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Saturday, December 1, 2012


America Was Born In The Streets

Lord, place the steel of the Holy Spirit in my spine 
and the love of the Virgin Mary in my heart.
[Amsterdam Vallon]

If you get all of us together, we ain't got a gang, we've got an army. 
[Amsterdam Vallon]

When you kill a king, you don't stab him in the dark. 
You kill him where the entire court can watch him die. 
[Amsterdam Vallon]

Our name is called The Dead Rabbit's to remind all of our suffering, 
and as a call to those who suffer still to join our ranks. 
However far they may have strayed from our common home across the sea. 
For with great numbers must come great strength in the salvation of our people.
[Amsterdam Vallon]

We hold in our hearts the memory of our fallen brothers 
whose blood stains the very streets we walk today. 
Also on this night we pay tribute to the leader of our enemies, 
an honorable man, 
who crossed over bravely, fighting for what he believed in. 
To defeat my enemy, I extinguish his life, and consume him as I consume these flames. 
In honor of Priest Vallon.  

My father gave his life, making this country what it is. 
Murdered by the British with all of his men on the twenty fifth of July, anno domini, 1814. 
Do you think I'm going to help you befoul his legacy, by giving this country over to them, 
what's had no hand in the fighting for it? 
Why, because they come off a boat crawling with lice and begging you for soup.  

Everything you see belongs to me, to one degree or another. 
The beggars and newsboys and quick thieves here in Paradise, 
the sailor dives and gin mills and blind tigers on the waterfront, 
the anglers and amusers, the she-hes and the Chinks. 
Everybody owes, everybody pays. 
Because that's how you stand up against the rising of the tide. 

I took the father, now I'll take the son.  

You see this knife? 
I'm gonna teach you to speak English with this fucking knife! 

Thank God. I die a true American. 


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