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Monday, March 26, 2012


What If Angels Walked Among Us, 
And One of Them Fell in Love With Us?

I came to take Mr. Balford... and I saw you. 
I couldn't take my eyes off you. How you fought for him. 
And you looked right at me... like I was a man.

I always asked the dying what they liked best about living. 
Wrote it down in my book. 
This is it. This is what I like best.

 I'm not afraid. 
When they ask me what I liked the best, I'll tell them, it was you.
[Maggie Rice]

[Cassiel]: To smell the air.
[Seth]: Taste water.
[Cassiel]: Read a newspaper.
[Seth]: To lie.
[Cassiel]: Through your teeth. To feed the dog.
[Seth]: Touch her hair.
[Cassiel]: What are you waiting for?

[Seth]: The little girl asked me if she could be an angel.
[Cassiel]: They all want wings.
[Seth]: I never know what to say.
[Cassiel]: Tell them the truth. Angels aren't human. We were never human.
[Seth]: What if I just make her a little pair of wings out of paper? 

[Seth]: I fell.
[Ann]: Evidently. Off a train?
[Seth]: I fell in love. Ann, please help me find her.

[Seth]: You're an excellent doctor.
[Maggie]: How do you know?
[Seth]: I have a feeling.
[Maggie]: That's pretty flimsy evidence.
[Seth]: Close your eyes. It's just for a moment. [touches her hand] What am I doing?
[Maggie]: You're... touching me.
[Seth]: Touch. How do you know?
[Maggie]: Because, I feel it.
[Seth]: You should trust that. You don't trust it enough.

[Seth]: Why do people cry?
[Maggie]: What do you mean?
[Seth]: I mean, what happens physically?
[Maggie]: Well... umm... tear ducts operate on a normal basis to lubricate and protect the eye and when you have an emotion they overact and create tears.
[Seth]: Why? Why do they overact?
[Maggie]: I don't know.
[Seth]: Maybe... maybe emotion becomes so intense your body just can't contain it. 
Your mind and your feelings become too powerful, and your body weeps.

Some things are true whether you believe 'em or not.
[Nathaniel Messinger]

[Nathaniel Messinger]: Seth knows no fear, no pain, no hunger, he hears music in the sunrise. 
But he'd give it all up, he loves you that much.
[Maggie Rice]: I don't understand.
[Nathaniel Messinger]: He can fall, he can give up his existence as he knows it, he can give up eternity and become... one of us.

[Maggie Rice]: We fight for people's lives in here, right?
[Jordan Ferris]: Uh-huh.
[Maggie Rice]: Don't you ever wonder who it is we're fighting with?


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