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Sunday, December 2, 2012


This Christmas ... Love Checks In
Chris: What's your name?
Ty: Ty.
 Chris: Nice to meet you, Ty. I'm Chris.
Jerry: I'm bald and no one in particular.
Ty: I know who you are.
Chris: Yeah, what do you know?
Ty: I know that you're the state assemblyman.
I know you're thinking of running for senator.
I know your voting record and your stand on environmental causes.
Chris: Great.
Jerry: Look, I hate to interrupt, but...
Ty: Are you Republican?
Chris: Yes.
Jerry: Why?
Ty: Richard Nixon was Republican.
Jerry: So what?
Ty: He lied.
Jerry: So, what does that mean?
Ty: Nothing.
Jerry: Okay, who told you to ask these questions?
Ty: Nobody.
Jerry: What press are you affiliated with?
Ty: I'm 10

Marisa: What is it for?Chris: For the inner-city literacy campaign, something I support.
Marisa: Wait a minute.
Isn't that the guy who hired Yatter to get pictures of you?
Chris: Yes, it is.
Marisa: I don't get it. Why would you go?
Chris: It's exposure.
Marisa: Won't everyone know you're there just to expose yourself?
Chris: Well, I kind of have to expose myself.
When you put it that way...
Marisa: I didn't. You put it that way.
I don't care how much you pay for dinner.
You shouldn't serve yourself up, no matter what the cause.
Chris: So why don't you tell me what you really think?
Marisa: You really want me to tell you what I think?
Okay. If this Mr. Wanton Maddox, or whatever his name is, really wants to help
why doesn't he give the $2500 per plate to the inner-city schools?
And eat a little bit lighter that night, you know?
Chris: So why don't you come with me and tell him yourself?

Marisa: What am I supposed to do? Make his bed with me in it?
Get real!
 He thinks I'm a guest here.
Stephanie: All right, all right...
But just tell me what he was like.
Marisa: Ohhh, sexy eyes.
And nice lips.
Stephanie: What about the hands? Were they big?
Marisa: They were perfect.
Stephanie: Perfect works.

Marisa: You filled out an application for me?
Stephanie: They're considering you.
Marisa: Do you know what you've done?
Stephanie: I did you a favor.
Marisa: No.
If you wanna do me a favor, then mind your own business once in a while.
Stephanie: For 2 years, you've yapped about getting out of uniform and what ideas you got.
 This morning, I'm having coffee with Rosalie from personnel and I ask her.
I go, "Marisa got a shot?"
She goes, "Marisa who?"
I go, "Marisa Ventura. She's applied."
She goes, "If she applied, I'd slip it to the top of the pile."
So I just act real nonchalant like and I go, "Are you sure?"
So she goes, she double-checks, and she tells me, 
"Marisa Ventura ain't never applied for no management program ever."
Imagine my shock and dismay.
My own partner lying to me like that.
Then I figured maybe you were too chickenshit, so I did it myself.
If they took you, you'd be happy.
And if they didn't, you wouldn't know the difference.
So sue me!
These are the golden years, we gotta prove our mothers wrong.
Don't waste them.

Marisa: What we did today was wrong.
Ty: But you didn't really lie. Not technically.
Marisa: Now you're starting to sound like Richard Nixon.
Listen, let someone believe it's true but it's not is just as much a lie as a lie is.
I let him think I was staying in the suite, not cleaning it.
I'm the maid, Ty.
Ty: Ma, I hate to break it to you, but I don't think he's after your money.
Marisa: I can't believe you just said that!

Caroline: What do you think? Dolce coat, Gucci pants or Ralph Laurent skirt, Manolo pumps?
Rachel: Let's see. 
How about the pants, open sandals, see-through blouse, colored bra and carry the Dolce coat for effect.
Caroline: Maria?
Rachel: She barely speaks English.
Caroline: Maria, what do you think?
Marisa: What about the beaded skirt with that beige crocheted halter that you have in the closet?
You know, casual sexy. No stockings.
Definitely eighty-six the coat.
It sends the wrong message.
Looks like you're going some place.
Besides, that whole see-through blouse, colored-bra thing, 
reads a little desperate older gal, trying too hard, don't you think?
You want to make him work for it.

Chris: Lionel, who is that over there?
Lionel: Caroline Lane.
Chris: No, it's not her.
Lionel: Not her?

Chris: You know who I can't figure out where I know them from?
The woman visiting you the other day, kind of Mediterranean, with a little boy about 10...
Caroline: Rachel Hoffberg.
Mediterranean? She's from Westport.

Chris: She's about 5'6", dark hair, really beautiful, has a kid named Ty.
What the hell happened?
Lionel: I'm sorry, sir.
Chris: Don't be sorry. Just find her.

Jerry: Who the hell is she?
Chris: I'll tell you who she isn't.
She isn't like anyone I've met before. And she isn't a phony.

