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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


You and I are siblings that doesn't share a drop of the same blood.
Just be cool and keep our distance, and just ask how each other's doing once in a while.
The problem was forcing our lives together when it wasn't meant to be.
~Hong Se Na

Yong Tae Yong, there's no doubt you're my reincarnation.
But why did you disappear from here, and I'm here from Joseon?
By any chance, have you died?
Are you the one who called me here?
~Lee Gak

I heard this is a seed from a palm tree.
If you tie up their hands behind their backs like this, it brings you money.
And if you tie the girl and boy legs together, it brings you love.
And if you tie up their arms together, it supposed to bring you heatlh.
~Park Ha

[Lee Gak try to drag Park Ha out of the bus]
Lee Gak: Where do you think you're going without my permission?
Park Ha: You said it was our last memorial picture.
Wasn't it you saying goodbye?
Lee Gak: That's why I call you obtuse.
We were about to cut our hair, 
so what else could it be but our last memorial picture?
You even got your tropical beach
You don't have to go to a faraway land anymore.
Let's go!
[Park Ha follow him, the other passenger clapping their hands and hurray them]

Park Ha: Are you even worried? Are you even human?
When your mom who gave birth to you collapsed in front of your eyes, 
you pretended not to even notice because you're afraid of getting caught in your life.
Is that what a human being does?
Se Na: What would you know?
Park Ha: Okay, I'll do what you want so badly.
Since we don't share a drop of the same blood, we're not siblings.
From now on, you're not my sister.
Should I tell you the reason why my thoughts have changed?
The reason why I went to the orphanage and even got adopted to America,
is because even though I was 9 years old, I didn't know my parents or my home.
That all... because I lost my memory from the truck accident.
The truck accident happened in Daegu.
Why did I get into accident in Daegu when I lived in Seoul?
Eventhough the truck was driving me away,
you pretended not to notice and turned away.
It was because of you who didn't stop the truck.
Eventhough I kept screaming your name, you still turned away just like today.
Eventhough mom had collapsed from being hit by car, 
you turned away just like you did to me!
Are you that afraid that people may see who you truly are?
I'm not going to forgive you.

Lee Gak: However, since you got your memories of your childhood back, 
it really is a good thing.
Park Ha: I'd rather didn't get my memory back.
If I didn't know, it might have been better.
Lee Gak: If we didn't have our memories, then you can't be together even in your heart.
As long as you have your memory, you can be together always.

So you're name has meant Lotus Flower all along.
Lotus Flower can also be called Boo Yong
~Lee Gak

Don't cry.
There will only be good memories from now on.
~Le Gak, while Park Ha is crying in his hug

I'm going to make sure Tae Yong's memory returns.
Life is not a joke.
Stop playing around, Tae Mo
~Pyo Taek So to Yong Tae Mo

I have never once believed that you're Tae Yong.
Not once!
~Tae Mo

Why did you lie? Why did you deceive me?
No matter what you said, I just believed you.
When you first told me that you came from Joseon, I belived you.
And next, when you told me you were the chairman's grandson, Yong Tae Yong...
I just beleived you again thinking that was the truth.
But now, you're the Crown Prince from Joseon again?
And I'm sure at any moment, you tell me you're Yong Tae Yong again.
I can no longer trust you.
~Park Ha to Lee Gak

Se Na: When you're looking around the scenery,
do you like it from afar or from up close?
Lee Gak: I think that a scenery is best when I feel it's someplace where I want to be.
Because of that, if you come up close because you liked it from afar,
and feel that it really is a nice place, is truly what's nice.
I think that it's the same with people.

Bo Man: His Highness has come here to meet his Crown Princess.
Park Ha: Crown Princess?
Bo Man, nodded: There's a reincarnation of the Crown Princess living in this place.
Park Ha: Reincarnation?
Bo Man: A person that is reincarnated is not supposed to remember about their past life.
The reincarnation of the Crown Princess doesn't know she was a Crown Princess,
which is a given.
Therefore, the Crown Princess has no way of recognizing His Highness.
Park Ha: So, he came all the way here so that he could meet his Crown Princess
and now he's already met his Crown Princess?
Bo Man: If he were to marry the Crown Princess again in this place,
we'll be able to solve the problems His Highness and we're supposed to solve.
Once the problem is solved, we'll be able to go back home.
Park Ha: The Crown Princess... who is she?
Bo Man: The Crown Princess is none other than... Secretary Hong at our office.

[Lee Gak pull out the lotus flower from aquarium and plant it in a pot]
Park Ha: Why are you just taking the lotus and replanting it on it's own?
Lee Gak: You have to replant it in soil like this so it will grow big and not die.
Park Ha: Can't it just live together in the aquarium with the other fish*?
[*fishes are reffering to Lee Gak and his squire while the lotus is Park Ha]
Lee Gak: I was planning on replanting it elsewhere from the beginning.

