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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Thug 1: Let's go!
Frank: There's 4 of you.
Thug 1: You can count, I'm impressed.
Now drive!
Frank: Rule one, never change the deal.
The deal was transportation for 3 men with a combined weight of 254 kilos.
 Thug 1, point a gun to him: Yeah? Well, this is a new deal.
Frank: An extra 80 kilos means we'll not make your destination on the gas I have allotted.
Thug 2: So we'll stop and get more gas.
Frank: Every stop we make exposes us.
Every exposure increases the risk of getting caught.
An extra 80 kilos means The Koni shock absorbers I installed for this job will not give us the ability to outmaneuver any police that might be chasing us.
Which means, if there is a chase, we lose our advantage,
which also increases the possibility of getting caught.
I don't want to get caught.
You don't want to get caught.
Thug 1: Just drive the car, man, or you're gonna catch a bullet through the brains!
Frank: And who's going to drive?
Thug 4: Shoot this asshole! I'll drive.
Frank: Not without the ignition code you won't.
[the guards are approaching the car]
Frank: 3 men. 254 kilos.
That was the deal.

Frank, after receiving his paid: You gave me too much.
Thug 1: We need you to take us to Avignon.
Frank: The deal was this far and no further.
The deal is the deal. Rule number one.
Thug 1: Rules are meant to be broken.
Frank: Not mine.

[after let Lai taking pee]
You're breaking the rules, Frank. Not good to break the rules.
~Frank Martin

Rule 3, never look in the package.
~Frank Martin

Frank: So, where's the rest of the car?
Inspector Tarconi: I was hoping you could tell me.
Frank: It was stolen.
Inspector Tarconi: Stolen?
Frank: Yeah, I went down to Frejus to pick up a few things.
When I came out of the market, it was...
Inspector Tarconi: Gone.
Did you report it?
Frank: It's the first on my list of things to do today.
Inspector Tarconi: It's a long walk from Frejus.
How did you get home?
Lai: I brought him.
I saw him walking along the dark road.
Inspector Tarconi: Mm, a risky thing.
Picking up a stranger on a dark road.
Lai: He had a kind face.

Frank: Quiet! Please, I have to think.
Lai: You were supposed to think last night.
Frank: Last night I had nightmares 
about a girl who came into my nice, quiet life, screwed it all up.
Everything she touched broke and every move she made turned into a catastrophe.
Lai: Okay, sorry.
Frank: I'm still wondering if I want to know everything or nothing about you.

I should mind my own goddamn business.
A simple rule. A simple, little rule.
Don't open the package.
Nothing but trouble, you open the goddamn package.
~Frank Martin

Frank: Where are you going?
Lai: To see that guy.
Frank: Good luck.
Lai: You're not coming?
Frank: No.
Lai: But he blew up your car.
Frank: I'll buy a new one.
Lai: He burned your house.
Frank: I'll rebuild it.
Lai: He tried to kill you.
Frank: And as far as he knows, he succeeded.
Look, I'm going to give you some advice.
I don't know what you were into. I don't care what you were into.
But whoever wanted you dead, thinks you dead.
You have a free pass to start over.
Here's the advice, Start Over!

Lai: You were a soldier. Your job was to save people.
Frank: Past tense.
Lai: What does that mean?
Frank: It means I got tired of seeing my best efforts get turned into bullshit by the same people who paid me to do the job.
No one cared.
Lai: This time, I care.


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