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Thursday, February 21, 2013


It's Our Planet.... It's Their War

 Mr. Weyland: Seven days ago, one of my satellites over Antarctica hunting for mineral deposits discovered a sudden heat bloom beneath the earth, which outlined this.
The red lines indicate solid walls.
Through thermal mapping, we've generated a 3 dimensional image of the structure.
It's massive, containing hundreds of rooms, all built around a central core.
My experts tell me it's a pyramid.
What they can't agree on is who built it and when.
One experts tells me this has features reminiscent of the Aztecs.
Another tells me it's probably Cambodian.
What they all agree on is that the smooth side is definitively Egyptian.
Sebastian: I think your experts are right.
Mr. Weyland: Which one?
Sebastian: All of them.
Alexa: Meaning what, exactly?
Sebastian: This pyramid contains the features of all 3 cultures.
This might be the first pyramid ever built.
Miller: But built by whom?
Sebastian: By the first civilization.
Miller: But how could anyone possibly build a pyramid out here?
Thomas: Ancient maps show Antarctica free of ice.
It's likely the continent was once habitable.
Miller: I can't tell you who built it.
But if I could take a sample from it, I can tell you how old it is.
Mr. Weyland: Dr. Miller, I'm offering to put you right next to this thing.
Thomas: What caused the heat bloom?
Mr. Weyland: I don't know.
Alexa: Where exactly on the ice is this?
Mr. Weyland: Bouvetoya Island.
But it's not on the ice. It's 2000ft below it.
Quinn: You're looking at the best drilling team in the world. We'll chew to that depth in 7 days.
Alexa: And add 3 weeks on top of that to train everyone here.
Mr. Weyland: We don't have that kind of time, Ms. Woods.
I'm not the only one with a satellite over Antarctica. Others will be here soon.
Alexa: Maybe I wasn't clear. No one in this room is ready for this trip.
Mr. Weyland: That's why I asked you here.
Alexa: Boutevoya is one of the world's most isolated places in the world.
The nearest land is 1000 miles away. There's no help if we run into trouble.
Mr. Weyland: You're right, it's a no-man's-land.
But the train has left the station.
And I think I speak for everyone aboard this ship. This is worth the risk.

Alexa: Mr. Weyland, what I told you in there wasn't bullshit.
If you rush this, people will get hurt. Maybe die.
Mr. Weyland: I don't understand. We're not asking you to take us up Everest.
We need you to take us from the ship to the pyramid and back to the ship. That's it.
Alexa: And what about inside the pyramid?
Mr. Weyland: You don't have to worry about that.
Once we're on the site, we have the best technology and experts that money can buy.
Alexa: Mr. Weyland, when  I lead my team, I don't ever leave my team.
Mr. Weyland: I admire your passion. I wish you were going with us.
Alexa: You're making a mistake.

Miller: I wish you'd reconsider coming with us, Lex.
Alexa: Want my advice? Stay on the boat.
Sebastian: Let me ask you something.
Do we stand a better chance of surviving with you or with the number 2 choice?

It is my job to keep you alive on this expedition, and I need your help to do that.
Since I don't have time to properly train you, I'm laying down 3 simple rules.
One, no one goes anywhere alone. Ever.
Two, everyone must maintain constant communication.
Three, unexpected things are gonna happen. When they do, no one tries to be a hero.

Alexa: 7 seasons on the ice and I've never seen a gun save someone's life.
Rousseau: I don't plan on using it.
Alexa: Then why bring it?
Rousseau: Same principle as a condom.
I'd rather have one and not need it, than need it and not have one.

Alexa: My dad broke his leg 700ft from the summit of Mount Rainier.
He was like you. He wouldn't go back or let us stop.
We reached the top, and he opened a bottle of champagne.
I had my first drink with my dad at 14,400ft.
On the way down, he developed a blood clot in his leg that travelled to his lung.
He suffered for 4 hours before dying 20 minutes from the base.
Mr. Weyland: You think that's the last thing your dad remembers? The pain?
Or drinking champagne with his daughter 14,000ft in the air?

Only The Chosen One May Enter

Those that were chosen would lie here.
They weren't bound or tied in any way.
They went to die willingly.
Men and women.
It was considered an honor.
~Sebastian de Rosa

Alexa: We've been out long enough for today. 
We're gonna set up base camp at the whaling station and get back at it tomorrow morning.
Stafford: You can go back to the base camp, Ms. Woods, but we're staying here.
Alexa: No.
You wanted to leave without proper prep, we did.
You wanted to be the first here, we are.
You claimed the find, it's yours.
Now, we move as a team, and we're done for the day.

He's marking himself.
Ancient warriors would mark themselves with the blood of their kill.
It's a rite of passage.
~Sebastian de Rosa

Sebastian: This is a mental ritual.
The humans had once, they have been sent here to prove their worthy, to become adults.
Alexa: You're saying they are, what, teenagers?
Sebastian: That's why they didn't carry those guns with them. They have to earn them.

Sebastian: Thousands of years ago, these hunters found a backwater planet.
They taught humans how to build and were worshipped as gods.
Every hundred years the gods would return.
And when they did, they would expect a sacrifice.
Humans were used to breed the ultimate prey.
The hunters would battle with these great serpents, to prove themselves worthy to carry the mark.
But if the hunters lost, they made sure nothing survived.
An entire civilization wiped out overnight.
Alexa: So, the humanoids, the hunters... they brought those creatures here to hunt?
Sebastian: And they use us like cattle.
We're hosts for them to breed in.
The heat bloom was the sign to lure us down here. This whole thing was a trap.
Without us, there could be no hunt.

Sebastian: When that door opens, we're dead.
Alexa: Not if we set things right.
Sebastian: What do you mean?
Alexa: This pyramid is like a prison.

We took the guards' guns, and now the prisoners are running free.
To restore order, the guards need their guns.
When that door opens, we're gonna give that things his gun back.
Sebastian: Are you crazy?
During a big-game hunt, the animals being hunted don't arm the hunters.
Alexa: They're not hunting us.
We're in the middle of a war.
It's time to pick a side.
Sebastian: We are on our side.
Alexa: We have to consider the possibility that we might not make it out of here.
But we have to make sure, those serpents don't reach the surface.
Because if they do, everything everywhere could die.
Sebastian: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


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