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Friday, February 8, 2013

THE RING [2002]

Before You Die, You See The Ring
You start to play it and it's like somebody's nightmare. 
And then this woman comes on, smiling at you, right? 
Seeing you... through the screen. 
 Then when it's over, your phone rings, someone knows you watched the tape... 
and what they say is, 'You will die in seven days'.  

Everyone will suffer.
[Samara Morgan] 

Here we go, the world is spinning. 
When it stops, it's just beginning. 
Sun comes up, we all laugh. 
Sun goes down, we all die...  
[Samara Morgan, singing by the well]

I love my mommy. 
[Samara Morgan]

She wanted that child more than anything in the world. 
How could she have done that? 
She just wanted to be heard. 
Sometimes children yell, or cry... or draw pictures...  
[Rachel Keller]

Don't you understand, Rachel? 
She never sleeps.  
[Aidan Keller, while his nose starts bleeding]

What about the person we show it to? What happens to them?
[Aidan Keller]

I'm sure it's a lot scarier at night.  
[Noah, after watching the tape]

She wanted a child more than anything, poor Anna. 
They tried hard for years, but sometimes it's just not meant to be. 
Then one winter they went away, when they came back it was with Samara, 
adopted they said, never said from where; 
said the mother died of complications. 
But they had their baby, they had their horses, everything was fine, 
until Anna started coming to see me. 
Said she was suffering visions, seeing things, horrible things, 
like they'd been burned inside her. 
And it only happened around Samara, like the girl put them there. 
[Dr. Grasnik]

[Rachel Keller]: Katie told you she was going to die? 
[Aidan Keller]: She said she didn't have enough time. 

[Rachel Keller]: Four people are dead. 
[Noah]: Not from watching a videotape.

[Rachel Keller]: He watched the tape. 
[Noah]: Who? Who watched it? 
[Rachel Keller]: Our son.

[Rachel Keller]: Honey, the house you drew for me...  
Where did you see it? 
Did you see it in your head? 
Is that why you drew it? 
[Aidan Keller]: In my head? 
[Rachel Keller]: Aidan, why did you draw that house? 
[Aidan Keller]: 'Cause she told me to. 
[Rachel Keller]: Who? Who told you to? 
[Aidan Keller]: The little girl. 
[Rachel Keller]: She talks to you? 
[Aidan Keller]: No, she shows me things. 
[Rachel Keller]: Did she show you the horses? 
[Aidan Keller]: She doesn't like it in the barn. The horses keep her up at night. 
[Rachel Keller]: So she still lives there? 
[Aidan Keller]: No, she lives in a dark place now. 

[Rachel Keller]: What did you do to her? 
She was your daughter! 
You killed Samara, didn't you? 
You killed her and when your wife found out... 
[Richard Morgan]: My wife was not supposed to have a child!

[Aidan Keller]: What happened to the girl? 
[Rachel Keller]: Samara? 
[Aidan Keller]: Is that her name? 
[Rachel Keller]: Mm-hmm. 
[Aidan Keller]: Is she still in the dark place? 
[Rachel Keller]: No. We set her free. 
[Aidan Keller]: You helped her? 
[Rachel Keller]: Yeah. 
[Aidan Keller]: Why did you do that? 
[Rachel Keller]: What's wrong, honey? 
[Aidan Keller]: You weren't supposed to help her.


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