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Friday, May 10, 2013


Love Will Bring You Back

 Elizabeth, you're so lucky that all you have to worry about is work.

Elizabeth: I am completely capable of meeting men on my own.
Abby: I know, honey. I'd just like you to meet one who's not bleeding.

David: I've been sort of seeing someone.
Jack: That's what I'm talking about. Finally.
David: You think it's a good thing?
Jack: Absolutely.
The last time I tried to hook you up, you bailed out.
This is good, and the fact that you initiated it yourself, that's important.
Now, who is she? Do I know her?
David: I mean, I'm seeing someone that's not there.
Jack: She's emotionally unavailable?
Owh... you mean like a hallucination.
David: Twice, in my apartment. A woman.
Jack: Attractive?
David: Not really there, Jack...
Jack: Okay, okay. So when you saw this woman, were you drunk?
David: I mean, I had a little buzz.
Jack: Dave, don't lie to me, it doesn't help.
David: Okay, fine, I was wasted.
But still, I shouldn't seeing some little blonde control freak running around my apartment.
Why are you writing down? This isn't a session.
Jack: Hey, that's insulting, okay?
I'm your friend Jack here, I'm not charging you.
So, you were drunk, you saw this blonde, controlling...
David: I gotta stop drinking.
Jack: No!
David: No?
Jack: Yeah, drink, party. Just do it with other people.
God gave us alcohol as a social lubricant.
Make men brave, make women loose.
David: What is that, some Berkeley shrink thing?
Jack: Look around you... See this? This is the world. Join it.
Stop swimming around in your mind.
That is a dangerous neighborhood you should not go into alone.
Come on, Dave, it's been 2 years, man. No more hiding out.
David: Absolutely not.

David: We need to talk.
Elizabeth: About what?
David: Has it crossed your mind that there might be something a little off about the way you've been spending your days?
Elizabeth: Actually, yes, it's weird having a squatter in your living room.
David: Let's start over... Hi, I'm David. David Abbott. And you are...
Elizabeth: I am... [glance at her mug] I'm Elizabeth. My name is Elizabeth.
David: You didn't know that. You had to read that.
Elizabeth: I think I know my own name.
David: When was the last time that you remember actually talking to someone other than me?
Elizabeth: The other day...
David: And when you're not here, what do you do with the rest of your day?
Elizabeth: Certainly a lot more than you do, that's for sure.
David: Let's not stray from the point, Lizzie.
Elizabeth: Don't call me Lizzie. I'm not in kindergarten. My name's Elizabeth.
David: Let me ask you, has anything dramatic happened to you recently?
Elizabeth: Like what?
David: I don't know... like dying maybe?

Elizabeth: I'm not dead!
David: Look around you. There should be a bright light. Walk into the light, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: There is no light! I'm not dead! I think I would know if I was dead!

Elizabeth: Do you think I like this? Do you think this is easy for me?
I know something's different, something is not right. I'm walking through walls here.
Darryl: You know, I don't think I can help you.
This is one of the most alive spirits I've ever been around.
She's not going anywhere.
David: What do you mean?
Darryl: I agree with her, dude. She's not dead.
But you, you gotta deal with this...
Cause seriously, that's like the darkest aura I've ever seen.
Suckin' the life right outta you. It's killing you, man.
You have to let her go, dude.
David: How can I, when she won't leave?
Darryl: Not your spirit girl, I'm talking about the other one.
The one you're keeping in here. [point to his heart]
That's what's really haunting you, isn't it?
David: I don't want to talk about that.
Elizabeth: Oh, I get it. You were dumped.
Probably for some guy who doesn't have a couch fused to his ass.
David: Shut up!
Elizabeth: You can dish it out but you can't take it?
You bring Father Flanagan and the Joy Luck Club to get rid of me.
But I can't talk about you getting dumped once...
David: You don't know what the hell you're talking about, shut the hell up!
[he walks away]
Darryl, to David: Sorry for your loss, bro.
[to invincible Elizabeth] A word to the wise, girl, show some respect for the dead.

David: Why are you still here?
Elizabeth: That's a scary question. I have no idea.
Why are you the only one that can see me?
David: Don't ask me.
Elizabeth: All I know is when I'm not with you, it's like I don't exist.
Oh my God, maybe I am dead.

Elizabeth: If I could just remember something about who I am, or was, 
then I'd know once and for all.
I'm trying to figure it out. I just can't do it by myself.
David: You're not asking me to help you, are you?
Elizabeth: Look, you have 2 realities to choose from.
First one being that a woman has come into your life
in a very unconventional way and she happens to need your assistance.
The second one is that you're an insane person, sitting on a park bench talking to yourself.
David: I think I prefer the first one.
Elizabeth: Okay, let's find out who I am.

David: Oh, my God, it's you. It's you... it's really you.
You're not dead. You're alive.
Elizabeth: I know, David, but I'm in a coma. This is not good.
David: It's way better than dead.
Look at you. Your body is healing, you don't have any scars. You look pretty.
Elizabeth: It doesn't matter how I look. 3 months, that's a persistent coma.
David: We're here now, let's do something.
Elizabeth: Like what?
David: I don't know, you're the doctor.

This is what Elizabeth want it.
I spent my whole life thinking I knew what was best for her.
What she would wear, what men she should date.
This is the last thing Elizabeth asked for.
And for the first time in my life, I'm gonna respect her wishes.

Elizabeth: Ask him if there's a spell...
David: Or a chant, anything to get...
Elizabeth: My spirit...
David: Back into her body?
Darryl: You're asking the wrong question, man.
David: Why is that wrong?
Darryl: Look, I have a gift. I didn't ask for it, but I do.
I can see things, spirits, whatever you wanna call them.
Why they're hanging here in the first place? That's their unfinished business.
David: Do I have the gift?
Darryl: Dude, please, you definitely don't have it. You're a civilian.
David: But if I don't have it, how is it that I can see her and talk to her when no one else can?
Darryl: Exactly.
David: Exactly what?
Darryl: That's the right question.

It's just funny because the one time I completely failed at something,
I had more fun than I'd ever had in my life.

David: Are you nervous?
Elizabeth: A little.
David: Why?
Elizabeth: I don't know.
David: How can you be nervous when I can't even touch you?
Elizabeth: I think I'm more nervous because you can't touch me.
David: Why?
Elizabeth: You know, in the hospital when you touched my hand?
I felt it. I mean, my spirit felt it. I don't know how.
But I think if you could ever really touch me, I might wake up from all of this.

Elizabeth: I think I know my unfinished business is.
David: What?
Elizabeth: You.

David: Suddenly I know what I'm supposed to do, because this time I can do something.
Elizabeth: What are you talking about?
David: Lizzie, when we first met, I kept saying that you were dead.
But it was me that was dead, and you brought me back.
You saved me.
And now it's my turn to save you.
Elizabeth: How?
David: I'm gonna steal your body.

Jack: Even if she was real, do you know what you're risking for this woman?
David: Yes.
Jack: Why?
David: Because I love her. I love her.
[to Elizabeth] I do, I love you.
Elizabeth: No one's ever said that to me before.

[after met Elizabeth's body]
Jack: This is the woman I set you up with, the woman you stood up that night!
David: I was gonna meet Elizabeth?
Jack: And she didn't make it either, because she had an accident.
David, to Elizabeth: It was you.
I was supposed to meet you.

 David: I just wanted you to have your garden.
Elizabeth: How did you get up here?
David: Spare key, under the fire extinguisher.
[Elizabeth looks puzzled]
Look, the last thing I want to do is scare you.
Goodbye, Lizzie.


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