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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Survive the Horror

At the beginning of the 21st century
The Umbrella corporation had become the largest commercial entity in the United States.
9 out of every 10 homes contain its products.
 Its political and financial influence is felt everywhere.
In public, it is the world's leading supplier of:
computer technology, medical products, and healthcare.
Unknown even to its own employees, its massive profits are generated by:
military technology, genetic experimentation, and viral weaponry.

Alice: I want to know who you people are and I want to know what's going on here.
[One ignores her] Now!
One: You and I have the same employer.
We all work for The Umbrella Corporation.
The mansion above us is an emergency entrance to The Hive.
You are security operatives placed there to protect that entrance.
Alice, show him her wedding ring: What about this?
One: Your marriage is a fake.
Just part of your cover to protect the secrecy of The Hive.
Spence: And what is The Hive?
One, to Kaplan: Show them.
Kaplan: Accesing schematic of The Hive.
One: Racoon City, nearest urban center.
The mansion where we found you, and through which we gained acces to the train,
which, in turn, brought us to The Hive.
The Hive itself is located underground deep beneath the streets of Racoon City.
A top-secret research facility owned and operated by The Umbrella Corporation,
The Hive houses over 500 technicians, scientists and support staff.
They live and work underground.
Their research is of the highest importance.
Its nature is classified.
Our position on the map is indicated by heat signature.

Spence: Why can't I remember anything?
One: The Hive has its own defense mechanisms, all computer-controlled.
A nerve gas was released into the house.
Primary effect of the gas, complete unconsciousness lasting anything up to 4 hours.
Secondary effects are varied, but can include acute memory loss.
Spence: For how long?
One: Subjective.
An hour, day, week...
Matt: So you're saying this place was attacked?
One: I'm afraid things are a little more complicated than that.

Alice: Who's the Red Queen?
One: State-of-the-art artificial intelligence.
She is the computer that controls The Hive.

Spence: What happened here?
One: 5 hours ago, Red Queen went homicidal, 
sealed The Hive and killed everyone down here.
When we realized what was happening, my team was dispatched to shut her down.
Alice: Why did she do it?
One: That we don't know.
But outside interference is a possibility.

Red Queen: Get out! Get out! You can't be in here.
Kaplan: Don't listen to anything she says.
She's a holographic representation of the Red Queen.
Red Queen: You have to get out.
Kaplan: Modeled after the head programmer's daughter.
She'll try to deceive us, confuse us.
Red Queen: I wouldn't advise this.
Disabling me will result in loss of primary power.
Kaplan: She'll say anything to stop us from shutting her down.
Red Queen: I implore you.
Kaplan: Implore away.
Red Queen: Please? Please...
You're all going to die down here.

Kaplan: What was all the shooting?
Rain: We found a survivor.
Kaplan: And you shot him?
Rain: She was crazed. She bit me!

[found some spills of blood on the floor]
Matt: Looks like it's coagulated.
Alice: Yeah.
Matt: It's not possible.
J.D: Why not?
Matt: Because blood doesn't do that till after you're dead.

Kaplan: Where are the bodies? Where did they go?
Rain: Whatever they are, there's too many of them out there.
Kaplan: Whatever they are?
It's pretty obvious what they are.
Lab coats, badges... Those people used to work here!
Rain: All the people working here are dead.
Spence: Well, that isn't stopping them from walking around.
Kaplan: Where did they come from?
Why didn't we see them on the way in?
Rain: When you cut the power, you unlocked the doors.
You let them out!
Kaplan: We're never gonna make it to the surface.

Matt: Corporations like Umbrella think they're above the law.
But they're not.
There are hundreds of thousands of us who think the same, all over the world.
Some of us provide information, others give their support.
Some take more direct action.
Alice: Like you.
Matt: If your friends had been a little more thorough, 
they would've seen right through my false ID.
Then all the red flags would've gone off... Quantico, NSA, VICAP, all the rest.
There's no way I could've infiltrated The Hive.
Alice: So you sent your sister.
Matt: We needed something concrete.
Anything to expose Umbrella to the press.
Proof of the research that was going on down here.
Alice: What kind of research?
Matt: The illegal kind.
My sister was going to smuggle out a sample of the virus they were developing.
Alice: So how was she going to make it out of here?
Matt: She had a contact within The Hive, someone I never met.
They had access to security codes, surveillance, everything she needed.
Alice: So why didn't she make it?
Matt: Maybe she trusted the wrong person.
Maybe they set her up.
Kept the virus for themselves.
Do you have any idea how much the T-Virus would be worth on the open market?
Alice: What, worth all this?
Matt: Yeah.
To someone.

Kaplan: Where are you taking those?
Alice: I'm turning her back on.
Kaplan: That is not a good idea.
Alice: She'll know a way out of here.
Rain: That homicidal bitch killed my team.
Alice: That homicidal bitch may be our only way out of here.

Rain: Tell us what's going on down here.
Red Queen: Research and development.
Matt: What about the T-Virus?
Red Queen: The T-Virus was a major medical breakthrough,
although it clearly also possessed highly profitable military applications.
Kaplan: How does it explain those things out there?
Red Queen: Even in death, the human body still remains active.
Hair and fingernails continue to grow.
New cells are produced 
and the brain itself holds a small electrical charge that takes months to dissipate.
The T-Virus provides a massive jolt both to cellular growth 
and to those trace electrical impulses.
Put quite simply it reanimates the body.
Rain: It brings the dead back to life?
Red Queen: Not fully.
The subjects have the simplest of motor functions.
Perhaps a little memory.
Virtually no intelligence.
They are driven by the basest of impulses, the most basic of needs.
Kaplan: Which is?
Red Queen: The need to feed.

Rain: How do you kill them?
Red Queen: Severing the top of the spinal column or massive trauma to the brain 
are the most effective methods.
Rain: You mean shoot them in the head.

Matt: Why did you kill everybody down here?
Red Queen: The T-Virus escaped into the air conditioning system 
and an uncontrolled pattern of infection began.
The virus is protean, changing from liquid to airborne to blood transmission 
depending on its environment.
It's almost impossible to kill.
I couldn't allow it to escape from The Hive, so I took steps.

Red Queen: Those who become infected, I can't allow you to leave.
Spence: Whoa, we're not infected.
Red Queen: Just one bite, one scratch from these creatures is sufficient.
And then, you become one of them.

Spence: We work for the same company.
You knew what they did.
Alice: I was trying to stop them.
Spence: You really believe that people like him will ever change anything?
No. Nothing ever changes.

One of the Hive's early experiments
produced by injecting the T-Virus directly into living tissue.
The results were unstable.
Now that it has fed on fresh DNA, it will mutate, becoming a stronger, faster hunter.
~Red Queen


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