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Saturday, July 6, 2013


Coffee Prince

I have an ahjussi.
When I see the ahjussi, I'd feel... how do I describe the feeling?
Like a warm blanket, like the morning sun.
You know what I mean?
And someone else is... a little hated but still okay.
His personality is very annoying, but he's not a bad person.
Sometimes I like him, but sometimes I don't.
~Eun Chan

Why can't guys see this pretty lady?
She's pretty in my eyes.
~Han Sung

You know what, you have the power to make people happy.
~Han Sung

That's just came to my mind right now.
Manager, you were kind of handsome today.
~Eun Chan

Han Kyul: But why are you getting into other people's business?
You provided a house for Ha Rim and work at Min Yeop's snack stall... 
Why do you do that?
Eun Chan: I don't know if you know this,
but there's something called loyalty in ahuman relationship.

I just want to see what I want to see,
and not see what I don't want to see.
I want to enjoy a happy and fun life.
~Han Kyul

Go Eun Chan, let's hug once.
I can't focus because of you.
Let me hug you just once, then I think I'll be fine.
[Eun Chan back away]
Is someone going to eat you alive?
Why are you backing away?
I just need to hug for a moment.
So stay still.
~Han Kyul, hugging Eun Chan

I've never once looked down on you.
Delivering milk and food, peeling chestnuts, sewing doll eyes...
When I said all those, it wasn't an insult.
It was because I really think the way you live is impressive.
Even if I die and live again, I don't think I could ever live that.
~Han Kyul

That tiny punk keeps sucking out of my soul.
~Han Kyul, reffering Eun Chan

Han Kyul's Dad: You're not young anymore.
Don't waste your time on useless stuff.
The world's not that easy that you can do whatever you like.
Han Kyul: You don't know what I really want, do you know that?
'Let's have a drink', it;s the first time you've said this to me.
I was curious what you're going to say to me.
In the end, you still choose to tell me off.
I'm leaving!
Han Kyul's Dad: I vacated a position for you in the marketing team.
Han Kyul: Just Like what I promised Granny, I will go to New York in three months.
Han Kyul's Dad: Is playing with toys your dream?
Useless fella!
Han Kyul: You were the one who fathered this useless fella.
You never used to yell at me.
That's something new.
Even if I'd run away from home for one month,
or if I'd thrown a temper refusing to go to university,
or even do something worst than that.
Han Kyul's Dad: Don't act like a kid asking for attention now.
Han Kyul: I had even once wished that you could slap me on the face!
If you had intended not to care,
then you shouldn't have taken me in from the beginning.

Just like that, even it means being a younger brother.
I still want to stay by his side ~Eun Chan
Just like that, even it means being an older brother.
I still want to stay by his side ~Han Kyul

Tell me, do you like Go Eun Chan?
Then don't stick with him too much.
It feels weird saying this but Sun Ki keep saying that you two like each other.
And it's not just Sun Ki.
When Manager Hong sees you two, he frowns and clicks his tongue.
Min Yeop always giggles as though something exciting is going on.
The cafe's atmosphere is weird these days with you two.
~Ha Rim

Go Eun Chan, I don't think I can take it anymore.
~Han Kyul

Han Sung: I'm sorry.
Eun Chan: About what?
Han Sung: That day... you were startled, right?
Eun Chan: That has been bothering me a little...
How about we just forget about it?
Han Sung: My memory is very good.
Eun Chan: Then... just pretend you forgot.
Han Sung: Why must I forget it?
Eun Chan: So we can be friends again.
Han Sung: Friends? You want to be friends with me?
Eun Chan: You listen well when I pour out my heart.
You often treat me meals.
Am I being too selfish about this?
Han Sung: No.
Rather than calling it for my own sake and being indecisive,
it's better not to leave any room for hanging on, like what you're doing.

I don't know, whether you're laughing or crying,
just watching you bring me joy.
That's what I like.
Promise me one thing, in front of me, just do what you want.
Your mood, your feeling, without hiding anything.
How's that?
~Han Sung to Eun Chan

To be torn in love is the happiest time of one's life.
Later on, he'll find this as his favorite time too.
~Manager Hong

Just once... I'll say this just once, so listen up.
I like you.
Whether you're a man or an alien, I don't care anymore.
I treid getting rid of my feeling, but I couldn't.
So let's go, as far as we can go.
Let's give it a try.
~Han Kyul, to Eun Chan

Do you just say sorry after you've killed someone?
Hey, then just take me as a person with no consideration at all,
but what about Han Kyul-hyung?
Do you know why he didn't cometo work for the past few days?
So do you know!
Hey, do you know how toughit was for him?
Do you know that was the first time I've seen him fall apart like that?
Who are you?!
How dare you play around like this?!
Even if you want to lie to someone, there should be a limit.
Did you really think you could play us around like that?
Do you know you've already turned a few people into cripples?
And I can't even hit you!
Argghh, this is crazy!
~Ha Rim, after found out that Eun Chan is a girl

Lift your head!
Ha Rim says that you're a woman.
Are you really a woman?
Are you really a woman?
Answer me, you jerk!
Are you a woman?
[Eun Chan nods]
[Han Kyul, in anger]

Miss Go Eun Chan, when were you planning on telling me?
You must have had plenty opportunities.
When I said we should be sworn brothers, 
didn't you understand what feelings drove me to say that?
Couln't you figure out how I felt toward you?
Do you know how hard it was for me when we were at the beach,
and why I didn't come to work for days?
Did you really not know, you bastard?!
Tell me, did you really not know?
~Han Kyul

