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Thursday, May 17, 2012


She Just Needed A Month 
To Change His Life Forever

Angelica: You know, there are people who don't work 24 hours a day.
They stop, relax, have lives.
Nelson: I have a life, Angelica, and I'm late for it.

Sara, as Nelson handed her some money: What are you doing?
Nelson: Buying redemption.
 Sara: Redemption's not for sale today, sorry.
 Nelson: Okay, guess I'm going to hell today.

Sara: What do you do, by the way?
Nelson: I'm in advertising.
Sara: Advertising. So you enjoy it?
Nelson: People tend to enjoy what they're really good at.
Sara: So, besides your job, what else makes you miserable?
I mean, what do you do for fun?
[Nelson didn't answer her]
I didn't think so.

Sara: Nelson, I can help you.
I have a gift, a special ability to help men with problems.
Nelson: I don't have problems.
Sara: Now, see that, usually, is the first sign.
Nelson: Of what?
Sara: Denial.
First of all, I think you work too much.
Nelson: Really?
And what do you know about work?
Sara: Plenty.
You admitted you do nothing else and it doesn't make you happy.
Nelson: I admitted nothing. I was silent.
Sara: No special interest, no pets... you hate dogs.
Nelson: Busted.
Actually, I do have a pet, a fish.
Sara: A fish? Doesn't count. Cold-blooded. Sorry.
You are a walking case study.
Look at you.
You're a workaholic at such an advanced stage that your intimacy skills have withered away to almost nothing.
Left untreated, Nelson, you could become emotionally extinct.
Nelson: Out of sheer perverse curiosity, how does a lunatic like you help a guy like me?
Sara: You live in a box.
I could lift the lid, let some light in.
Nelson: Wow, that's deep. I feel almost cured just hearing it.
Sara: If you want my help, it'll require a commitment on your part.
You have to live with me here for a month.
No more, no less, and no work allowed.
Nelson: You don't even know me and you're inviting me to move in?
And how's my girlfriend supposed to feel about that?
Sara: Girlfriend? You don't have a girlfriend.
I mean, it's something that you feel.
There's something intimate a woman leaves on a man that you don't have.
Nelson: Her name's Angelica.
Sara: Well, I feel sorry for Angelica.

October's almost over.
We can start midnight, first of November.
If you're brave enough to commit, I'll devote myself entirely to you.
~Sara Deever

Nelson: Still friends?
 Sara: Only if you give me what I want.
Nelson: What?
Sara: Time.

Try to be wrong once in a while.
It'll do my ego blood.
~Nelson Moss

Nelson: Why'd you quit?
Sara: It started out small and then it got big.
Nelson: That's generally considered a good thing in business.
Sara: Yeah, well, everything got big.
Egos, lives, desires.
I didn't like the big me.
I wasn't very happy.

Marry me.
I stood on the street, and I realized, this is it.
Life will never be better or sweeter than this.
I'm happy.
I'm in love.
Marry me.
~Nelson Moss

She told me if she couldn't live a normal life, 
she was determined to live an abnormal one the the best way she could.
~Chaz Watley

Nelson: She loves life more than anyone I've ever met.
How can she just give up?
Chaz: You listening to anything I'm telling you?
She's not giving up.
She's making the most of the time she's got left.
Don't mess with that.

Sara: You know, he asked me to marry him.
Chaz: He's not the first.
Sara: No, but it was the first time I wanted to say yes.
Chaz: So why didn't you?
Sara: Because, Chaz, I let the whole thing go too far.
Chaz: Too far for who?
Sara: Both of us.

Chaz: He'll be back if you let him.
Sara: I don't want him to come back.
Chaz: It's okay to break your own rules, Sara.
You fell in love, that's great.
It may not follow your master plan, but you can't control everything.

Nelson: For you, my sweet Sara, I bring you 12 gifts of Christmas.
1, the famous Colombo log. The salami that started it all.
2, a kaleidoscope of a coiffeur, for the barking-mad pet crusader.
Number 3, a bullwhip for the dizzy dominatrix,
so you can rule your world in style and whip me into shape.
4, I present, Sara, a custom-made fragrance capturing that special something a woman leaves on a man.
Sara: Nelson, this is...
Nelson: Only the beginning.
5, why is Harriet so Hairy?
The definitive guide to understanding our transvestite firends.
6, tiny bubbles, for those leisurely soaks we love so much.
Number 7, a hundred mini train tokens for the many, many great rides of your life.
Number 8, a collection of music to swoon by.
Which, by the way, happens to go very nicely with gift number 9,
dance classes.
Mildred's Academy of Dance, guaranteed to get you off my toes in a week.
Sara: You sure?
Nelson: I'm positive.
Number 10, for the gentle lady who hates doing dishes.
Sara: A dishwasher! Whooooooaaaa!!!!!
Nelson, this is too much.
Nelson: It's not enough.
Number 11, live, and in your apartment, back by popular demand, I give you... Ernie!
Sara, hug Ernie: Hi, baby, I miss you.
Nelson: And if this last gift doesn't prove how much I love you, nothing will.
[Nelson sings]

 Nelson: Sara, please, I'm not leaving you.
I know you love me.
Sara: I do.
 I've never felt anything like this before.
I never thought I'd have the chance, and you gave that to me, Nelson.
Nelson: Then why are you doing this?
Sara: Because it's starting to happen.
Nelson: I don't care.
Sara: Nelson, if you leave now, everything we had will be perfect forever.
Nelson: Sara, life isn't perfect.
Sara: All we have is how you'll remember me.
And I need that memory to be strong and beautiful.
If I know that I'm remembered that way, then I can face anything. Anything.
Nelson, you're my immortality.
Nelson: I want to take care of you.
Sara: I'm gonna be all right. I'm going home. They know I'm coming.
I need to do this.
Nelson: It doesn't seem...
Sara: Just like I need to know that you'll go on and have a beautiful life.
The one you deserve.
Nelson: I only want you.
Sara: You have me forever.
Now let me go.


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