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Sunday, March 18, 2012


When Life Fell Apart, 
Love Fell Into Place

People fall in love. They fall right back out. It happens all the time.
[Birdee Pruitt]

[Birdee Pruitt]: I would have stayed with you forever. 
I would have turned myself inside out for you. 
[Bill Pruitt]: Birdee, I wouldn't have let you! People grow. They change. They have to! 
[Birdee Pruitt]: You think that I don't know that? 
I know that I'm not what I once was. I know that! 
But I haven't changed so much, that I would go and lie to someone that I love. 
God, I would walk through fire before I'd let them feel like they were nothing! 
And I would never break up anybody's home. 
Because I am not a quitter. 
I care about my family! 
I may not be the same person, but then again, neither are you. 
You're sad, you're weak, and you're... shorter. 
If you want to know the truth.
[Bill Pruitt]: I'm in love with Connie. 
And this is my chance for a fresh start, and I'm taking it, I'm sorry!
[Birdee Pruitt]: Then you should take it. If that's how you feel then you should take it. 
You and Connie deserve each other. 
You were lucky to have me. But you know what? 
I think I already got the best part of you. 
And she's standing right out there, and she's waiting for me. 
I don't know... what's left just doesn't look so good anymore. 
So why'd you come back? You want my permission? You want my... condolences? 
Why did you come back? 
[Bill Pruitt]: Well, I didn't want to do this to you now, Birdee, but I want a divorce. 

You know, I always thought I was gonna be, I don't know, special. 
But I'm not. I'm just... I'm just an ordinary person. 
And that's OK. Because... you make me special. 
Don't you know that? Don't you know that you're everything in this world to me? 
And we're gonna make it through this because we are a team. 
Birdee and Bernice, the coolest chicks in Smithville. 
So don't you ever think about leaving me again... because I need you. 
I love you. 
[Birdee Pruitt, to her daughter]

Mothers always love their daughters, even if they show it poorly.
[Ramona Calvert]


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