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Friday, December 14, 2012


They're About To Teach Each Other 
How To Act Their Age

Some fairy tales are true, most of there stories we make up to help us deal with real life; 
it all depends on your point of view, 
but here are the facts... 
there was once a princess, who lived in a castle, 
high above the streets of an enchanted kingdom. 
The king and queen were long gone but they left her with a treasure, 
that she would stay a princess forever.

Act your age, not your shoe size.

As my best friend, it is your duty not to lie to me. 
[Molly Gunn]

[Ray]: You can have your job back, you know. 
[Molly Gunn]: I don't think so. You and I, we're gonna be friends. Okay? 
[Ray]: Grown-ups never stay friends with kids.
[Molly Gunn]: I don't see any grownups around here. 
[Ray]: I do.  

[Ray]: Are you still moping over that disgusting guy? 
Other people always let you down. 
Why don't you forget them and do something for yourself? 
[Molly Gunn]: Like what?
[Ray]: I don't know. Something you're good at. And I don't mean shopping. 
[Molly Gunn]: Maybe some of us aren't good at anything.
[Ray]: Every grown-up is good at something. 
Oh, my bad. I don't see any grown-ups around here.
[Molly Gunn]: What's so great about being a grown-up anyway? 
So I can turn out like you? 
[Ray]: You're scared. 

[Neal]: Molly, I came here to see you. 
[Molly Gunn]: For what?
[Neal]: I haven't been able to write a single decent song since we last saw each other. 
Molly, I'm sorry. 
I was trying to take a step forward, but I took two steps backward instead.
[Molly]: Why don't you take one step sideways? 
Then we can stop doing this silly little dance. 

[Neal]: When I'm not ready, you hunt me down. 
When I try and make it work, you're not interested. 
[Molly Gunn]: Ever since we met, it's about what I'm doing wrong... 
but I'm not the one with the problem. 
You are, you and your selfishness. 
All you do is take. 
I've got nothing for you right now, 
so... maybe it's time to start thinking about someone other than yourself. 


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