[after kissing Eun Chan harrashly]
The kiss was better when you were a guy.
What's left between us?
Was there any trust?
I'd abandoned so much in my life just to have you.
It feels so unfair.
You calculated everything to make sure you wouldn't get hurt,
without a single care for me.
~Han Kyul

Come back starting tomorrow.
I'm still mad, but...
I hate you and I can't understand you,
but I asked myself "Could I live not seeing Go Eun Chan?"
"Am I just going to break up with her like this?"
And I realized, that's not right.
[Eun Chan starts to cry]
You're going to cry again.
Why do you cry so much?
And you, from now on, you should cry in front of me.
If you cry like this in front of other guys, you're in trouble!
~Han Kyul

Han Kyul: You like me, don't you?
Eun Chan: Ob-vi-ous an-swer.
Han Kyul: Since when has that been?
Eun Chan: From when you kissed me.
Han Kyul: The kiss from which time?
Eun Chan: Matchmaking date kiss.
Han Kyul: It was that early?

Han Kyul: What do I like about you?
Why are you asking this question?
Eun Chan: Min Yeop said I'm strong, not feminine, so he doesn't like me.
There are many beautiful and slim women.
Manager, you're handsome, you're family background is good,
all criterious are very good.
Honestly speaking, I'm not even a bit pretty.
[Han Kyul nods]
I do look like a boy, family background isn't good either
[Han Kyul nods]
Not a high educational level also
[Han Kyul nodded again]
There aren't many things in me to like about, but still you do.
Han Kyul: No kidding, but what can I do?
Those qualifications don't mean much to me.
I just like you.

Eun Chan: Don't wear the black shirt.
Last time, all the female customers couldn't stop staring.
Han Kyul, smiles: Is there anything else?
I think the girls look at me when I flip my hair like this...
Eun Chan: Look at you... 
You show your eye laugh to anyone and your dimples...
You better not show that to anyone.

I call My Chan, My Chan!
~Ha Rim

You should be very grateful to Eun Chan.
She brought a scarecrow to life.
~Yoo Ju to Han Kyul

Han Sung: Hey, Han Kyul, you have to be careful of what you say too.
If you keep calling her [reffering Yoo Ju] 'Han Yoo Ju' or 'Honey', I'll get angry too.
Yoo Ju: Then you shouldn't call Eun Chan 'Little Kid', that upset me too.
Han Kyul, to Eun Chan: Hey, you too, stop calling him [reffering Han Sung] 'ahjussi',
I get upset too.

Eun Chan: Are you really not going because of me?
Han Kyul: It's not because of you, I'm doing this because of me.
Because of me, the person who loves you.
I don't want to go to America and cry everyday because I miss you.
That would be so embarassing.
It's just easier not to go.

My sister is a really good girl.
She's the perfect wife.
She's strong, good at housework...
She couldn't study because she was working when she was little.
You like my sister a lot, don't you?
~Eun Sae

It's hard enough not seeing her one day,
so how can I wait two years?
~Han Kyul

It's time for you to live your own life.
Stop worrying me and Eun Sae.
Even if it's just this once, do what you want and really live freely...
Seeing you live as you wish is what I really want.
~Eun Chan's Mom

Do you remember what you told me recently?
It's gonna be hard for me, since I'm trying to make Yoo Ju suits me?
But I think all guys are like that.
Myself included.
The moment that woman become yours,
you want that woman to live by your guidelines.
But can you make her do whatever you want  because you choose her?
~Han Sung

Han Kyul: I don't want to send you either.
When I think a cafe without you, I don't want to come here and I don't want to work.
I don't want to even think about not seeing you.
But I want to show you a larger world.
If you go, then you'll be able to study hard and excitedly.
Eun Chan: If I go, I can't see you.
Han Kyul: Why can't I see you?
Are you going to the moon?
I can go and see you there.
I don't want you to give up something because you love me.
I hope that I can be strength to you and you'll be able to advance.

I realized that I can't take responsibility over your life.
But as long as I can still watch you by yourside, I think that's enough.
We may be seperated now, bu later... later on...
when you first pickle raddish, 
when you first hold your first child,
when you become a student's parent,
when you marry off your kids...
Wow... proposing is embarassing.
~Han Kyul

My Chan, have a good time studying abroad.
I don't know how I'll stay cheerful after you leave.
Since you can sleep and eat well wherever you go, that doesn't worry me.
Bu there's just one thing that does, you and men.
You'd better not be won over by some guy's flowery words or killer smile.
I'll handle Han Kyul-hyung here, so you don't have to worry.
If only you weren't his girl, I could've tried pursuing you.
My Chan, I'll miss you.
P.S.: Dreams come true.
~Ha Rim's letter on Eun Chan's last day.

[two years later, on barista's interview]
Hello, I'm Go Eun Chan.
I came here because I heard you were looking for a barista.
I have a lot of ability.
It sounded like the other applicant asking a higher salary.
As for me, all you have to do is feed me.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack.
I'm good at cleaning, I'm strong and I make a really great coffee.
I also have an excellent history as an international barista.
I do pretty well.
[sitting on Han Kyul's lap]
I'm incredibly devoted.
If you ask nicely, I can do the cleaning, cooking, dishes and everything for you.
[hug Han Kyul and start kissing him]



  1. Wow!!! only in your blog Ssulja/Terry's photo is displayed. Han Kyul is jealous of the dog too for being friendly with Eun Chan... funny. so sad that Hwang Min Yeop character passed away.
    Post: Freeads

    1. I am dog lover <3
      Beside, Terry is one of important character in this drama, with his unseen eyes *kyeoptaaa...
      so he has to appear here :D
      I'm glad you enjoy the drama and this blog, kamsahamnida ^o^v

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