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Monday, May 21, 2012

FROM HELL [2001]

Only The Legend Will Survive

 There's your typical Londoner, imbued with Christian sympathy for his fellow man, or fellow whore in this case.
[Peter Godley]

[Jack the Ripper]: Why have you called me here, Netley. 
[Netley, the Coachmen]: It's just... you say only three more have to be killed. 
I don't know if I can do it anymore. It's in all the papers. 
I'm just a simple chap, sir. I'm not a great man like you. 
I just don't know where I am anymore.
[Jack the Ripper]: There, there Netley. I shall tell you where we are. 
We're in the darkest region of the human brain, a radiant abyss where men go to find themselves. 
[Netley, the Coachmen]: I don't understand, sir. 
[Jack the Ripper]: Hell, Netley. We are in hell. 

[Sir William Gull]: One day men will look back and say that I gave birth to the twentieth century. 
[Abberline]: You're not going to see the twentieth century.  


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