard to close his eyes.
Jamal see Lativa still waiting in the rain]
Young Jamal, to Lativa: Come here... come here...
[Latika run into the container]
Young Jamal: Where's your mother? Your father?
[Latika shake her head]
Young Jamal: I'm Jamal.
This is my brother Salim.
Young Latika: I'm Latika.
Young Jamal: You can sleep here if you want.
Young Latika: Thank you, Jamal.

 The song "Dharsyan do Ghanshyam" was written by which famous Indian Poet?
a. Surdas
b. Tulsidas
c. Mira Bai
d. Kabir

[Salim vomit after watching Arvind's eyeballs have been took out by a spoon]
Maman: Salim, bring Jamal over.
Young Salim, shock: Huh?
Maman: Jamal.
[Salim still in doubt]
Maman: Listen kid, it's decision time.
You want the life of a slumdog or the life of a man, huh?
A real man, a gunfighter...
Your destiny is in your hands, brother.
You can be like me, or... [spits]

Young Jamal: I just need Maman to like my singing, and we're in the money.
Big money, Latika.
Young Latika: And then what?
Can we stop begging?
Young Jamal: Begging? Are you kidding?
We'll live in a big house on Harbour Road.
You, me and Salim. The 3 Musketeers.

[in fight]
Young Salim: She let go!
Young Jamal: We've got to go back, brother! We've got to!
Young Salim: Go back and we're dead!
Young Jamal: Have you gone mad?
Young Salim: He was going to take your eyes out, with a spoon!
[Jamal stop hitting]
Don't worry about her, she'll be fine.
She always is.

[in police station]
Blind singers earn double, you know that.

[Jamal accidentally be a guide tour]
Middle Jamal: The Taj-Mahal was built by Emperor Khurram for his Mumtaz,
was the maximum beautiful woman in the world.
So when she died, 
the emperor decided to build this 5-star hotel for everyone who'd like to visit her too.
But he died in 1587, before any of the rooms were built or any of the lifts.
But the swimming pool, as you can see,
was completed on schedule in top-class fashion.
Female Tourist: There's nothing of this in the guide book.
Middle Jamal: The guide book was written by a bunch of lazy
good-for-nothing Indian beggars.
Female Tourist: Oh...
Middle Jamal: And this, lady and gentleman, is the burial place of Mumtaz.
Female Tourist: How did she die?
Middle Jamal: A road traffic accident.
Female Tourist: Really?
Middle Jamal: Maximum pile up.
Male Tourist: I thought she died in childbirth.
Middle Jamal: Exactly, Sir.
She was on the way to hospital when it happened.

In an American One Hundred Dollar bill, 
there is a portrait of which American statesman?
a. George Washington
b. Franklin Roosevelt
c. Benjamin Franklin
d. Abraham Lincoln

Middle Arvind: Greetings, Sir.
Blessing be unto those who do good for others.
[Jamal handed hin $100. Arvind sniff it]
Middle Arvind: Dollars? How much?
Middle Jamal: 100
Middle Arvind: So you take me for a fool.
Middle Jamal: Honestly. I swear on my mother's soul.
Middle Arvind: What's on this note? Whose picture is it?
Middle Jamal: There's an old man... 
he's bald on top with long hair on the sides, like a girl.
Middle Arvind: Benjamin Franklin!
[groping Jamal's face]
So, you're a big guy now, Jamal. I'm happy for you.
Middle Jamal: I'm sorry, Arvind.
Middle Arvind: You got saved, my friend. I wasn't so lucky.
That's the only difference.
Middle Jamal: Arvind, I'm trying to find...
Middle Arvind: You owe Maman.
Stay away, he never forgets.
Middle Jamal: I owe Latika.
She's alive, isn't she?
Middle Arvind: More than alive.
She's on Pila Street. They call her Cherry.
Middle Jamal: Thank's.
Middle Arvind, shouting as Jamal run away: I'll be singing at your funeral.

Maman on his knee, scattering his money on the floor: Take it, go.
Disappear with your... friend, and we'll forget about this, okay?
Middle Salim, cover his revolver with blanket: Maman never forgets, isn't that right?
Maman: Oohhh, Maman can make an exception, huh?
Middle Salim: I can't take that risk, Maman, sorry.
[he shots Maman]

Who invented the revolver?
a. Samuel Colt
b. Bruce Browning
c. Dan Weeson
d. James Revolver

Middle Latika: You came back for me.
Middle Jamal: Of course.
Middle Latika: I thought you'd forgotten.
Middle Jamal: I never forgot, not for one moment.
I knew I'll find you in the end.
It's our destiny.

Money and women... the reasons to make most mistakes in life.

Looks like you're mixed-up with both.
~Police Inspector

Latika, hugs Jamal: Jamal, look at you...
Jamal: I found you... I found you...

Latika: You want to do something for me?
Jamal: Anything...
Latika: Then forget me.
Jamal: What? No!
I'll wait... at the VT Station 5:00 every day until you come.
I love you.
Latika: So what?
It's too late, Jamal.

Which cricketer has scored the most first class centuries in history?
a. Sachin Tendulkar
b. Ricky Ponting
c. Michael Slater
d. Jack Hobbs 

[in the rest room]
Prem: Guy from the slums  becomes a millionaire overnight.
Do you know who's the only other person who's done that?
I know what it feels like.
I know what you've been through.
Jamal, in the toilet: I'm not going to become a millionaire.
I don't know the answer.
Prem: You've said that before, yeah...
Jamal: No, really... this time I don't...
Prem, washing his hand in sink: Come on, you can't take the money and run now.
You're on the edge of history, kid.
Jamal: I don't see what else I can do.
Prem: Maybe it's written, my friend.
Jamal: I don't know...
Prem: I just get some kind of karmic feeling you're going to win this.
Trust me, Jamal, you're going to win.
[Prem leaving the rest room and Jamal got out from the toilet.
While he wash his hand in sink, 
he sees "B" written on the mirror]

Prem: So, are you ready for final question?
For 20 million rupees?
Jamal: No. But maybe it's written, no?

Police Inspector: It is bizarrely plausible, and yet...
Jamal: Because I'm a slumdog, a chai wallah... I'm a liar, right?
Police Inspector: Most of you are.
But you are not a liar, Mr. Malik, that's for sure.
You're too truthful.

Did Jamal Malik, an uneducated 18 years-old boy from the slums of Mumbai,
win one crore by fair means or foul play?
In the crown around me, there is an even bigger question,
will he be back tonight to play for another 20 million rupees?

For God's sake, hold on to this [handed the cellphone to Latika]
And for what I've done, please forgive me.
[open the door and let Latika go] Have a good life.

In Alexander Dumas' book, "The Three Musketeers",
two of the musketeers are called Athos and Porthos.
What was the name of the third musketeer?
a. Aramis
b. Cardinal Richelieu
c. d'Artagnan
d. Planchet

Jamal, on the phone: In Alexander Dumas' book, "The Three Musketeers",
two of the musketeers are called Athos and Porthos.
What was the name of the third musketeer?
a. Aramis
b. Cardinal Richelieu
c. d'Artagnan
d. Planchet
Prem: 15 seconds.
Jamal: Where are you?
Latika: I'm safe.
Prem: 10 seconds, Latika, what do you think?
Latika: I don't know... I've never known...


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