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Monday, February 18, 2013


Step Out Of The Ordinary

The rumba is the vertical expression of a horizontal wish. 
You have to hold her, like the skin on her thigh is your reason for living. 
Let her go, like your heart's being ripped from your chest. 
Throw her back, like you're going to have your way with her right here on the dance floor. 
And then finish, like she's ruined you for life. 

[Bobbie]: ...and stop looking at my ass. 
[John Clark]: I'll try. 

[Paulina]: What made you wanna dance? 
[John Clark]: You. 
Looking out that window, right there. 
You could see it from the train. 
Every night, I'd come home from work & I'd look for you, your face... 
you looked on the outside the way I was feeling on the inside. 
[Paulina]: I was watching you, too. 
From the window, I saw you practicing on the platform.  
That night I said all those thing to you, I didn't think I'd ever see you again. 
But you kept coming back. 


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