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Monday, February 18, 2013


Change One Thing, Change Everything

If anyone finds this, it means my plan didn't work and I'm already dead.
But if I can somehow go back to the beginning of all of this,
I might be able to save her.
~Evan Treborne

Mrs. Treborne: Just tell me he hasn't inherited his father's illness.
Dr. Redfield: I'm sure the test results will come back negative.
But there's something else you can do to monitor his memory.
Mrs. Treborne: Anything.
Dr. Redfield: A journal. Just have him write down everything that he does.
Mrs. Treborne: And what will that do?
Dr. Redfield: It could help jog his memory.
See if he remembers anything new the next day.

 Today mommy is taking me to play with Kayleigh and Tommy.
I will meet their father and see what a real dad is like.

[see Evan with knife in his hand]
Mrs. Treborne: Evan, what are you doing with that knife?
Evan, gasp and drop down the knife: What happened?
Mrs. Treborne: Honey, what are you doing with that knife?
Evan: I don't remember.

Dr. Redfield: The good news is the results are negative.
I found no evidence of lesions, hemorrhaging, tumors.
Mrs. Treborne: But you must have something you can go on.
Dr. Redfield: If I was to guess, I'd say the blackouts are stress related.
Mrs. Treborne: But he's 7 years old.
What kind of stress can a 7-year-old have?
Dr. Redfield: Plenty. Maybe he has severe coping problems about not having a father.
You said the last time the blackouts occurred, he was visiting his friend's dad.
Mrs. Treborne: Well, he has been pushing me to meet his father and I've been putting it off.
Dr. Redfield: It's worth a shot, Andrea.
We can arrange a controlled meeting.
A careful dose of sedatives for Jason, some security, Evan comes in for a quick visit,
and with a little luck, no more missing father complex.

Today I get to meet my father.
His name is Jason and he's crazy.
I hope he lets me call him dad.

Dr. Redfield: I want you to take me to the time when you are in the woods with Lenny.
Think of it like a movie.
You can pause, rewind or slow down any details you wish. Understand?
Evan: Yes.
Dr. Redfield: Where are you now?
Evan: I'm standing next to Kelly, my hands are over her ears.
Dr. Redfield: Are you hurting her?
Evan: No, I'm protecting her.
Dr. Redfield: Okay, let's move forward in time. What do you see?
Evan: I see a car.
Dr. Redfield: Yes, Evan, tell me about the car.
Go on, nothing can hurt you.
Remember, it's only a movie.
Evan, anxious in his hypnotherapy: I can't.
The car vanishes, all of a sudden I'm on the ground in the woods.
Dr. Redfield: The car isn't vanished, Evan. The movie in your head is broken, that's all.
Tell me about the car.
Evan: I can't!
It's coming...
Dr. Redfield: Hurry, Evan, hurry! It's coming.
[Evan's nose start bleeding]
On the count of 10, you're going to wake up, feeling your flesh and everything you talked about.
Mrs. Treborne: Make it stop!
Dr. Redfield: One, you're feeling awake.
Two, you're eyes are not feeling as heavy.
Five, six, come on Evan, wake up! Nine, ten.
Evan awake: What happened? Did it work?

[Kayleigh winced when Evan hold her arm]
Kayleigh: It's Kagan called Dad and blamed us what happened to Lenny.
Evan: Your Dad did that?
Kayleigh: I deserve a lot worst.
Evan: What are you talking about?
What you deserve is a better father and brother.
What they do is make you feel like shit.
You have no clue as to how beautiful you are, do you?

That psychoon project actually study how memory lost.
Like to figure out how the memory in the simple worm functions
to help me understand the complexity of the human brain.
~Evan Treborne

Listen to me, Evan, you listen to me good.
There is a million other sisters in the world why do you have to fuck with mine?

Thumper: I think twice about what you are doing.
You could wake up a lot more fuck up than you are now.
Evan: I'm fuck up than I already am.
You think you know me? I don't know me!

Evan: I just want to talk to you about just one particular.
Kayleigh: I try to remember.
Evan: When we were kids, your Dad was making a movie, about Robin Hood or something...
Kayleigh: What do you want to know, Evan?
Evan: Did he... What happened at the basement?
Kayleigh: Look, it was a long time ago.
Evan: I know.
Kayleigh: Is that why you came all the way back here?
To ask about lots of stupid questions about Robin Hood?
Evan: No. I just think that something really bad might happen.
Kayleigh: Was there a point in any of this?
Evan: Look, whatever that happened wasn't your fault.
We were kids and there is nothing we can do to deserve what he has done.
Kayleigh: Just shut up, Evan! You're wasting your breath!
Evan: You can't hate yourself because your Dad is a twisted freak.
Kayleigh: Who are you trying to convince, Evan?
You come all the way back here to stir my shit just because you have a bad memory?
What do you want me to just cry on your shoulder and tell everything is all better now?
Well fuck you, Evan!
Nothing is all better, okay?! Nothing ever gets better!
If I were so wonderful, Evan, why don't you call me?
Why did you leave me here to rot?

