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Monday, December 3, 2012


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

[Principal Carol Newman]: Well, maybe if you spent more time with your son, 
there would be fewer problems.
[Scott Calvin]: Maybe, but then I wouldn't get to spend more time with you. 
It's always such a pleasure.
[Principal Carol Newman]: Oh, a battle of wits. It's a shame that you come unarmed.
[Lucy]: Uncle Scott, are you Santa Claus? 
[Scott Calvin]: What makes you say that? 
[Lucy]: Because you have a reindeer. 
[Scott Calvin]: Lots of people have reindeer. 
[Lucy]: Name five. 

[Lucy]: Are you an elf? 
[Curtis, the Experimental Elf]: Why, no, of course not. 
[Lucy]: Then why do you have pointy ears? 
[Curtis, the Experimental Elf]: Because I didn't eat my green vegetables. 
Do you eat your green vegetables? 
[Lucy, covers her ears]: Uncle Scott! 

[Scott Calvin]: Hey Cupid, why don't you shoot me with one of your darts 
and then I'll fall in love? 
[Cupid]: First of all, they're not darts, they're arrows. Second of all, no can do. 
[Scott Calvin]: Why not? 
[Cupid]: Because they have no effect on us. 
Believe me, if they did, 
I would've shot myself in the butt, met a nice girl, left business years ago. 


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