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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Come Out Come Out Whatever You Are

I don't want to be too forward, 
but I don't notice a lot of kids around 
and I'm trying to find other kids to have play dates with Emily.

Come out come out, where ever you are... 

He doesn't want me to talk about him.
[Emily, about Charlie]

[Emily]: Do you like her, Daddy?
[David]: Emily.
[Emily]: Charlie says you do.
[David]: Stop this.
[Emily]: Did Daddy tell you about my mommy?
[David]: I'm sure Elizabeth doesn't want to hear such things.
[Emily]: She killed herself. 
She slit her wrists and drowned in the bathtub. 
Let's hope you don't wind up like her. 

[David]: You know Charlie doesn't exist.
[Emily]: You shouldn't say that. 
[David]: Why not?
[Emily]: You're gonna make him mad. 


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