If the scar on my stomach didn't come out of nowhere,
maybe my father wasn't as crazy as I thought.
If I can make scars, do I have the power to heal them?
What about Kelly's scars? 

Evan: Puts your hand on your ears, Kelly.
[Kelly do as he said]
Evan, to George: What time is it?
George: It's time for you to do what I tell you to do.
Evan: Wrong answer, fuckbag!
This is the very moment of your reckoning.
In the next 20 seconds you're gonna open up one of 2 doors.
The first door, you forever traumatized your own flesh and blood.
George: What's happening? How are you doing this?
Evan: It will change your daughter from a beautiful child into an empty shell.
Was her only trust was being betrayed by her own sick pedophile father.
Ultimately, it will lead her to suicide.
Nice work, Daddy.
George: Who are you?
Evan: Let's just say you are being closely watched, George.
Your other option is to treat Kelly like, say a loving father treats her daughter.
So is that okay with you, papa?
George: Yes...
Evan: Listen close you, fuckbag.
You screw this up again, I swear I'll castrate you.
What you need to do, is to discipline your son Tommy cause the kid is one sadistic pop.
One last thing...
[whisper something to Kayleigh]
Kayleigh, to his Dad: Don't ever touch me again.
George: No, I won't.

Kayleigh: Evan, don't even joke! He's not gonna hurt you, okay?!
He's just trying to scare you away from me.
Evan: He killed my dog! Don't you remember that?
Kayleigh: Evan, it's not his fault.
You know how bad he had it when we were kids.
Evan: Oh, no. Don't give me this bad up-bringing shit. You turned out just fine.
Kayleigh: My father never laid a hand on me.
It was like he saved it all for Tommy.

Dr. Redfield: This is a little complicated.
I haven't seen results like this before.
Evan: Not even with my father?
Dr. Redfield: Well actually they had these tests 20 years ago.
Mrs. Treborne: So what did you find?
Dr. Redfield: We're finding most of the hemorrhage is coming from here
where most of the outer layer... Cerebral cortex.
Evan: That's where the memory is stored, Mom.
Mrs. Treborne: Thank you, Evan.
Dr. Redfield: I've never seen anything like it.
We compared these with the one taken last year we found severe hemorrhage and massive reconstruction.
Mrs. Trebone: And what does that mean for Evan?
Evan: What he said, Mom, is I jammed 40 years of memories in my head in the last year.
So overload my circuit and I completely reprogram my brain.
That's about it, right, Doc?

Lenny: You knew the whole time, didn't you?
When you put that shard in my hand, you knew something big is gonna happen, did you?
Evan: Ya, I knew it.
Lenny: And you should be where I am. You should be where I am.

Evan: Look, Jason, I need some fast information if I am going to fix what I have done.
Mr. Treborne: I was praying this craze would end with me.
Evan: Ya, but you did it.
So now I need some information to make things right again.
You're the only one that can give it to me.
Mr. Treborne: There is no right!
You can't change what people are without destroying who they were.
Evan: Who says you can't make things better?
Mr. Treborne: You can't play God, son. It must end with me.
Just by being you, you might be killing you and your mother.
Evan: That's bullshit, you know!
I'll send you a postcard when I made everything perfect again.

Kayleigh: Why you're off to change everyone's life again, is that it?
Maybe next time you'll pop up in some mansion while I end up in Tijuana doing some donkey act.
Evan: I'm over it.
Every time I tried to help someone, everything's just goes to shit.
Kayleigh: Don't give up now, slick.
Hell, you've already done so much for me.
Why don't you go back in time and save Mrs. Harpen and her baby?
And then maybe, Lenny wouldn't freak out and ruin my family.
No, go back to when I'm 7 and fuck me for my Daddy's video camera, straighten me out a bit.

Evan: My journals. I need them. Give them to me. It'll help a lot.
Dr. Redfield: Really hurts me to go through this again.
There are no journals. There never were.
It's part of the fantasy world that your mind created to cope with the guilt for killing Kayleigh Miller.
Think, Evan, think. You created disease that does not exist.
Alternating universe with colleges and prison and...
Evan: I want my journals! And I want them now!
I know that you got them and you got to give them to me!
You're not gonna lie to me! I want them!
Dr. Redfield: You remind me of your father.
He was always screaming for photo album, even though he doesn't have one.
I'm so sorry.

I hate you.
If you ever come near me again, I'll kill you and your whole damned family.
~Evan, to Kayleigh, at the first moment they met


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