You are not in love with this man.
He is not in love with you.
You have no connections, affiliations or loyalties.
You're from 2 different worlds.
Do you hear me?
~Stephanie Kehoe

Caroline: Excuse me, haven't we met?
I'm Caroline Lane, and you're...
Marisa: Sotheby's Caroline Lane?
Oh, that's wonderful to see you again.
Caroline: I just knew we knew each other. I never forget a face.
Wow! Is that a Harry Winston wreath?
They haven't made that design since the late 60's.
Marisa: You're very good.
Excuse me, I have to go.
Caroline: Listen, just between us girls, are you here with Chris?
Marisa: Can you keep a secret?
Caroline: Of course.
Marisa: Good. So can I.

Chris: Do you have somewhere else to be?
Marisa: No, I just have to leave.

Chris: You're not leaving. You're running.
What I can't figure out is, 
are you running towards something you want, 
or are you running away from something you're afraid to want?
Marisa: Look, I've made so many mistakes already, I just don't want to make it worse.
Chris: You won't. I promise.

Caroline: Oh, Chris, I can't help but feel that this is partly my fault.
Chris: It isn't, spare yourself.
Caroline: At least let me buy you lunch.
After all, we've only got each other to get through this humiliation.
Chris: Caroline, the first lunch was a mistake.
A second would be complete torture.
Caroline: Drinks, then?

Sometimes we're forced in directions that we ought to have found for ourselves.
~Lionel Bloch

To serve people takes dignity and intelligence.
But remember, they're only people with money.
Although we serve them, we are not their servants.
What we do, Miss Ventura, does not define who we are.
What defines us is how well we rise after falling.
I think you'll make a wonderful manager someday.
It's been a great honor to work with you.
~Lionel Bloch

Chris: I don't get it, what just happened?
Marisa: What don't you get? I'm the maid.
Chris: What was all this? Some kind of bet?
A little game of what, get-the-guests?
Marisa: No!
I was trying on her clothes and you were there, and then you invited me out, and everything...
Chris: And you thought you had to lie to keep me interested?
Marisa: Who's kidding who here?
You think you would've looked at me if you knew I was the maid?
Come on, with all due respect for your big-hearted politics, I don't think so, Mr. Assemblyman.
Chris: How do you know, you didn't give me a chance.
You stand on your soapbox, judging everyone, so sure they're judging you.
Marisa: And you think they're not?
Come on, half the time, I'm a stereotype they make fun of.
The other half that I'm invincible.
Maybe that's the point.
The first time you saw me, I was cleaning your bathroom floor, only you didn't see me.
Chris: Was I supposed to introduce myself while taking a leak?
You can't nail me for that.

Chris: Marisa, I just want the truth.
Marisa: You want the truth?
There was a part of me that wanted to see what it felt like 
to have someone like you look at me the way you did, just once.
And I'm sorry, truly.
If I could rewind the past week, I would.
Chris: Was any of it real?
Marisa: Yeah, it was real.
It was so real it made me wonder how I was ever gonna give you up.
But I had to give you up, that was the plan.
And then, last night, I couldn't.

Veronica: What were you thinking, going out with someone like that?
Marisa: Someone like what?
Veronica: Chris Marshall.
You had to pretend to be somebody else so he'd go out with you?
Where is your pride, Marisa?
Marisa: People like you make people like him a some kind of God.
Why, because he's rich? White?
He has things we don't have that we don't want to dream about?
It must really burn you that I think I have the right to go out with him.

Marisa: I love you, Mom, I do.
But I don't want to clean houses.
There's nowhere to go from there.
Veronica: Hasn't this taught you anything, Marisa?
Wake up, little girl, you have responsibilities.
And they come every month like clockwork.
You want to end up back in the projects?
Keep dreaming dreams that will never happen.
You want to put food on the table? Call Senora Rodriguez.
Marisa: You're right, Ma, I'm a good cleaning lady.
I'll start over, but not with Mrs. Rodriguez.
I'm gonna find a job as a maid in some hotel.
After some time passes, I'm gonna apply for the management program.
And when I get the chance to be a manager, and I will, Ma, I know I will,
I'm gonna take that chance without any fear.
Without your voice in my head telling me that I can't.

 Ty: Isn't it weird, when you'll be there, he'll be there?
Marisa: And so will a thousand other people.
We talked about this.
Ty: I know but it's like a fate.
Marisa: No, it's like New York city and an available conference room.

Ty: I know everyone makes mistakes.
And as a characters, to give the person a second chance, right?
Chris: Right, I'm with you.
Ty: Even if someone lied, they should be forgiven.
Otherwise, we'd never have any congressmen or presidents.
What if you're not a politician trying to do good for everybody?
What if you're just a regular person, like a maid or something?
And she made mistake.
Do you think she could get a second chance?
I mean, nobody's perfect, right?
Chris: No, nobody's perfect.
Ladies and gentlemen of the press, take a look at a future candidate.

Chris: Can we start over?
Second chance, second date? You as you, me as me. No secrets.
What do you think?
Marisa: Marisa Ventura. Housekeeping
Chris: Chris Marsall, Candidate for Senate.
I appreciate your vote.
Marisa: We'll see.


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