Lee Gak: Did you see me or not?
Tae Mo: I didn't see you.
Lee Gak, laughing: Since you said you didn't see me, you're a liar.
If you said u had seen me, then you're a murderer.
Which of the two do you want to be?
Tae Mo: Mindless bastard! [leaving]
Lee Gak: By the way, those two people are the same person.
A murderer... and a liar.

Yong Tae Mo, you still can't get over Secretary Hong?
She came on to you and just moved on to Tae Yong.
Just like the price tag stuck on a piece of clothing,
she compared who was more expensive, and Tae Yong looked more expensive.
~Yong Dong Man

Chi San: So, Park Ha noona is the Crown Princess' younger sister?
Lee Gak: That's right.
Man Bo: You're saying that Park Ha is also reincarnated?
[Lee Gak nodded]
Yong Sul: Fate is an amazing thing.

[after found out Se Na having meals with Chairman Jang and call her 'mom']
Park Ha: You really are crazy. Who is your mom?
Se Na: Whatever I do has nothing to do with you.
Park Ha: Our mother is really pitiful.
She stayed up all night preparing a table full of food,
all of your favorite dishes.
She doesn't know that you are calling someone else 'mom' and making things up.
Se Na: Are you lecturing me?
[Park Ha splash a glass of water onto Se Na's face]: Come to your senses!
After you drive a nail through your mother's heart, how well are you going to live?
Se Na: How dare you... [grab her glass, trying to splash the water onto Park Ha, but she grab it from her and splash it again onto Se Na's face]
Park Ha: After you hammer in a nail, even if you take the nail out,
there will always be a hole there.
If you are so ashamed of your mother, then don't be her daughter.
I will do that!

[about the picture taken in New York]
Tae Mo: This picture, if you made any copies that you plan to use to play with me in the future, 
I would advise you to give up.
Because if you do that, I won't stop at just this.
Lee Gak: From now on, I won't be trying to frighten you.
Tae Mo: Good. That's how it should be.
Lee Gak: It's not enough just to give you fear.
I'm going to make you regret this down to your bones.

I think the reason I came here from Joseon was so I could meet you.
It seems the only thing I have done since I've been here was to like you.
~Lee Gak

Instead of constantly worrying about when we might have to part,
I have decided to only think of the present time when you are beside me.
Just like this moment.
~Lee Gak

[showing Park Ha's cafe after she proposing him]
Lee Gak: This is my answer.
Park Ha: What's all this?
Lee Gak: You are someone who will have to continue living here while I have to leave.
From now on, you will have to live your own life.
Park Ha, for your sake, I have this shop prepared for you.
Park Ha: Who asked you to do all these?
Lee Gak: Chi San has already left. I don't know when I will...
Park Ha: That's why we should do it.
Let's do what everyone else does.
Do you think when people get married they expect to live together for 100 or 200 years?
To me, even one day is enough
Lee Gak: Why are you being so stubborn?
Park Ha: According to Your Highness, every marriage has a 'sad ending'.
We know we will have to apart.
We're not able to to do anything but worry about it.
Let's not be cowards who worries for nothing.
I really want to do everything that other people do.
If it is our fate that we have to stop in the middle of our love, then it can't be helped.
Lee Gak: Why do you want to have such painful memory?
Park Ha: Why is that painful?
I want to have the memory that I was married to you.
If I'm going to get married, I want it to be with you.
Lee Gak: I want to see that you're living well here.
I don't want to worry about how you will earn the living.
Park Ha: If my heart is empty, what is the use of my body living well.
Earning a living, even without your help, I was able to do it well.
I have lived my entire life that way so far.
Let's just get married.

[in bed]
Park Ha: Chi San, Man Bo, Yong Sul... have they gotten safely to Joseon?
Lee Gak: I'm sure they did.
Park Ha: It would be nice if they could call.
Lee Gak: Idiot!
Park Ha: Idiot is my word.
That's what I called you... idiot!
Lee Gak, smiles: I was grateful.
.Park Ha turns sad: Don't say that.
Lee Gak: I was sorry.
Park Ha: Don't say that.
Lee Gak: I love you.
Park Ha, smiles: Say it again.
Lee Gak: I love you.
Park Ha: Again... Say it...
Lee Gak: I love you.
[Park Ha hugs Lee Gak deeply]

[in Joseon time]
Lee Gak: What lives when it is dead and is dead when it is alive?
Boo Yong: The answer is... The answer is Boo Yong.
Lee Gak: Why the answer Boo Yong?
Boo Yong: Isn't Boo Yong another name for lotus power?
Lee Gak: Yes, it is. They do call the lotus flower Boo Yong. So?
Boo Yong: All which lives is buried under the lotus.
Lee Gak: That's right.
Boo Yong: A lotus must die in the ground to become a flower again.
So it will live when it dies.
Even if the flower is alive, it must die in order for a seed to be produced.
Therefore, it must die to live.
The thing that lives when it is dead and is dead when it is alive is a lotus.
Furthermore, the symbol of rebirth in Buddhism is the lotus.


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