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Monday, May 7, 2012


A faithful heart makes wishes come true. 

A sword by itself rules nothing. It only comes alive in skilled hands. 
[Sir Te]

They take it, they return it, they take it again... 
this place is becoming everyone's private storeroom!
[Sir Te,commenting on the theft of the Green Destiny sword once again]

When in comes to the affairs of the heart, 
even the greatest warriors can be a consummate idiots.
[Sir Te]

Even if I was banished to the darkest place, my love will never let me be a lonely spirit.
[Li Mu Bai]

No growth without assistance. 
No action without reaction. 
No desire without restraint. 
Now give yourself up and find yourself again. 
[Li Mu Bai]

The things we touch have no permanence. 
My master would say: there is nothing we can hold onto in this world. 
Only by letting go can we truly possess what is real.
[Li Mu Bai]

Like most things, I am nothing. 
[Li Mu Bai]

Your master underestimated women! 
I was good enough to sleep with, but not to teach. 
What better punishment than to die by a woman's hand? 
[Jade Fox]

[Jen Yu]: It must exciting to be a fighter, to be totally free.
[Yu Shu Lien]: Fighters have rules, too. 
Friendship, trust, integrity. Always keep your promise. 
Without rules we wouldn't survive long. 

[Yu Shu Lien]: It's a great fortune to marry into such a noble family.
[Jen Yu]: Is it? 
Actually, I like the great heroes in the books... just like you and Li Mu Bai. 
Marriage is a good thing. 
If only I could be free to live my own life... to choose who I love and love him in my own way. 
That's real happiness. 


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