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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This Fall, Adventure Begins With a Z

So the devil will know who sent you.
[Zorro, after making a Z mark on Armand]

I don't know why they call it "wine-tasting". 
After two glasses you can't taste anything.

[Zorro]: Why are you still wearing his necklace?
[Elena]: I'm under cover! Besides, these are pearls. You never gave me pearls.
[Zorro]: I thought you didn't care about things like that.
[Elena]: I lied. Every woman loves pearls.
[Zorro]: Well, now you have them, PRINCESS!

[Frey Felipe]: Maybe you shouldn't drink so much on an empty stomach.
[Zorro]: Maybe you should wear lipstick if you're gonna act like my mother. 

[Frey Felipe]: Don't bother coming to confession because I'll never forgive you.
[Zorro]: You blackmail my soul, eh?
[Frey Felipe]: Hell yes.


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