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Friday, February 15, 2013


Where It Began So It Shall End

Her name is Danica Talos. 
You met her earlier. 
And unlike typical vampires, her fangs are located in her vagina.
[Hannibal King]

Funny, isn't it? 
All this time, my people were trying to create a new kind of vampire when one already existed. 
I don't need to survive. 
The future of our race rests with you. 
You fought with honor. 
I respect that. 
Allow me a parting gift. 
But remember this. 
Sooner or later, the thirst always wins.

The world's changed since your time. The humans have a new hunter... Blade. 
[Danica Talos]

You're brave, King. I'll give you that. 
But underneath all that swagger, I know what you really fear. 
What would hurt you more than anything else.
 You don't wanna go back to being one of us, do you?
I'm gonna bite you again, King. 
And I'm gonna leave you here while you turn. 
I'm going to watch you, day after day, as the thirst keeps building and building. 
And then, when you can't stand it anymore...
[Dracula brings Zoe in]
I'm gonna bring the little girl in here for you to feed on. 
Would you like that, King? 
Would you enjoy taking her life?
[Danica Talos] 

[Dracula]: Do you know who I am? 
[Zoe]: You're the Gnome King.
[Dracula]: Ah. The Gnome King. How sweet. Tell me, child, do you want to die? 
[Zoe]: I'm not afraid. I'll go to heaven.
[Dracula]: There is no heaven. 
No God, no angels. 
The only thing in your future is nothingness. 
But what if you could change that? 
What if you could remain a child forever? 
Wouldn't you like that? 
Wouldn't you accept that gift? 
[Zoe]: My friends are coming to kill you.

[Hannibal King]: We call ourselves the Nightstalkers. 
[Blade]: Hmm. Sounds like rejects from a Saturday morning cartoon.
[Hannibal King]: Well, we were gonna go with the Care Bears, but, uh, that was taken. 

[Zoe, watching Blade inhaling his serum]: Why do you do that? 
[Blade]: Because there's something bad inside of me. This keeps it from getting out.
[Zoe]: Why can't you just be nice? 
[Blade]: Because the world isn't nice.

[Blade]: You're not immortal. 
I musta heard hundreds of you rodents make the same claim. 
Each one of them has tasted the end of my sword.
[Dracula]: Perhaps I will too, then. 
But I think it is more likely the next time we meet, you fall before 'mine'. 


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