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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Pardon His French

Yes, well, the first time I ever heard that name, Clouseau was just a little nobody.
A police officer in some little village far outside of Paris.
He was the village idiot as far as I could tell.
As Chief Inspector of the Police Nationale, I hear many stories of our officers in the field.
 Clouseau generated many, many stories.
Needless to say, Clouseau did not qualify for any advancement whatsoever.

Nicole: You'll find that Paris can be a very political place.
 Clouseau: Yes, politics. Where greed wears the mask of morality.
I have a message for the killer;There is no place you can hide.
There is no place you cannot be seen.
Killer, I will find you, because I am the servant of the nation.
Because justice is justice, and because France is France.
~Inspector Jacques Clouseau

Nicole: Don't you need some rest?
Clouseau: Crime doesn't rest, Nicole.
I have waited a long time to prove myself.
And I've been given the opportunity of a lifetime.
And I intend to show the world exactly who I am and what I can do.
I must not fail.
Nicole: You won't. I know it.

A crime is like a jigsaw puzzle.
You have to have the jig and you have to have the saw.
You have the jig, but no saw.
Where is your saw?
~Inspector Jacques Clouseau

Dreyfus: Understand something, Clouseau.
When I made you an inspector, it was not because I thought you had any value as a detective.
It was because I thought you were the stupidest policemen in all of France.
A hopeless, deluded idiot.
Clouseau: Then I was not promoted for my merits?
Dreyfus: I only made you inspector because I needed someone who would quietly get nowhere until I was ready to take over the case myself.
 Clouseau: I was trying to catch a killer.
Dreyfus: You were trying to become a hero.
Well, you will be stripped of your rank, ridiculed by the media and I will be done with you.

You forgot a fundamental truth about women.
A women is like a artichoke.
You have to do a bit of work before you get to her heart.
~Inspector Jacques Clouseau


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