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Friday, February 15, 2013

HERO [2002]

How Far Would You G
To Become A Hero?

I have just come to a realization! 
This scroll by Broken Sword contains no secrets of his swordsmanship. 
What this reveals is his highest ideal. 
In the first state, man and sword become one and each other. 
Here, even a blade of grass can be used as a lethal weapon. 
In the next stage, the sword resides not in the hand but in the heart. 
Even without a weapon, the warrior can slay his enemy from a hundred paces. 
But the ultimate ideal is when the sword disappears altogether. 
The warrior embraces all around him. 
The desire to kill no longer exists. 
Only peace remains.  
[King of Qin]

You Must Remember! 
Strong as the arrows Of Quing may be; 
though they will shatter Our Cities and destroy Our Nation, 
they shall Never Extinguish Zhao's Written Word. 
Today, I Shall Teach You the True Spirit of Our Culture! 
[Old Servant]


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