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Monday, May 20, 2013


Welcome To The Infantry

From this position, it is relatively easy to manipulate your opponent. 
Thus we have the chicken wing, the arm bar, the crow bar 
and my personal favorite - the pacifier.
[Shane Wolfe]

When you're down and low, lower than the floor. 
And you feel like you ain't got a chance. 
Bom, bom, bom, Don't make a move till you're in the groove 
And do the Peter Panda Dance [clap twice] 
Just hop three times like a kangaroo 
Side-step twice just like those/the crabs do 
Three steps forward, one step back. 
Quick like a turtle, lie on your back! 
Roll like a log till you can't roll no more! 
Better jump up quick like there ain't no floor. 
Hold your breath, and jump/step/slide to the left. 
And that's the Peter, I swear that's the Peter, That's the Peter Panda Dance! 
Goodnight, Peter Panda!
[Shane Wolfe]

[Lulu Plummer]: Do you know Kung Fu?
[Shane Wolfe]: Yes. 
[Lulu Plummer]: Have you ever hit a guy so hard his head came off?
[Shane Wolfe]: No. 
[Lulu Plummer]: Why are your boobs so big?
[Shane Wolfe, shocked]: They are not... boobs.
[Lulu Plummer]: Do you have to wear a bra?
[Shane Wolfe]: What?
[Lulu Plummer]: Will mine be as big as yours one day?
[Shane Wolfe]: Isn't it about time you go nappy-poo in beddy-bye land?
[Lulu Plummer]: Do I look like I'm five?
[Shane Wolfe]: What did I say?
[Lulu Plummer]: Disrespectful. And to think I was interested in you.


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