OB40mukEXQ6QZ1740xdjwF1LEQ4 Quote to Remember: THE MASK OF ZORRO [1998]


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


[Alejandro Murrieta]: I would have killed him.
[Don Diego de la Vega]: No, not today. He is trained to kill. You seem trained to drink. 
Oh, yes, my friend, you would have fought very bravely, and died very quickly. 
Who then would avenge your brother?

[Don Diego de la Vega]: You have passion, Alejandro, and your skill is growing. 
But to enter Montero's world, I must give you something which is completely beyond your reach. 
[Alejandro Murrieta]: Ah, yes? And what is that?
[Don Diego de la Vega]: Charm.

[Alejandro Murrieta]: I miss my brother, sir. 
[Don Diego de la Vega]: Your brother is dead. 
We lose the ones we love; we cannot change it. 
Put it aside. 
[Alejandro Murrieta]: How? How can I do what is needed, when all I feel is... hate. 
[Don Diego de la Vega]: You hide it with this. [holds up black mask]

There is a saying, a very old saying: when the pupil is ready the master will appear. 
[Don Diego de la Vega]

He probably wears the mask to hide his bald head and unsightly features. 
[Alejandro Murrieta]


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