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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RUSH HOUR 2 [2001]

The Mouth Of The West 
And The Hands Of The East Are Back!

[James Carter, after accidentally punching Lee]: Sorry, man! 
[Lee]: Carter!
[James Carter]: All y'all look alike!

[James Carter]: Secret Service Agent James Carter, I like the sound of it. 
Won't be long before I'm in Washington D.C. protectin' the President.
[Lee]: We both know you wouldn't take a bullet for someone else.
[James Carter]: Yeah but they don't know that.

[Lee]: Just follow my lead. Act like a tourist.
[James Carter]: I am a tourist, fool! 

[Lee]: These men are Triads. The most deadly gang in China. 
[James Carter]: You think they scare me? I'm from Los Angeles, man. We invented gangs!

You sorry? 
I've got some old man's chopsticks stuck up my ass and all you can say is sorry? 
[James Carter]

If you ain't gonna shoot him Kung-Fu his ass or somethin'. 
[James Carter]


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